February 2002

Linkage. Word. Posted Tuesday, February 26, 2002, 10:27PM by TylerL
"Kyle Pope, the Edit List guy for Anime News Network, scored an interview with Jason DeMarco from Toonami/Williams Street.
It gives a LOT of insight into what gets edited and why its edited.

I feel a lot of sympathy for these guys.
They get yelled at by angry ""otakus"" for the edits they make while simultaneously getting yelled at by angry SoccerMoms and the like for what they DON'T edit.
At times, it can be a thankless job, but I'm extremely happy that the guys (and gals) at Toonami love the shows they work on and continue to give us the kickass stuff we love to watch.

Fan Creations Back Up Posted Sunday, February 24, 2002, 9:22PM by Zogg
"The fan creations section is back up due to proper bandwidth limiting. Download, enjoy. (For those of you downloading 1 - 2 gigs of stuff this month... calm down. We're not going anywhere.)
Update by Pepito half an hour later: How DARE you bump my news post?!?!?
You can forget that extra scrap of vintage bread I was going to throw into your box for breakfast tomorrow.

Poison tipped pick-axes, maybe?" Posted Sunday, February 24, 2002, 7:58PM by Pepito
"Greetings hydro-sacks! I have returned from my temporary vacation, and now I'm back in action and more devious than ever! As such, I hope you can feel the impending cloud of doom which now looms over your species, ever ready to move in and reap the destruction and mayhem which only angry lawn gnomes can dish out! On that note, my latest column is now available in the rants section. (For those of you unable to read, it's the 5th link down on your left.) I've also got a few tricks up my sleeve in the coming months regarding a slave driven information repository available to help you declare your allegiance to me!
Be afraid.

...y'sure? It's still pretty dark outside... Posted Sunday, February 24, 2002, 2:35AM by TylerL
"Well, how 'bout that.
Right after Adult Swim Action (look for the important video clips at Matt and Fata's sites soon. The links are a few posts down), Toonami: Rising Sun makes a return!
I guess that this is Williams Street's answer to KidsWB's kicking the Saturday morning version off the air.
It's an hour long block airing Batman and Superman...both starting from the very beginning of each series. The opening, until I feel like adding it to the database is over there -------->
Directly after it is the original Jonny Quest, the ancient Space Ghost and Dino Boy show, Herculoids, Birdman and Galaxy Trio. It's like the rebirth of Roulette.
Remember to set your VCRs next week, people. You have 6 hours of TV to record.

Why have actual content updates when tidbits are much more fun? Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2002, 10:33PM by TylerL
"#1: For all of you who ask me for Adult Swim promos, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP!
This is a TOONAMI website. Almost Toonami is the only section that would have anything Adult Swim-related on TDA.
...on the other hand, I'm Matt's hookup for promos, openings and such on Adult Swim: The Fansite. Go there for your Adult Swim multimedia fix.

#2: Our slaves...err...indentured servants...err...""helpers"" have been doing a GREAT job and are actually getting close to completing the database move!
Look for new sections sometime between now and later.(Probably in a few days)

#3: I'll add an archive to the Ask Pepito section later tonight (someone indirectly reminded me). Send him more e-mails. He needs to get off his lazy casing and finish a new article sometime soon, and that's the best way to do it.
Update by Tyler 2 hours later: Ok. Look at the bottom of the latest Pepito column for the archives link.
Also, remember that Pepito's also a licensed Anime expert and can handle all your Anime questions as well.
Update by Pepito 3 hours later: How dare you insinuate that I am lazy! Do you think taking over the world is EASY?! I take ONE 3 month break to workout my complex plans for domination and all of sudden I'm Fat Albert on a couch with a big of potato chips and some Frito Lays dip. You just lost your cushy government job you ungrateful stooge! Now then, stop pestering me; I have a column to write!

They call this the Hot Dog Tree. Posted Saturday, February 16, 2002, 3:59PM by TylerL
I've added the original opening to Dragon Ball as well as a generic Zoids promo by Cartoon Network.
I'll think of something interesting to add to this post later.

Ca-Ca-Ca-Catch the Wave! Posted Thursday, February 14, 2002, 8:31PM by TylerL
"Wait a sec...I'm not talking about new Zoids, but I am...but...Bah. I'm confused.
Anyway, the ORIGINAL Zoids series will start airing NEXT WEEK at 6:30am Eastern Time on Cartoon Network!
This is the series that takes place well before the Zoids series currently airing and is called ""Classic Zoids"" by CN. You can find the intro in the Almost Toonami downloads section.
Chances are it'll be moved to a more watchable time slot in the coming months,
Thanks to Zapages for writing this post letting pretty much everybody know about it ^_^

Blah. Posted Wednesday, February 13, 2002, 6:46PM by TylerL
"I added the new US DB Intro, the new DB Promo, the new TMR promo and a Zoids toy commercial.

Is that a 100 level or 200 level business class? Eh, doesn't really matter... they'll fail it anyway." Posted Tuesday, February 12, 2002, 7:24PM by Zogg
"If you've been having problems getting to the server every once in a while today (if you've noticed more than once, then you check back with us too often) it's because I just did some software upgrades on the machine. Things are all done, and should be working normally once again. Now then... all I need to do is add some content later tonight. Maybe a DB promo.

Tidbits Posted Tuesday, February 12, 2002, 1:11PM by TylerL
"I'm bored and I have 30 minutes until my next class.

1: The Fan Creations section will not go away forever. It'll be a little different from the other sections though, but will still pack about 80% of the punch it did before. That made no sense right now, but I assure you it will in a week or two.

