After getting cozy in the Vindication, TOM and SARA experience a new adventure.
Toonami Digital Arsenal presents Countdown in full 1080p.

In the aftermath of Intruder II, TOM and SARA crash landed on planet Shogo 162, but there's a storm coming.
Toonami Digital Arsenal presents Intruder 3 in full 1080p.

15 years later, The Intruder returns to threaten TOM and SARA once again.
Toonami Digital Arsenal presents Intruder II in full 1080p.

Joe Boyd Vigil composed some music for Toonami a long time ago and Toonami Digital Arsenal is here to archive
and catalog those sweet sounding beats!

Missed a Toonami Pre-Flight episode? Need to research it for your thesis? We got you covered, as long as you're patient.
Catch archived episodes of Toonami Pre-Flight on TDA!

Toonami Digital Arsenal is proud to (and feels obligated to) present the Toonami Total Immersion Event features from our archive remastered in the highest possible quality. Because we can.

Back during the (short) hey-day of the Sega CD, a Batman game titled "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" after the FoxKids show was released.
It contained about 16 minutes of new animation arranged in a semi-cohesive story used as cutscenes.
TDA is proud to present the cutscenes from "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" with unprecedented color and resolution!

Faster than a speeding bullet, More power than a locomotive, Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, This amazing stranger from the planet Krypton,
The Man of Steel: Superman!
Toonami Digital Arsenal presents the complete Fleischer/Famous Studios Superman Film Series at a level of quality not seen in 70 years!

In 2003, DJ Clarknova took Toonami's beats - some old, some new, some never before heard - and threw them into ProTools along with sound bytes from recent Toonami and Adult Swim shows. Out came an hour-long smorgasbord of Toonami goodness.
It was called the Toonami Black Hole Megamix. was supposed to be the second Toonami CD. Things happened, and the CD never saw the light of day.
Toonami Digital Arsenal is now hosting the CD here in its entirety.

Have you ever gazed in awe at a Williams Street-produced Toonami promo or intro and thought to yourself "I can do that"?
Prove it.

An anonymous individual has given TDA some "behind the scenes" goodies never before seen outside of Williams Street.
Take a look at the makings of Toonami and some of the steps that go into it - from idea conception to light on your retinas.

Toonami's 4th Total Immersion Event was...a little different. Instead of a new Tom and Sara adventure, we were treated to an original five-part "microseries" with all-new characters and an all-new story. There's a chance IGPX will become a series as well!

Tyler invaded AnimeCentral during spring of 2003. This is the collections of his misadventures and ramblings. See how he changed the face of anime fandom...not in the least bit.

Toonami's second biggest visual overhaul EVER is happening March 17th. Read all about it and see some screenshots right here!

Toonami's 3rd Total-Immersion Event. Read about it/Watch it here!

Instead of just a few small commercials for the PPG Movie, Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers decided to go all out and make DOZENS of promos.

Toonami has a trailer roming around the country called the Toonami Mobile Game Unit.
Find out all about it here.

Toonami's second "Total Immersion Event" where we controlled the winner.
Read all about it and watch it here!

For some reason, Anime music videos became popular.
...and there's no better way to become part of this rising craze than making a music video yourself!
Here's Tyler L.'s contribution to the human race - a Gundam Wing video set to the music of Three Doors Down's "Kryptonite"

America isn't the only place in the world blessed with Toonami. England has their own strong Toonami following. A HUGE thanks to Wednesday White of ImcX for capturing the clips.

The Intruder mini-seres could possibly be the most important thing ever shown on Toonami. It helped decide the future of the block we all know and love.
TDA brought daily summaries and speculation on the Intruder shorts as well as all the video downloads!

Moltar and Clyde49 comic pages

Missed an issue of Cartoon Network Presents with a Toonami theme? Here are the Moltar and Clyde49 pages from issue #17