November 2002

A new Sailor Moon CD? Posted Saturday, November 30, 2002, 1:19AM by TylerL
"Apparently, KOCH Entertainment Distributors snuck out a new Sailor Moon CD, entitled ""The Full Moon Collection"" on November 12th. Click on to see the track list... and who I sadly have to credit...

""Sailor Moon - (remix)
I'm Not Ready
My Only Love - (remix)
I Want Someone To Love - (RAWer mix)
I Want To Hold Your Hand - (HI-NRG mix)
Call My Name (And I'll Be There)
I Wanna Be A Star!
Power Of Love, The
Rainy Day Man
Nothing At All
Oh Starry Night
Sailor Moon Theme - (club mix) ""

The above was culled (Okay, copy and pasted) from... Save our Sailors at

Char's Counterattack to Premiere on Adult Swim! Posted Saturday, November 30, 2002, 1:14AM by TylerL
"On Dec. 25, during the Adult Swim block, Char's Counterattack will be played. It is apparent that all three parts of the saga will be shown on the same night. This proves once again that Cartoon Network still tries to keep people above the age of 10 satisfied with decent anime.

This is reported by I do not know how reliable the information is, but there can still be hope.

Reminder: MotU Marathon This Saturday! Posted Friday, November 29, 2002, 6:26PM by Nemalki
"Put down that turducken sandwich and put away that credit card, as Toonami bombards your senses with a baker's dozen of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe this Saturday.

The first thirteen episodes of the series, based on the popular Mattel Toys line of action figures which inspired a classic 80s cartoon and a current Image Comic title from MV Creations, will air on Saturday, November 30, starting at 4:30 PM EST/PST (check your local listings) only on Cartoon Network.

In case you've been missing out on the series, here's the general premise. Masters of the Universe is about a young prince named Adam who becomes empowered with the mysterious power of Grayskull, becoming Eternia's defender, He-Man, and aligning himself with the Masters of the Universe, Eternia's champions (which includes Man-at-Arms and Orko, who know Prince Adam's secret), against the evil forces of the omnipotent villian known as Skeletor.

If you missed these episodes or you want to relieve the power, check out the Masters of the Universe marathon this Saturday!

Shows for New TechTV Anime ''Block'' Revealed Posted Friday, November 29, 2002, 5:38PM by Nemalki
"Looks like Bandai has a new playmate outside of the Toonami sandbox where they shared a lot of their toys like Gundam, Outlaw Star, and The Big O. Surprisingly, this new playmate is right outside of Silicon Valley at . . . TechTV?

TechTV recently revealed on the uberpopular tech show The Screen Savers that anime will premiere on their network starting on Monday, December 30, but the anime community were buzzing about which shows would air on the network, or even if it would be a part of a block ala Toonami.

This weekend, TechTV began running promos for the new acquisitions, tentatively called Anime Unleashed, with a couple of notable shows such as Pioneer's Serial Experiment Lain and a pair of Bandai/Sunrise releases, the space drama Crest of the Stars and the surreal sci-fi mecha series with dark horror overtones and slapstick comedy Betterman (at least these are the ones readily identified in the promo by the anime community, there are a few shows that haven't been ID'ed yet) . It's not revealed exactly how the series will be presented (either in a block format, which many fans are expecting, or a daily strip showcasing a different series each day), and a press release is eminent in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

Crest of the Stars and Betterman will be the first Bandai productions to air outside of Cartoon Network since Vision of Escaflowne's short-lived run on Fox Kids in Fall 2000.

Toonami Highlights: 11/29/02 Posted Friday, November 29, 2002, 8:19AM by Meteo
"As with most, but not all, Fridays, it's time for more new episodes of ""He-Man and the Masters of the Universe"" and ""Transformers Armada."" These will be the 13th episodes of each series. Toonami has a brand new ""Dragonball"" as well. For the full schedule click Read More.

Toonami: Friday November 29, 2002

All Times Eastern

4.0 PM Dragonball - Yesterday's episode.
4.5 PM Dragonball Z - Yesterday's episode.
5.0 PM He-Man and the Masters of the Universe ""Night of the Shadowbeasts"" New!
5.5 PM Transformers Armada ""Swoop"" New!6.0 PM Dragonball ""Goku vs. Sky Dragon"" New!
6.5 PM Dragonball Z ""Super Saiyan 3?!"" - Season 6

Don't forget - He-Man marathon tomorrow!

