Music flows through Toonami. Let it flow through your modem and hard drive too.
Toonami Digital Arsenal offers the complete discography of Toonami in the best quality possible.

Deep Space Bass and Black Hole Megamix are presented in both lossless FLAC from the master discs, as well as high-quality V0 MP3.
Supernova Megamix, Ichi Megamix and Intruder 2 EP are presented exactly as provided by the Toonami crew.

Deep Space Bass

FLAC - Lossless - 308MB
MP3 - LAME V0 - 104MB

Tracks: 18
Running Time: 55:12
Black Hole Megamix

FLAC - Lossless - 301MB
MP3 - LAME V0 - 113MB

Tracks: 21
Running Time: 57:52
Supernova Megamix

MP3 - 99MB

Tracks: 27
Running Time: 51:17
IGPX - The Ichi Megamix

MP3 - 146MB

Tracks: 22
Running Time: 61:39
Intruder 2 EP

MP3 - 20.0MB

Tracks: 6
Running Time: 13:37
Intruder 3 EP

MP3 - 20.1MB

Tracks: 7
Running Time: 11:35
Countdown EP

MP3 - 21.6MB

Tracks: 4
Running Time: 9:34