s.CRY.ed Intro - Kaiser
Why it won: Just look at the damn thing. You've got a fitting beat along with impressive video effects (One of the few that actually put the footage on the Absolution monitors). Most Toonami intros even have the dialogue memorable ("You can't change my mind; I'm going to Tokyo!", "It's a Gundam!", etc.); in this situation, it's "I will crush you... no matter what!" It even kept the Toonami mainstay of attacking the camera at the end. If CN picked up s.CRY.ed, refined, this would have worked perfectly.
Running Time: :30 Image Size: 720x480 File Size: 11MB FPS: 29.97 Quality: Excellent

Dai Guard Intro - Gold Roger
Why it won: Synching up is fun! You've got a great introductory line as the music leads up to Dai-Guard launching. Add a great ending line ("I was wrong... that was no hundred-foot sales gimmick"), a surprisingly well done faux-title card, and it all just meshes togehter. Add in shots of the pilots fighting both inside and out of Dai-Guard, and it works great.
Running Time: :30 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 3.1MB FPS: 29.97 Quality: Excellent

Gunslinger Girl Promo - Karl Olson
Why it won: A deep, dark promo with incredible atmosphere. A little creepy, even...especially complete with narration from Karl himself. Probably a little more than would pass for Toonami (ok, a lot more), but it's included here for its immense Awesome.
Running Time: 1:30 Image Size: 428x240 File Size: 6.8MB FPS: 30 Quality: Excellent

Gatekeepers - Andrew & Matthew Richards
Why it won: Remember the old Gundam Wing and Tenchi Muyo epic promos? Remember how awesome they were? Add this to the list.
Andrew provided the narration for this promo with writing quite similar to that used for other long-format Toonami promos. Loads of backstory, action and general Toonami goodness make this an incredible promo.
Running Time: 1:40 Image Size: 480x352 File Size: 18.8MB FPS: 29.97 Quality: Excellent


Megaman Intro - Duke
Why it won: Proof that it doesn't need to be the greatest video quality to be a great entry. Ya gotta love Protoman's "I will destroy Megaman... he's MY brother!". The "Super fighting robot, Megaman!" line works like the "Transformers!" line in it's second intro; something that's symbolic of the show. Duke used battle footage as if it were one of the old "Kanji" cards.
Running Time: :30 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 7.1MB FPS: 29.97 Quality: Fair

Honorable Mentions

Sonic X Intro - Blaze Hedgehog
Running Time: :34 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 2MB FPS: 20 Quality: Excellent

Lost Universe Intro - Beefy
Running Time: :34 Image Size: 360x240 File Size: 4.6MB FPS: 30 Quality: Excellent

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Intro - Stephen Scott
Running Time: :38 Image Size: 320x240 File Size: 1.4MB FPS: 20 Quality: Good

Other Entries
Kamen Rider Faizu (Promo) Alfredo Batoon
Street Fighter II V (Promo) Angel of Animes
Dragonball GT (Promo) Brad Byrd
Star Wars: Holiday Special (Promo) Derek Crabbe
Pardon Our Dust 2 (Promo) Derek Crabbe
MTV Spider-Man (Promo) Discloner
Escaflowne: The Movie (Intro) Duke
Hunter X Hunter (Promo) Fernie 417
Super Mario Bros Super Show (Promo) Ironhawk
Kiddy Grade (Promo) Kaiser
Angelic Layer (Intro) Karl Olson
Spider-Man: The Animated Series (Intro) Kippy
Escaflowne (Promo) KT Kore
Dragonball Z: Season 6.75 (Promo) Louis Senkowsky
Real Bout High School (Promo) Matt Hawkins
Heroes on Hot Wheels (Promo) Nightowl
Dragonball Z (Promo) Zach Nathanson
Rurouni Kenshin (Intro) Zach Nathanson
Army of Darkness (Promo) Zelahn