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The Toonami Intro
This intro was only played about 5 times. For shame.
Running Time: :29 Image Size: 160x120 File Size: 642.2KB FPS: 10 Quality: Fair

The Original
The original G-Force opening,as seen in syndication and on Cartoon Network.
Running Time: :59 Image Size: 160x120 File Size: 1.2MB FPS: 10 Quality: Fair

Gatchaman: Original Japanese Version
The original series that G-Force, BOTP and others were based off of.
Running Time: 1:30 Image Size: 352x240 File Size: 4.7MB FPS: 25 Quality: Excellent

Battle of the Planets - Original Gatchaman Dub
Gatchaman has been dubbed many times. Other dubs were known as Eagle Riders and Battle of the Planets. Battle of the Planets was the original dub from the late 70s, and the opening was basically one big Star Wars knock off. The whole thing reeks of disco era.
Running Time: 1:28 Image Size: 160x120 File Size: 1.1MB FPS: 10 Quality: Fair

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