January 2007

Now leaving Fillerland, come back soon." Posted Saturday, January 27, 2007, 10:44PM by Beefy
One Piece 2007 Promo
One Piece Seventh Intro
Naruto January 2007 Marathon Promo
Naruto Ninth Intro
Naruto Fifteenth Ending
Prince of Tennis US Intro
Prince of Tennis US Ending
MAR US Intro
MAR US Ending

'Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles' Coming to a Theater Near Some Posted Tuesday, January 2, 2007, 6:31AM by Nobuyuki
"FUNimation Films and Harmony Gold have released the list of selectedtheaters that will show the feature film 'Robotech: The ShadowChronicles,' prior to its DVD release on February 6th.

'Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles' is the original production sequel tothe Harmony Gold-produced TV series 'Robotech,' which ran on the 'Moltar-era' Toonami back in 1998.

(Click "Read More" for the theater list, including links to their websites for maps and showtimes when available)

New York, NY
Jan 8th - 14th

Studio Movie Grill - Arlington
Dallas, TX
Jan 15th - 17th

Key Cinemas
Indianapolis, In
Jan 5th -10th

The Hollywood Theater
Portland, OR
Jan 5th -7th

Alamo Drafthouse San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
Jan 15th - 17th

The Brattle Theatre
Cambridge, MA
Jan 19th - 20th midnight

Studio Movie Grill - Copperfield
Houston, TX
Jan 18th and 19th 9pm

The Crest Theatre -  Westwood
Los Angeles, CA
Feb. 3rd from 12:00 Noon