America isn't the only place in the world blessed with Toonami. England had their own strong Toonami following before it was converted to CNX (think of a Toonami network with some live action fun thrown in.) A HUGE thanks to Wednesday White of ImcX and TigerCow of Tenchi Muyo! Another Universe for capturing the clips!

Tenchi Muyo! Toonami UK Intro
More than just a clipfest, this is the custom Toonami intro for Tenchi in England.

"Humanoids: Stand by to initialize your weekend"
Weekend Toonami starts bright and early at 1100 hours. (That's Grenwich Mean Time, by the way.)

Prepare For Battle
A web-based Gundam Wing contest to win Gundam models. GunDAMN? What strange people...

Tenchi Muyo! Promo #1
Much, much tamer than our Tenchi promos.

Tenchi Muyo! Promo #2
Almost the same as the first.