Sigh. Posted Wednesday, November 27, 2002, 9:21PM by TylerL
"Well, nobody told me they'd be playing the same damn marathon THIS weekend too.
...or was it always this weekend?
Bah. Whatever. I'm confused.
He-Man marathon promo online.

Toonami Takes over Saturdays in January! Posted Tuesday, November 26, 2002, 11:23AM by TylerL
"Starting January 11th, Toonami will be taking over Saturday nights on Cartoon network with a Seven and a half hour block from 6:30pm until 2am!
This reminds me a lot of the original Midnight Run, unfortunately, Toonami veteran shows (Robotech, Voltron, Sailor Moon) aren't on this lineup.
This, in my opinion, more than makes up for the loss of the weekday Midnight Run...and it's not like Adult Swim Weeknights is dead air anyway... :)

Schedule (Subject to change):
6:30 - Dragon Ball
7:00 - He-Man
7:30 - Max Steel
8:00 - Transformers Armada
8:30 - Zoids (CC? Zero?)
9:00 - DBZ
9:30 - DBZ
10:00 - Justice League
10:30 - Justice League
11:00 - He-Man
11:30 - Transformers Armada
Midnight - G.I. Joe
12:30 - G.I. Joe
1:00 - Batman Beyond
1:30 - Superman

See the schedule on

New game and map at Posted Sunday, November 24, 2002, 3:33PM by TylerL
"A new game was added to the Play section of called Toonami Arena.
Click ""Read More"" for my review.

Also, a Map of Eternia has just been added If you're ever lost in Eternia but have access to an internet connection, it could be a helpful guide.

Toonami Arena is best described as a cross between soccer and Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball.
Basically, you run around tackling the other team, and breaking past the goal barriers to make a goal.
You have 6 teams to choose from (My ""other job"" requires me to prefer Team Infinite Loop) which are pretty much all the same.
Tournament mode pits you against the other 5 teams in a battle for the championship.

Pretty good for an in-browser game, but lack of a two player option keeps it as nothing more than a 10 minute diversion.
Infolink gives it a 7 out of 10.
Block and tackle.
Beeyouuuu...bip bip.

Why do ALL the high-maintenance customers come to the store on the SAME DAY?!? ....and why did I have to park 1/4 mile away from the store?!?!? Posted Saturday, November 23, 2002, 6:24PM by TylerL
"I forgot to update the main page about the G.I. Joe Toonami intro being online, so...
the G.I. Joe Toonami intro is online!

Well, by now, the He-Man marathon promo as totally escaped me on all airings, so if anybody with video capture abilities has it on tape, I'd sure love it if you got in touch with me and could get me a copy of it.
Update From Zogg 3 hours later: Don't look at me, I stopped taping (and subsequently watching) Toonami weeks ago. Oops.

How did I become so bitter after working here for only three months? Posted Thursday, November 21, 2002, 8:25PM by TylerL
"Lots of miscellaneous stuff today I found/had lying around.

Five new videos:
Final Midnight Run lineup promo
Frightening Card Captor Sakura Parody
Old ""You are watching Toonami"" bumper
Hot Shots Golf Game review
CCF Toonami Parody

Also, visit Toonami Infolink for daily updates n' stuff.

...and here's another clue/item from my Special Project.

.hack//SIGN Reported as Coming to Cartoon Network Posted Thursday, November 21, 2002, 8:14PM by Meteo
"While not yet officially confirmed, Anime News Network is reporting today that "".hack//SIGN"" (the television series) will be airing on Cartoon Network in February. This would conicide with the video game of the same title. While no time slot have been revealed, Toonami is likely a candidate due to the lack of objectionable content. Click Read More for more on this series.

