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Robotech Remastered Intro
...for a 22(19) year old show.
Running Time: 1:30 Image Size: 480x360 File Size: 11.6MB FPS: 24 Quality: Excellent

Original Moltar Intro
No assembly required.
Running Time: :34 Image Size: 160x120 File Size: 540K FPS: 15 Quality: Poor

The Toonami Intro
This is the intro which ran on Toonami until the show was canceled.
Running Time: :30 Image Size: 640x480 File Size: 11.8MB FPS: 29.97 Quality: Excellent

The Original
Syndication is a wonderful thing, here's the intro from it.
Running Time: 1:30 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 3.99MB FPS: 29.97 Quality: Fair

Superdimensional Fortress: Macross
The first 36 episodes of Robotech were based on the Japanese series Superdimensional Fortress Macross.
Running Time: 1:30 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 3.91MB FPS: 29.97 Quality: Excellent

Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross
The 2nd season of Robotech was based off of Southern Cross.
Running Time: 1:32 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 4.86MB FPS: 29.97 Quality: Good

Genesis Climber Mospeada
The intro to Mospeada, Robotech's season 3 Japanese counter-part, known as The New Generation in America. This season was never seen on Toonami.
Running Time: 1:20 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 4.83MB FPS: 29.97 Quality: Good

Other Stuff

SD Macross
Chibi Rick Hunter...erm...Hikaru Ichijyo pilots a chibi Valkyrie againt the evil chibi forces of the Zentradi in this hilarious chibi parody of the original Macross intro.
Running Time: :60 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 2.8MB FPS: 10 Quality: Good

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