On March 17, 2003, Toonami will undergo the second biggest revamp of its 6 year history on its 6th birthday with a new TOM chassis, a new Absolution, and some new shows.

Toonami Infolink writer KnuxFive brings us this analysis of the new look:

New TOM-
Everybody, this is most likely TOM3, the latest in the back-up TOM models... He's all muscular... which makes no sense for a robot.
Look at the american Megaman series, Mega had pecs! TOM's more of a super-fighting robot now than ever. His stomach looks like he can now bend over, the stylized X on his chest seems to be the only sign of a nuclear reactor in him (TOM1 had the gut, TOM2 had the design on his chest). While the voice may no longer match the shell, it's still our 'ol Toonami Operating Machine, with an extra digit on each hand.

New Absolution-
I'm gonna call this the Absolution Mark II, until I'm proven wrong.
This sucker looks ready for war. Cannons, sleeker style... this sucker could take down the first Absolution with one blast. Heck, it looks like it's out of Star Trek. I also have a feeling these new engines are better than the Talon STs, but who knows, maybe this ship wasn't built as much for exploration than for battle.

New Bridge-
TOM's chair is there, although this one seems to have a little more mobility. Perfect positioning for the three holoscreens. Also, there are countless screens in the background, probably running diagnostics and stuff, like the old ones would when shows weren't playing. Also, there seems to be lack of Sara, DOKs, and Clyde 50s... did they not survive the transition, or is Williams Street just focusing on the biggies (TOM and the Absolution)?

Toonami, for the longest, has had a technical look. Heck, the new Absolution reinforces that. But... it looks like they're going to a gothic font for show titles. Ehh... it's something different.

Sara? Clyde 50s? DOKs?
Does this ship have to go lightspeed for movies?
Are they around Earth? The last new shot of the Absolution was of it above Earth...
How will the next two weeks play out? TOM2 and Absolution above Earth?
Why just an online comic? Did WS put too much into the new look, forgetting the "why"?
Is TOM3 a super-fighting robot? Who could they fight? Swayzak?

Take a look at screenshots of the new look with patented cynical captions!