December 2001

If I were that kid, I would've gotten my fry back." Posted Sunday, December 30, 2001, 11:33PM by TylerL
"I added an old commercial for the DBZ toys at Burger King I had lying around somewhere.
Also, I got a better copy of the Gundam 0083 opening.

Let's all point and laugh at Zogg and his dialup modem.
Maybe he'll post a witty retort if we do.
Update from Zogg 50 hours later: I go away to a conference for 4 days and [insert witty, anti-Tyler retort here.]
Update from Tyler 5 hours later: Oh yeah?!? Well, [insert wittier, anti-Zogg retort here.]

Ladies and Gentlemen...Hell has frozen over. Posted Saturday, December 29, 2001, 10:39PM by TylerL
"I don't usually post updates about ToonamiRadio, but I thought I should make an exception.
I added new songs.
...also, I made a few updates to the FAQ. Read lest you be smitten.

C'mon Aquaman...Show up and shake it, already. I have other things to do!" Posted Friday, December 28, 2001, 12:24AM by TylerL
I added the latest New Years Eve-il commercial as well as a Talisman Promotional Piece from Latin America's Cartoon Network.

Dying. Get Ben. U fix. Posted Monday, December 24, 2001, 5:22PM by TylerL
"[desperate plea] If anyone is going to Ohayocon, PLEASE get in touch with me.
I gotta know how two of my music videos are received by the masses. [/desperate plea]
Update from Tyler sometime later: I got 1.5 people helping. Thanks. ^_^

I didn't know they had the rights to that... Sweet. Posted Friday, December 21, 2001, 5:32PM by Zogg
"I've just updated 3 files in the Robotech section: The Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada intros. They look signifigantly better than before, the only problem is a bit of ""shearing"" thanks to some funky interlacing. I might try and clear it up once I'm back at college. Enjoy.

It's only 5 episodes. I'm sure you'll see them one way or another... Posted Monday, December 17, 2001, 6:55PM by TylerL
"Just uploaded the new Reactor promo.
Download, be merry.

...Have the masses supply our content...yes... Posted Monday, December 17, 2001, 4:38PM by TylerL
"I made an update to the Fan Creations section with one new music video and two new clips under a new sub-section - Unofficial Fan Promos.
That's where I'll showcase (not real) Toonami promos that get submitted. Go take a look!

Also, Cartoon Network has started running some hilarious promos at night. Since the characters are semi-Toonami related, I decided to post them here for you to take a look:
Alpha Male
Cell Stickup

Over 500,000 Visitors!" Posted Thursday, December 13, 2001, 4:58PM by TylerL
"You people should really get outside. Read a book or something.
I can't believe we reached over half a million visits (to the front page, mind you. There are thousands more uncounted.) in under 18 months of existence.
Over 2 Terabytes of data have flown through our line since we officially opened the virtual doors of TDA on Wednesday, July 19th, 2000 at 6:03am e.d.t.
We're gonna write a ""history of TDA"" rant one day to let you all know how we made this whole site happen in the first place, but until then, take a look at the first page in our News Archive and look how far we've come since then.
[Generic Tyler-style hit count post conclusion] Thanks for 500,000 hits, and we hope to be around for another 500,000...and then some. [/Generic Tyler-style hit count post conclusion]

Update from Zogg:
Woo! 500,000. Although that might not mean a lot to some people, for us this is awesome. After the whole ""FuitadNET is now offline"" fiasco from a few months back, I honestly didn't expect the site to last this long. But, we keep going strong and getting stronger all the time.

To think... I originally told Fuitad ""Tyler and I are expecting TDA to be a popular site. Do you think your server can handle a 10gig/month 500meg of space site?"" (For those of you who don't catch the irony... we currently house over 2 gigs of Toonami files and serve from 5 - 10 gigs of data per day.) Let's just say things are much larger then I ever anticipated. Originally Tyler and created this site with the intention of making both our lives easier (no more capturing the same clips, and we avoided being competition) but ended putting in just as much if not more work into it.

We've gone from two, separate, html-based sites on free hosting providers to a php/mysql driven powerhouse hosted on its own server. We're the home of 4.5 total gigs of files (that's the sum total of the entire server, including operating system, programs, months of logs, etc) on a machine with a 102-day uptime. (Soon to be reset during a server move.) There have been 899 gigs of data transfer since we opened the doors on the new server, and countless more bytes served while we were still on hosting. Last month 67,271 visitors (a visitor is 1 unique IP address per day, so if you visited every day then you count as 30 visitors) were served 240 gigs of TDA goodness in the process of downloading 2,283,040 files.

So here we stand, at 500,000, looking back at all TDA has gone through and where it stands now; forever wondering what the future holds.

Bring it on.

