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Day 5 - 9.21.01
Today was the climactic battle between the security robot and the DOKs. With a few new weapons, the DOKs were able to finally destroy their enemy and shut down the tractor beam.
With the Absolution free, TOM and Sara finally found out what the distress signal was - "Trapped in tractor beam. Don't come near."
...a lesson learned a little too late.
The ship sending the distress signal just powered up and left before TOM and Sara could contact it. Another mystery left unsolved.
Screenshots? Who'da thunk?

Day 4 - 9.20.01
The DOKs are close to destroying the trash compactor's tractor beam generator and saving the Absolution. There's one problem - a large security robot stands in the way. No single DOK can handle it. All three teams must work together to get past him.
Today's game was a little too hard, even for me. My DOK was destroyed very early on in the game. Maybe the rest of you will have better luck.
Oh, and for you people having trouble getting the games to load, this
thread on the TDA message board might be of use.
Yes. More
screenshots (well, just a few) for your enjoyment.

Day 3 - 9.19.01
Another insanely short episode. TOM was able to get the Absolution's reactor back online, and can now survive a bit longer. The DOKs are getting closer to saving Toonami by the minute. Again, if you're not playing the games online (or are having trouble even getting them to load), the story doesn't stand by itself that well.
Today's installment of the game, however, was the best so far. Mazes, super-strong enemies and item collecting galore. I almost lost my DOK twice! Tomorrow's the last level of the online game. It's one that can't be missed.
What's a TDA feature without some

Day 2 - 9.18.01
Today's episode was a bit disappointing. Running less than a minute and a half, it featured TOM repairing part of the Absolution while hearing about the location of the Tractor Beam generator on the mysterious ship. Hopefully the rest of the episodes aren't so reliant on the games like this one.
Speaking of the game, todaty's installment was much harder than the last. I lost all three of my helper DOKs! ;_;
I'm beginning to see the challenge that's in store for us in the coming days.
...here are a few

Day 1 - 9.17.01
Lockdown hit in full force today with the first episode a full five minutes long! The stage was set as Sara intercepted an unintelligable distress signal nearby. To further investigate, TOM sent out his "new toys" - the DOKs. They went in to get a closer look. It turned out to be a trap, and before TOM could do anything, the Absolution was trapped and held captive by a tractor beam from within the rubble. All transmissions leaving the Absolution were blocked (with the exception of the Toonami broadcast signal, of course). The DOKs could no longer be controlled by TOM or Sara. Luckilly, TOM thought of a way to have transmissions from Earth remotely control the DOKs...and only we can save the Absolution.
The games this year are also a lot more advanced and involving. Instead of small arcade-style games, the Lockdown ones are done like RPGs...with real-time battles. Having a full-walkthrough was a little disappointing though. These sort of games should be explored fully.
...looking for

Pre-show Ramblings - 9.6.01
The Lockdown promos have hit in full force. This time around, they're on at any time on almost every channel with the financial backing from Nintendo and their upcoming GameCube media blitz fueling it all.
The registration for "DOK Assignments" began earlier this week. Go to
Toonami.com to register yourself and join one of the three teams. (go blue!)
Just taking a look at the promos, you can see all the effort put into this special as compared to The Intruder. Lockdown's gonna be BIG. Everything's much more detailed and better animated. Bigger budgets, bigger specials. Take a look at the press release
...and now, on to the