Q: What is Toonami?
A: In short, Toonami is a TV block on Cartoon Network that shows action cartoons. The weird looking robot guy you saw on the main page is Tom, Toonami's hosts. For more information about Toonami, check out CNX: Toonami Revolution.
Update: As far I can tell, we no longer have Tom on the front page. (Did we ever, or was this answer just from my old Basement site?) Anyway, back to the questions...

Q. How do I play the movie files?
A. You need QuickTime 5 for a lot of the clips, RealPlayer for a few, and an MPEG player for some. Chances are the MPEG player is already on your computer.
A2. For Linux users, check out Mplayer in order to view all the videos on our site.

Q. How did you make these movie files?
A. We use the Sorenson 3 video codec for Quicktime. It's an excellent codec with all sorts of nifty features which make it perfect for low bandwidth encoding. Sorenson was kind enough to donate a copy of their software to us for use on this site.

Q. How did you make those spiffy music videos?
A. You first need a video capture card to get video from the TV or VCR into your computer. You also need to find a song to put behind the video. An editing program is needed to splice video clips together with the audio. We've used iMovie (Mac only) and Adobe Premiere. Premeire is the popular, complicated program, and iMovie is the easier program.
Please don't e-mail us asking for help. We're not experts in any way.

Q. Why don't you have any Adult Swim stuff on your site?
A. Because ASF does.
ASF is our sistersite and provides everything Adult Swim-related much like TDA does for Toonami.

Q. What is a DivX file?
Q. When I play an avi from your site, my player says something about no appropiate decompressor. What's Wrong?

A. DivX is a hacked up msmpeg4 codec. It provides excellent quality, and can be played on almost any platform. Go over to the DivX ;-) homepage and snag a player or the codec for your particular operating system. If you're interesting in learning how to make your own DivX files, head over to DivX Digest and read some of the excellent documentation.

Q. Hey! Why is there no sound?!?
Q. Hey! Why is the screen white and nothing playing?!?

A. You need to get QuickTime 5 to view almost all the movies on this site. You can get it from Apple Computer at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/

Q. Why is the video choppy?
A. Probably because your computer is slow. A 400 Mhz Pentium or a 300 Mhz PowerMac is recommended.

Q. Is the glass half full or half empty?
A. It's a half glass of water.

Q. When will you update again?
A. Why don't you check back often to see?

Q. There are a few Toonami MP3s on the Toonami.com website. Want me to E-Mail them to you so you can put them on your site?
A. We're not going to steal content from the official page. If people want to listen to the songs, they'll go there.

Q. If a plane crashes on the border of the US and Canada, where do you bury the survivors?
A. Djibouti. They have no laws against burying undead there.

Q. DEAR TOONAMI: [insert anything here]
A. Sorry, but we don't work for Toonami, Cartoon Network, Time Warner, or anyone else associated with Toonami. We're fans, just like you. So please don't send us emails that should be going to toonami@cartoonnetwork.com

Q. I have a movie file of the opening to the original Gatchaman. Can I send it to you?

Q. Where do babies come from?
A. Sausage Factories.

Q. Do you have a banner so I can link to you?
A. Yes we do, and here it is.

Q. I can't seem to find the (insert show that we have here) section.
A. Look at the side of the screen. See that downloads button? Check there.

Q. What programs do you use to make your site?
A. Tyler uses Adobe Pagemill for Mac and BBEdit Lite, Zogg uses whatever text editor is handy, and Pepito uses a bone dipped in blood. (Be sure to note that Tyler does most of the html and Zogg does all the dynamic coding.)

Q. I have a cool site, will you link to it?
A. TDA isn't a link site. While we understand that you want to publicize your site as much as possible, it would be too complex for us to manage a link page and have to make decisions like "This site is good, this one isn't." As such, we've just disavowed a links section. If something we find strikes our fancy it may appear in a news update, but those urls NEVER come from email submissions.

Q. I have a horrible, ugly generic anime site, will you link to it?
A. That depends. Wait, no it doesn't. No.

Q. I need a webhost of some sort, will you host me? or...
I made a donation to your site, will you host me?
A. Sorry, we don't host other sites. Although it would theoretically be possible, we've decided that hosting other sites would get extremely complex in the event that the site became too popular or posted objectionable material. And, while we are VERY grateful for the donation, web space on TDA is not for sale.

Q. Can I ... Be on TDA staff / Write a column for TDA / etc
A. At this point in time we're not looking to add to the TDA team. In the event we decide we need more than the current 3 staff members, we'll make a public search of sorts for new staff.

Q. I have a GREAT idea for a music video! Can you do it for me?!?!?
A. No. We don't do requests. If one of us has a music video idea, we'll do it. Otherwise, no.

Q. I made/am making a music video. Will you host it?
A. Maybe. We need to take a look at videos before we even think about hosting them. If you can post a version of it on a free server, we'll download it and decide then if we'll put the video on our site.

Q. My question is frequently asked. Why isn't it here?
A. Probably because we forgot about it. We'll post it sometime.

Q. Is there a possibility I might get a virus from your files?
A. To the best of our knowledge, there aren't any known ways to embed in a virus in a Quicktime movie file. So... you probably can't get one from us.

Got a question that's not answered here? E-Mail us!
Tyler L. or Zogg