Back during the (short) hey-day of the Sega CD, a Batman game titled "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" was released.
It contained about 16 minutes of new animation used as cutscenes, arranged in a semi-cohesive story. Animation house TMS did the artwork, and the original voice actors took part. All in all, very high budget for a video game.

This material is quite rare nowadays, as not many people owned (or kept) this gem, and many circles of BTAS fans have referred to this as a "lost episode".

Unfortunately, the limitations of the Genesis and its 64-color pallete didn't do much to help the quality of the presentation.
To counter that, we've undertaken an exhaustive re-processing of the original FMV files to bring this "lost episode" to you with unprecedented color and resolution!


Running time: 17:00 - Size: 77MB
512x384, H.264 MP4
Contains chapter files to move between segments

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