The 26 episode "".hack//SIGN"" television series is a prequel to the OAV and video game coming to the PS2. It originally aired in Japan April through September of this year. This title is distributed in the U.S. by Bandai.(Story edited after initially being posted due to suggestion from cookie)

Proof That Creature in the State of Toonami promo is from Blue Sub. 6 Posted Wednesday, November 20, 2002, 8:01PM by Meteo
One of the great mysteries of late has been what TOM meant when he said that new stuff was coming down the pipe. Focus quickly turned to a breif shot about 23 seconds into the promo that most could not seem to identify. Thanks to Sir Gatts we now have definitive proof that the creature in question is from Blue Sub. 6 Click read more for an image comparison.

Screen cap from the State of Toonami promo.

Screen cap from Blue Sub. 6

New Two-Mix CD Released Today Posted Wednesday, November 20, 2002, 4:00PM by TylerL
"Today, Two-Mix released their special edition new box set conveniently titled ""Two-Mix Collection Box""Two-Mix is known for their music done in the Gundam series including Just Communication, Rhythm Emotion, and others.

To purchase this box set cd, go to it's page on Amazon Japan. For complete track listing of the 4-CD set, go to'd give you even more info, but I cant read japanese. Sorry :)

Goku on hiatus...for the 900th time Posted Tuesday, November 19, 2002, 11:01AM by TylerL
"Here's the DBZ lineup for today and tomorrow:

11/19/02Evil Kid Buu!

11/20/02Evil Lives On

In case you don't remember, Evil Lives On is the episode after Vegeta goes postal on Fat Buu--also the first episode of season 6 of DBZ on Toonami.So that's it, enjoy the last new episode of the most hyped show on Toonami for another year or so (but there aren't that many episodes left, are there? Maybe we won't have to wait so long).

Metroid, Star Fox, Eternal Darkness, or Animal Crossing? Choices..." Posted Monday, November 18, 2002, 8:33PM by TylerL
"The Animal Crossing Video Game Review is online for your time-shifted viewing enjoyment.

...also, DONATE!
We need money. Give us money.

Cartoon Network Schedule Change Posted Monday, November 18, 2002, 2:56PM by TylerL
"Starting today (11/18/02) Cartoon Network changed it's schedule. Changes include:
3:00 Zoids
3:30 Batman Beyond Replacing Boomeraction and Batman: The Animated Series in the 3:00 slot. For full schedule of Cartoon Network, click HereAll times listed in Eastern Standard Time.

monstrous beast king tar cancer/gun? Posted Sunday, November 17, 2002, 8:21PM by TylerL
"こんにちは! 機械翻訳は非常に悪いが、Babelfish は非常によい! 海洋の反対側の声俳優とのToonami Japan のウェブサイトにインタビューがある。私は日本語を話すか、または読むことができないがこの壊れた日本語を嘲笑できたらそれがであるものについて私達を知っている許可しなさい!

...or you can read the BabelFish translation here

Toonami Debuts in Scandinavia Posted Sunday, November 17, 2002, 7:35PM by Meteo
"Toonami's worldwide reach has been expanded to include Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. I those countries it airs as an hour long block and includes ""Batman of the Future"" (a.k.a. ""Batman Beyond"" in North America) and X Men: Evolution. Click Read More for the schedule and the story in Norwegian.

Toonami (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark)

17.00 Batman of the Future
17.30 X Men: Evolution

I don't know what days of the week Toonami airs, but if anyone can read Norwegian they can probably decipher it from the story below.

Here is the story from Cartoon Network's Norwegian Webpage:

Toonami nå også hver helg!

Cartoon Network kommer nå til å vise action eventyr i helger i tillegg til på ukedager. Batman fra Fremtiden og det nye showet X Men: Evolution slår seg sammen i Toonami hver helg klokken 17.00 til 18.00.

New Star Wars Cartoon Series mostly-confirmed for Cartoon Network! Posted Sunday, November 17, 2002, 2:57PM by TylerL
"Life Day comes early this year, as word has it that the rumored series of Star Wars animated short films has been confirmed for Cartoon Network, with Genndy Tartokovsky of Dexter and Samurai Jack fame leading the project.Slashdot is also carrying the story.

Whoops Posted Sunday, November 17, 2002, 2:53PM by Zogg
"Here's some updated financial records: September and October. The donate-o-meter has (finally) been updated to reflect the amount needed by the end of this month. Sorry about the delay.