Press passes are for the weak. Posted Tuesday, December 11, 2001, 12:04AM by TylerL
"I just shipped a copy of Kryptonite (my music video) as well as a just-finalized verison of my latest music video, ""Evangelion - Rabblerouser"" (you’ll get to download it later. I’ll be plugging it non-stop in a month or two) to Ohayocon.
Since I don’t have the time or money to drive all the way to Ohio and back, I’d really appreciate it if anyone who visits TDA who is also going to Ohayocon be a ""TDA Correspondent"" of sorts and e-mail me sometime after the Music Video contest and tell me how well the video(s) were received, etc.
E-mail me if you could do this for me.I’ll need people for SakuraCon, AnimeExpo and Otakon as well (I’ll be at AnimeCentral ^_^ ), but I’ll worry about those when their times come.
Update by Tyler at some ungodly hour - The latest Building A Better Cartoon Show promo's now online. Yay.

You say ""Monkey,"" I say ""Baboon,"" and then we all go get ice cream" Posted Monday, December 10, 2001, 12:22AM by Zogg
"Zoids will be air four (yep, 4) episodes next Friday. Apparently this has to do with getting with the series on track for a complete airing... or something. Anyway, the promo is now available in the Zoids section in Sorenson Video 3 format. (I need to figure out why my VCR does the funky brightness things.) Oh yeah, if you haven't read the 3 posts below this one, and haven't taken the poll then be sure to do so. That's all I've got for now.

At least we don't call you during dinner. Posted Sunday, December 9, 2001, 10:12PM by TylerL
"Like we did last week, we have another poll for you.
This poll is about your thoughts on the new format we have.
Your opinion in this poll will help us decide what to do in the future.
Power to the people.

If there aren't any more notches on the bar of quality, make some." Posted Sunday, December 9, 2001, 12:41AM by TylerL
"Well, this news post was supposed to be the big announcement about Sorenson Video's ‹ber-Generosity, but a small problem in our download pop-up code held things up until Zogg, The Code-Monkey of Justice, made everything all spiffy.
Here's what we can do now...
Larger videos at near the same file size
Yup. Currently, we're testing 480x360 Sorenson 3-encoded files in place of a few old 320x240 files. They look MUCH better with just a slight increase in file size!
Show me another anime video clip site with as much good stuff as we have. ^_^
The new files are...
08th MS Team - Toonami Opening
Gundam 0080 - Toonami Opening
Dragon Ball Z - New Toonami Opening
Dragon Ball Z - Old Toonami Opening
ReBoot - Season 4 - Toonami Opening
Toonami - Summer 2001 Opening
Toonami Movies - New Opening
Zoids - Toonami Opening
Try them out. Be amazed at what we're capable of now.
E-mail us and let us know what you think about this new video format.
Remember, you need Quicktime 5 to view them.
Chances are we'll have more high-quality clips in the near-future.
...and, if feedback is good, everything will be like this from now on.
Things are just getting better...
Update by Tyler at 7:30 the next day - Some of you have complained about ""skipping"" video. That's a problem with your computer being too slow. We'll probably make low quality copies of the new files and only do the big files for special stuff, like openings and such.

Warning, incoming change" Posted Saturday, December 8, 2001, 12:40AM by Zogg
"Since the files have started appearing, I figured it would be best to give a heads up and explanation regarding our change of format. Remember that poll I did recently asking if you would be willing to switch to Quicktime 5? Well, it turns out a VERY large percentage of you will. When Tyler and I heard that, I fired off an email to the nice people at Sorenson to see if they would donate a copy of version 3 of their superb video codec to the site. For those of you who don't know the history of TDA (which I should write at one point) Sorenson donated version 2 of their codec to us when TDA was first pulling itself together way back when. Anyway, they were gracious enough to help us out yet again and donated a copy of their latest codec to us! That means Tyler and I have a new toy to play with in the hopes of tweaking it to its full potential, and it also means that all new files you see appear from us will be in the Sorenson Video 3 format. (The two Reboot intros below being the first.) So... if you don't have Quicktime 5 and can't see the new files we're producing, then head on over to Apple's Quicktime Download page and snag yourself a copy. This new upgrade means higher quality in lower file sizes (good for you modem people) and maybe larger resolutions in the same file sizes (good for you broadband people). Tyler's got some tricks up his sleeve regarding the new codec, so stay tuned to see what happens next.
Update from Zogg 1.6 hours later: In other news, Tyler and I just noticed that TDA is now the 1st non site that pops up when you type ""toonami"" into Google. This may not sound like much, but considering that Google's rankings are based on the quality and quantity of people who link to you... we feel it to be an honor for TDA to have such a high ranking.

mmm...Kraft Dinner... Posted Friday, December 7, 2001, 11:57PM by TylerL
"Another thanks to Canadian visitor Honour Mai for video copies of the two YTV ReBoot Season 4 openings!
They're in their respective locations.

Tim Hortons ROCKS! Posted Wednesday, December 5, 2001, 9:34PM by TylerL
"Thanks to our friendly neighbor up north, Kalin Nenkov, we now have the audio to the ""narrative"" openings for ReBoot: Season 4!
Until I hear back from him about the video part, here are the MP3 files...
Daemon Rising
My Two Bobs

Party Favors? We don't need no stinkin' party favors! Posted Tuesday, December 4, 2001, 5:42PM by Zogg
"Toonami is serving up a special show for us this New Year's Eve: New Year's Eve-il. Head over to and vote for you favorite villain now. When you're done with that you can jump into the Toonami section and grab the new promo. Enjoy.