December 2000

Mmmmm...Gotta love that New Show Smell. Posted Wednesday, December 27, 2000, 11:22AM by TylerL
"Well, about three minutes ago, a promo for Outlaw Star aired on Cartoon Network. We'll be putting together a complete (Well, as complete as possible at this point) Outlaw Star section in the coming days. Stay tuned.
Update from Zogg: Here you go. Enjoy.

DBZ is Coming... to Town Posted Tuesday, December 26, 2000, 5:28PM by Zogg
"Well, Deadzone is this week's inflight movie, and I have 1 of the 3 promos available for download. The short one is nothing great (I have it on here, it just has some ""technical difficulties"") but I want to try and get the longer one sometime tomarrow. Plus, the Garlic Jr Saga will be airing this New Year's Eve during a beautifully coined ""New Year's Evil."" I have the promo for you along with the movie promo over in the DBZ section. Download, enjoy.

Little something Posted Monday, December 25, 2000, 1:14PM by Zogg
"I was busy playing with my new JVC HR-S3800U VCR (I love Christmas) and I decided to upload a little Toonami quickie. Have fun. (Oh yeah, it's DivX. Check out the FAQ if you need help playing it.)

T'was the night before Christmas... Posted Sunday, December 24, 2000, 5:17PM by TylerL
"...and all through the site,
Not a file was accessed,
Not even a byte.
...Um...This isn't working out real well, and I've run out of ideas...I think I'll stop.
I've cooked up a little thing for all you shiny happy people out there - a Mailbag section. It's where we can respond to interesting e-mails or post the weird stuff we get. It's at the bottom of the Rants section. As of now, it's just my e-mails, but once Zogg goes back college life and back to his mail archive, he'll write up his half.
I got new socks and a blank video tape. God bless us, everyone.

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!" Posted Friday, December 22, 2000, 8:41AM by Zogg
"Ok, so I'm a bit early; but I do have a great gift for all you DBZ fans out there. Over in the features section you can now find the DBZ episode ""Children of Cell Attack."" This episode will be here for only a short time since it will be appearing on video and dvd sometime soon, so you can go ahead and get a copy now. That's all I got for now, keep it real.

They were holdin' back on us! Posted Thursday, December 21, 2000, 5:39AM by TylerL
"There are a few more MP3s on, but you can only get to them through a directory listing, meaning they're not on any web page. Go here to download them - Download the files that end in .mp3.
Big thanks to DblOhSiete for discovering the new songs.

I'm Outta Here, Again!" Posted Friday, December 15, 2000, 5:51PM by Zogg
"Ok, I'm heading home for 3 weeks. This means I won't have a VCR, video capture card, or really fast internet connection. Plus, my responses to emails may take a bit longer.
But, don't despair, Tyler and I still have some great stuff planned for over the Holidays. In addition to the new Mini-Rants section, we also have little surprise planned in the form of a cool download. Well, that's all for now.

No, I haven't lost my mind. I just misplaced it." Posted Wednesday, December 13, 2000, 3:35PM by TylerL
"Now that I have a job and school's out for vacation and my computer still isn't a Dual-Processor G4, I was going to have trouble finding stuff to update this site with for the next three weeks.
So instead of curling up in a ball and hibernating until January, I've decided to make a new sub-section. Enter Mini-Rants. Small articles about or relating to Toonami in some way. I ingeniously wrote a CGI program that would let me write stuff ANYWHERE and have it immediately posted online. (Actually, I reverse-engineered the NewsPro CGI that Zogg configured for our main page. But let's not tell him that. ^_^ΓΈ ) I've already written three mini-rants (two of them don't count though. I was just testing out the script.) Since it's very portable and not time-consuming at all, I'll try to update it almost everyday. But I'm not going to post an update here when I do. I'm not THAT cheap (or that not-lazy. [I like hyphens {and parentheses}]).
Hmm... This post is becoming a mini-rant itself...

Captain! We've Found the Breaking Point! Posted Wednesday, December 13, 2000, 4:56AM by Zogg
"Now available over in the DBZ section is the latest promo for DBZ's Tree of Might. Looks to be another great Friday evening. On another note, Tyler and I have a little surprise in store for everyone; I just need to find a way to compress it properly.

The Day Has Finally Come Posted Sunday, December 10, 2000, 7:38PM by Zogg
"Gundam Wing episode 49 (the last episode) is set to premier on Toonami next week, and in case you hadn't already heard, the series won't be airing again afterwards. That's right, this is the last run of Gundam for a while. So, in honor of this day we've removed episode 49 from the features section for a week. I encourage all of you to watch the last episode, and think about all that Gundam Wing has done for Toonami.

Actual content! Posted Friday, December 8, 2000, 6:42AM by TylerL
"Thanks to Steven for capturing an old Sailor Moon promo for us. It's in the Sailor Moon Downloads section. (That was a toughie.)

Sony makes nifty stuff. I forgive them for calling FireWire i.Link Posted Thursday, December 7, 2000, 7:33AM by TylerL
"I'm still employed (who'da thunk?), so updated from me will still be infrequent or erratic. But I have a lot of stuff I still need to get up on this site. The rest of Ian's tape, some rant-type stuff, some extra video games and some openings I want to capture or redo.
I'm also working on a music video (the same one I've been planning for months on-and-off). I got a chance to put together a little preview of it for all you people out there. Enjoy. Anticipate.

What's Wrong With a Little Fan Service? Posted Wednesday, December 6, 2000, 4:50AM by Zogg
"There are now 2 new videos available in the Fan Creations section. First off, Sphroth sent over his latest video with Sailormoon and ""Take a Picture."" Secondly, Nicole Kenny tossed her first music video our way; Sailormoon with ""Colors of Love."" Sailormoon appears to be the popular music video to make right now. Be sure to go download both these new videos. And, as always, if you've created a Toonami multimedia presentation of some kind, email me and we'll see about getting it posted here on TDA.
Now then, I need to figure out how to use Stokes to calculate the Flux of a field through a surface 1 < x^2 + y^2 + z^2 < 4. Isn't college great?

[bad english accent]...but I'm not dead yet... Posted Monday, December 4, 2000, 10:13AM by TylerL
"I was looking through by ""box o' stuff to update with"" and I found another page's worth of my Translation rant that wasn't on the site. I'm getting closer and closer to almost getting near finishing it.

Wow, we're getting back on track" Posted Friday, December 1, 2000, 7:02PM by Zogg
"There's 2 more videos for your downloading pleasure. First, you can run over to the Toonami section and download the intro for the Inflight Movies. Next, head over to the Batman area and grab yourself a copy of the promo for Subzero, next week's movie. That's all I can think of for now. Keep it Real.