New He-Man, Transformers and More Highlight Toonami Today" Posted Friday, November 15, 2002, 3:21PM by Meteo
"After a two week hiatus the Friday debuts of ""He-Man and the Masters of the Universe"" and ""Transformers Armada"" episodes returns. New ""Dragonball"" and ""Dragonball Z"" episodes will continue to air today also.

Toonami - Friday November 15th (All time Eastern)

4.0 PM - Dragonball - Yesterday's episode
4.5 PM - Dragonball Z - Yesterday's episode
5.0 PM - He-Man and the Masters of the Universe ""Turnabout""
5.5 PM - Transformers Armada ""Ruin""
6.0 PM - Dragonball ""We Are the Five Warriors""
6.5 PM - Dragonball Z ""Mind Traps""

For more information check out the Cartoon Network Schedule

TS: SWCW on CN. OMFG! Posted Thursday, November 14, 2002, 10:30PM by TylerL
"According to an AICN source, ""There have been top secret meetings between Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network, and they are in ADVANCE DISCUSSIONS to do an immense animated series called CLONE WARS. The time frame is still being discussed as either starting the year before Episode 3 or the Summer of Episode 3. Lucas is negotiating for a huge 50-60 episode order.""

Who's got the bat? We got da bat! Getting anyway. Posted Thursday, November 14, 2002, 12:31PM by TylerL
"Warner Bros. is planning two waves of Timm Produced DVDs next year. Episodes of Batman, Superman, and Justice League are coming, along with a new direct-to-video animated Batman feature, Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, in the spring and fall of 2003.

As previously covered a Superfriends DVD will be released on April 22 2003, which suggests that the first wave will hit on that day as well. The first wave should also include a second Batman: The Animated Series DVD, a new Justice League DVD, and possibly the first Superman: The Animated Series DVD (which will likely be the origin episode Last Son of Krpyton), along with the Superfriends release.The second wave will hit fall 2003, Septemberish. Expected is a third Batman: TAS DVD, as well as more Justice League and Superman . A Batman Beyond DVD might be joining the fall releases on top of all that. Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman is also scheduled for a Fall 2003 release.WB is also releasing two X-Men: Evolution DVDs in 2003. The first disc is scheduled for March to tie in with X-Men 2's release.

CNX is now N49 Posted Wednesday, November 13, 2002, 8:00AM by TylerL
"In a strange twist of fate because of circumstances beyond my control, CNX: Toonami Revolution, one of the net's oldest Toonami webpages, is now N49, though the CNX name will remain present in the various sections for the time being.Alright, you've probably become aware of the new UK-only Cartoon Network spinoff called CNX, which specializes in action-animation, adult-oriented animation, martial arts flicks, and all things ""lad."" However, as a result of this new networks arrival on the scene in October, CNX: Toonami Revolution, which launched in July 1998, has been confused with the UK network on both sides of the Atlantic (some online magazines, which shall remain nameless, has used images from the site without permission and associating CNX with CNX UK). As of right now, CNX: Toonami Revolution will be known as N49, which is the abbreviated name of Nami49 Productions, the company behind the site (otherwise known as Jeff Harris, the webmaster of N49 and yours truly). The name change will not change the content of the site, which will still be action-animation oriented with a heavy emphasis on Toonami in the Toonami Satellite and Watch This Site sections, and it wasn't brought on by Turner Broadcasting. More on the changes will be seen at N49, still located at the same address, so don't change your bookmarks.

Kellner Go Bye-Bye? Posted Tuesday, November 12, 2002, 12:23PM by HulkieD
"As reported by The New York Post, there might be reason to get a party started. They're reporting that Jamie Kellner, that CEO of Turner that everyone loves to hate, is about to get a $65 million payday for his stake in The WB Network. This wouldn't be that newsworthy, except for one widely speculated piece of info:

Insiders are speculating Kellner will take the money and bolt from AOL(willingly or not). We might taste freedom.

Kellner took this momentum he had with The WB and turned that into a higher position at AOL Time Warner when the broadcast network was merged into Turner Broadcasting, making Kellner CEO. Kellner isn't well-liked by many people, and has been cited in many decisions that harmed Kids' WB(Big Kids Go First) as well as Cartoon Network and Toonami(pulling ""Rejected"" from Adult Swim, Kids' WB Toonami, among many many others). Like Haim Saban and the former Fox Family Worldwide, Kellner had this power due to his personal stake in the network. Without this stake, Kellner's influence could possibly be reduced.

