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Have you ever gazed in awe at a Williams Street-produced Toonami promo or intro and thought to yourself "I can do that"?
Prove it.

Toonami Digital Arsenal and some of the newsmonkeys from Toonami Infolink present the biggest internet event...EVER.
TDA's "Show Us Your Arsenal" Contest

Pick a series. Capture some video. Make a promo or intro in the Toonami style. Enter to win.

A group of 5 judges will view all entries and five (5) winning entries will receive...

A Toonami Total Immersion Event DVD
This unofficial fan-made DVD is not for sale anywhere. Only 5 will be made, only 5 will be won.

The Intruder
All 8 episodes digitally remastered from Zogg's original capture back from 2000
All 5 episodes, aftermath promo and special opening.
Trapped in Hyperspace
All 5 episodes
Immortal Grand Prix
Presented anamorphically for both 16:9 and 4:3 TVs with progressive scan 24p encoding
Cartoon Network's 10th Anniversary promo
Never before seen online (or was it?)
Tyler's Kryptonite video
Full resolution...for the children
An exclusive look at the never-completed Lockdown: Phase 2
An insert signed by Tyler, Zogg and Pepito
A plastic DVD case
Some pieces of paper with ink on them
And probably something else I forgot about!

How to Enter:
1: Make a video.
2: Make it internet-friendly. Put your name in the filename of the video (along with whatever title you used).
3: Put it on the web somewhere. Maybe a free account with Angelfire or Geocities or whatever's out there. If you have really bad problems finding a home, email Tyler and he'll see what he can do.
4: E-mail with your name and a link to the video.
All entries must be received by December 8, so get cracking.

All video on TDA can be used for snippets of your video (TOM walks, promo enders, etc.) Capturing your own video is a plus.
Toonami Music is available on
Some tools for converting QuickTime movies to other formats (if needed for your editing program) are available here.
If you're short for editing software, Avid Free DV is, well, free.

How the Winning will happen:
1: Videos received will be judged by our judging panel. They'll rate it based on its amount of Awesome.
2: The Top 5 will be chosen sometime after December 8th.
3: Winners will be announced sometime later. Much joy will be had by 5. Winners and runnerups will have their videos showcased on TDA. Much joy will be had by all.
4: Prizes will be mailed out to the winners.

To inspire the museless out there, here are some sample fan creations to look to:

DBZ - Season 4 Promo
An old-school beat-driven promo for the Cell saga. Author: Skitz
Running Time: :45 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 1.5MB FPS: 15

DBZ - Season 5 Promo
30 second preview of DBZ Season 5 using narration parts from the original Season 5 promo. A few clips from this fan-promo made their way into official Toonami promos...or is it vice-versa? Author: Skitz
Running Time: :30 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 2.6MB FPS: 29.97

Cowboy Bebop Promo
A very nicely done promo of Cowboy Bebop for Toonami inspired by Skitz's DBZ promo. It fooled a lot of people into thinking CB would be on Toonami when the file made its rounds on the Internet a few years ago. Author: Castor Troy
Running Time: :60 Image Size: 240x160 File Size: 4.8MB FPS: 29.97

Live Action Justice League Intro
A little-known never-aired live action Justice League pilot. Looks like none of the first-tier characters are around. Author: Knux
Running Time: :30 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 4.9MB FPS: 29.97

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season 3 Promo
Everyone's favorite multi-colored multi-robot Sentai show gets a fan-made promo for its season 3. Author: Knux
Running Time: :15 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 1.8MB FPS: 29.97

Best of Power Rangers Wild Force Promo
"Sure it's not a cartoon, but it might as well be." Author: Knux
Running Time: :15 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 1.6MB FPS: 29.97

Digimon: The Movie Promo
Everyone's second-favorite subservient fighting monster thingys get a promo for their movie. Author: Kaiser0120
Running Time: :15 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 1.6MB FPS: 29.97

Rules (These are important):
Two entries per person maximum.

Besides, you can only win once, anyway.
Keep it action related.
No General Hospital submissions. Also, keep in mind that animated content is favored over live-action. This is Toonami you're emulating.
Nudity = Bad
Keep promos and intros down at or below the PG level. No "Tenchi's Harem Gone Wild" videos, etc.
You must feel comfortable giving your mailing address to a complete stranger if you win.
No mailbox, no DVD.
No whining.
Make it look good. Make it viewable.
If your video resolution is too small, or compressed up the yin-yang, it'll be harder for us to judge its potential Awesome.
No turn on red.
Realize that your entry will be available to everybody at the end of the contest.
If you're ashamed to have your name next to a video you created, then don't enter it.
Find a place to put it and/or give it to us.
We can't judge a video we don't recieve, no matter how cool it is.
No plagiarism will be tolerated. If caught, you will be disqualified, and we'll do anything in our power to ban you from all TDA/Infolink services forever.

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