2: There is a Zoids game in development for the GameCube. Read about it here.

3: The Adult Swim Action promo started airing a few days ago. Check it out at Fata Morgana's website The Jazz Messengers.

Wow, we could run a whole nother website with just that." Posted Monday, February 11, 2002, 4:26PM by Zogg
"Two items.
1. The Fan Creations section uses a whole lot more bandwidth then Tyler and I ever imagined. We're still trying to figure out what to do. (Don't worry, things are looking up.)
2. Applications for being a TDA Data Monkey are now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied! Tyler and I will sift through them over the next few days and get back to the people chosen. (If you don't get a job, don't worry about it. We're only taking so many applicants, and those suck... errr, lucky people that get picked aren't any better than you.)

Stupid self preservation... Posted Saturday, February 9, 2002, 10:22PM by Zogg
" Well, the sad day has finally come. Our daily visitor count has reached an average of about 2100-2200 people (that's basically unique people, not hits) and the bandwidth usage has jumped to between 10 and 12 gigs per day. So, while Tyler and I are ecstatic that people want to download the files, something will end up having to give.
We get 300 gigs of transfer from our hosting provider (that's a lot for $105.53) per month. Period. If we get large enough to need more than that, the server bill goes up a lot. We can't afford that, you can't afford that, the big donors that keep the current bill paid and us alive (THANKS!) can't afford that, either. (Nor should anyone be expected to. This is a fan site by fans for fans. If we get big enough to start needed large quantities of cash, then we might as well be a business. Anybody at Turner want to collocate a machine? heh.) Anyway, Tyler and I now get to play ""load balancer."" It's a riveting game where we watch usage, close down sections, and then reopen them as the bandwidth allotment works out. It's not a fun game, and it's one that we desperately don't want to play, but we pretty much have no choice. So... for the time being the Fan Creations section is down. (It is, hands down, the largest sucker of bandwidth.) We're currently investigating other options. (There was a nice guy with some server space a few weeks ago, whom we briefly talked to but I think got lost in bottom of the inbox. Maybe he'd like to try the Fan Creations section? Who knows? We'll figure it out.)
For the time being please don’t send us emails about how much you want the section back, don’t email our provider demanding that we be given more bandwidth, etc. We’ll figure something out. (Besides, WORST-case scenario I see at the moment would be the Fan Creations section taking a permanent hiatus.)

Nag Nag Nag Posted Tuesday, February 5, 2002, 8:12PM by Zogg
"Ok, I'll relent. The FFX game review was pretty darn cool looking. As such, I've sucumb to your demands and captured it. Until Tyler and I figure out what we think about the video game reviews, you can grab a copy at the bottom of this news post. I haven't yet played FFX, but being a big fan of the Final Fantasy line, I'm tempted to try my hand at my roommate's copy. We shall see.

We need your help! (Now with features!) Posted Monday, February 4, 2002, 12:19AM by Zogg
"Tyler and I are lazy people. Very lazy people. (That, and we go to college.) The entire ""Old Downloads"" section over there needs to be moved to ""New Downloads"" and we're both far, far too lazy to do it. We're so lazy, in fact, that I recoded a large portion of the Admin Center script to include security features that would enable us to setup accounts for people to enter data into a ""TDA File Database Sandbox of Sweetness"" from which it can be easily incorporated into the new database.
So, here's the deal. We're looking for a few good people to help us out by volunteering their time, effort, and sanity by entering all the old files into the new database, hence allowing us to continue being lazy and finally get rid of that blasted ""Old Downloads"" page that brings us so much grief. If you think you have what it takes to be a TDA Data Entry Monkey of Monkeyness (I'm running out of modifiers), then click here to download the instructions and application. Please read the instructions thoroughly, and be sure to send the application to the email address specified within.
We thank you for your attention to this matter, you may now return to your regular surfing habits. (And no, there are no content updates with this. We've got nothing at the moment. We're hoping for DB promos tomorrow.)

Money time again Posted Saturday, February 2, 2002, 5:04PM by Zogg
"I just finished last month's financial/donation stuff. (The report is available as usual.) For those of you keeping mathematical tabs on me, you'll notice that I made a $2.33 error in the tally I had running on the top of the page. (ie, I forgot about the Paypal fee.) Anyway, that has been corrected and the new tally is up. So, as of this moment, we're now in the hole $105.32. (Thanks to donations in December/early January, last month was covered with change to spare. Woo!) Once again, thanks to all of you who donated/continue to donate. You're the sole reason we're still here.
And thus, the month begins anew.

One more outburst of Shameless Self-Promotion Posted Friday, February 1, 2002, 10:02PM by TylerL
"My newest music video ""Evangelion - Rabblerouser"" has been released!
To download it, go to http://rabblerouser.cjb.net.
Go on. Download it. You know you wanna...
Tell your friends! Pirate your local TV station's signal and play the video!*
You'll be telling your grandkids about this video for years...and they'll never get tired of the story!
...I feel so dirty. ...and I think Zogg's going to hurt me too.
*...please don't.
Update from Zogg 1.5 hours later: Don't expect any more updates from Tyler, ever. He has been smoten. (I'm not sure why I was supposed to smoten him, but I smoten him good.)
Update from Pepito 1 hour later: FINALLY! Good job, Zogg. That's some good smotin'.
Hey...Where'd you hide the body?
Update from Zogg 13.5 hours Later: There is no body when I smoten somebody...