So why would AOL be keen to kick Kellner out? Simple-- a sea change in corporate politics. The AOL executives and the people that helped to engineer the AOL-Time Warner merger have been gone, and CEO Steve Case is expected to be gone from the company within a year. Most importantly, however, Ted Turner has taken a more active interest in the company, and it's well known that Billionaire Ted and That Kellner have not gotten along very well.

This is SPECULATION and does not likely indicate fact. However, the Post has actually been proven to be accurate in this field, and the climate change at AOL means that Kellner's days could be numbered. Cross your fingers and hope for the best...

Superfriends DVD release date Posted Monday, November 11, 2002, 10:52PM by TylerL
"Thanks to Jim Harvey of Toon Zone news, Superfriends, a classic series from the golden Moltar days of Toonami, is coming to VHS and DVD on Tuesday, April 22, 2003. Let's just pray that this is the GOOD version and not that ****** Filmation version that we're seeing every weekday at 3PM on Boomeraction.

...and you people say we don't update often enough... Posted Monday, November 11, 2002, 5:57PM by TylerL
"The G.I. Joe section is now online in the Downloads section.
Currently, we have the original intro and the Toonami promo that aired about half an hour ago.

Read the post below this if you haven't done so already.

State of Toonami - 2002 Posted Monday, November 11, 2002, 4:38PM by TylerL

Toonami Schedule November 11th-14th Posted Monday, November 11, 2002, 2:27AM by Meteo
"New episodes of ""Dragonball Z"" and ""Dragonball"" continue to highlight Toonami this week. The afternoons will also see the the debut of more new to weekdays episodes of ""He-Man and the Masters of the Universe"" and ""Transformers Armada."" During the Midnight Run more ""G.I. Joe"" episodes make their Toonami debut as more ""G Gundam"" episodes make their late night debut. Finally, ""Zoids: Guardian Force"" continues in the mornings with episodes that would have been new to Toonami if the series was still on the block.

All Times Eastern:

6:30 AM - Zoids: Guardian Force - One week until the unseen final four episodes.


4.0 PM - Dragonball - Repeat of the previous day's episode
4.5 PM - Dragonball Z - Repeat of the previous day's episode
5.0 PM - He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Semi-New Episodes 6-9
5.5 PM - Transformers Armada - Semi-New Episodes 6-9
6.0 PM - Dragonball - NEW Red Ribbon Saga
6.5 PM - Dragonball Z - NEW Buu Saga: Vegito Arc

Midnight Run

12.0 PM - G Gundam - Semi-New Introductory Arc
12.5 PM - G.I. Joe - Semi-New

For more information check out the Cartoon Network Schedule.

Wrong! You hit my decoy! Posted Sunday, November 10, 2002, 9:50PM by TylerL
"Before I start this barely-sensical update, let me vent in the form of quoteishness.

I bought this game, and when I try to play it, it crashes. I'd like to return it.
Ok... ::looks at system requirements:: what model of Macintosh do you have?
Y'know, the ILS...version 4.
...uh...hmm...ok...well, how long ago did you buy your computer?
Last year, it's the graphic computer.
...lemme check on something. Hold on. ::runs away::
I have no idea where I'm going with this. Bah. Whatever.

Second of all, go to Toonami Infolink and submit stories and comment about the stories. Make talky fun comments.

Third of all, click here for a video. This video is part of a major project you'll hear a little more about in the future.
It is a very nifty project.
Figure it out before the announcement, and you will feel smart.
So very smart.

Super Saturday Goes Super Robot Today Posted Saturday, November 9, 2002, 1:19PM by TylerL
"According to the Cartoon Network Online Schedule, Toonami has one more programming change to make before the week ends. After being added to the Midnight Run on Monday, ""G Gundam"" makes its Super Saturday premiere today. The new Toonami Super Saturday Schedule is (All Times Eastern):

1.0 PM - He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
1.5 PM - Transformers Armada
2.0 PM - Dragonball Z
2.5 PM - Dragonball
3.0 PM - G Gundam
3.5 PM - G Gundam

Just as with the run that started on Monday, ""G Gundam will be starting from the beginning and the Super Saturday run will be separate from the Midnight Run.

In other Super Saturday news it looks like there actually will not be new episodes of He-Man or Transformers this week. The scheduled ""He-Man and the Masters of the Universe"" episode is 'Deep End,' which aired in September, and the scheduled ""Transformers Armada"" episode is 'Underground,' which just aired last week. For more information check out the online Cartoon Network schedule.

G Gundam tidbits. Posted Thursday, November 7, 2002, 8:47PM by MattWilson
"According to Turner, CN will be adding an extra slot for G Gundam, weekdays from 2 to 3 PM. This may, however, be a bad typo, considering that 2-3 PM is nowhere near Toonami, unless they plan on expanding to five hours, which seems very unlikely. Regardless, if you want to see a full run of G Gundam, don't despair when The Midnight Run ceases to exist. Super Saturdays will continue to air G Gundam for the next several months, so you'll be able to see all of the episodes, eventually.It was rumored that G Gundam would come back in the summer as part of a Summer of Gundam event, but CN has stated that there is no such thing and that they would never plan that far ahead. So, now you know. And knowing is half the battle. The other half is sexy skinny dipping.

The World's First Anime Network... Posted Thursday, November 7, 2002, 4:25PM by TylerL
"ADV Films has announced the creation of the world's first Anime Network... appropriately titled ""Anime Network"". Presumably it will have ADV shows and ADV shows alone.

No grits. Sorry. Posted Wednesday, November 6, 2002, 11:01PM by TylerL
"Today is (could be) a monumental day in the history of Toonami website -ness.
Me, Zogg, Pepito, and a bunch of people from the Toonami web community have put together a site for and by Toonami fans.
We call it Toonami Infolink.
News and info submitted by visitors for the reading/commenting pleasure of the masses.
Go contribute.

...oh yeah.
The TDAMB is back.

""G Gundam"" - The DVD You've Been Waiting For" Posted Wednesday, November 6, 2002, 6:27PM by Meteo
G Gundam made its debut on DVD November 5th. This release covers the first third of the series and is available in two variations. The DVDs can be purchased separately or as a box set.

All episodes can be viewed in English or Japanese with Dolby Digital Stereo. A subtitle track is included and the presentation is in its original 1.33:1 aspect ratio. The episodes included take the viewer up to the point where Master Asia is introduced.

For more information on this Pioneer Entertainment release check out DVD Empire. The next third of the series will be released in February.

Pepito's Invasion, Part 2" Posted Wednesday, November 6, 2002, 4:43PM by Zogg
"Pepito's Second Stage. I still have no idea where these are coming from. Quite scary. Oh well. Seig Pepito!

Current Season of Dragonball Extended Posted Tuesday, November 5, 2002, 7:44AM by Meteo
"The episode count of the current season of ""Dragonball"" has been increased from 34 to 48 episodes. Viewers who cannot get enough of the adventures of young Goku are in for a surprise. According to the online schedule at, the current season of ""Dragonball"" has been increased by 14 episodes...

With the addition of the new episodes, season 3 will finish with the conclusion of the next tournament storyline at episode 101. There will then be 52 episodes left in the series. Airdates for these final episodes are currently unknown.

With the addition ""Dragonball"" episodes, Toonami will continue to have new programming daily through most of December. There will now be only a short gap without new to Toonami episodes before ""Max Steel"" and ""Samurai Jack"" make their Toonami debuts on December 30th.

Thanks to DarkMaster at the ToonZone Toonami Message Board for first pointing this out.

No, I don't remember what I said." Posted Friday, November 1, 2002, 11:35PM by TylerL
"The Garlic Jr. DBZ intro was captured at the last possible airing for your...enjoyment, I guess.
Go get it.

...also, for all of you with access to the Chicago Tribune, check this Sunday's Q Section for an article about the interest young adults have about animation in this day and age...or something.
The cool part about the article is that I was interviewed for it.
Yes. I'm automatically a celebrity now. I can put it on my business cards right next to ""Slacker"".
I have no idea if they'll make me sound smart or stupid, so it'll be a surprise for all of us.
Update by Tyler 10 hours later: Gah! I've been trimmed! No quote from me :(