April 2001

Gundam Flashback Posted Thursday, April 26, 2001, 5:06PM by Zogg
"Does everyone remember that great, 2 minute, Gundam Wing promo that aired quite a while back? I know I do, and I've got a high quality copy of it. 480x320ish, 15 megs, Quicktime. Same requirements as Mad Rhetoric apply here. Download, reminisce, enjoy.

On another note, see that donation meter? We've had a few great donations, but overall things are looking bad... real bad. Remember: TDA's future depends on you.


A little favor to ask... Posted Saturday, April 21, 2001, 11:31AM by TylerL
"If anyone is going to SakuraCon next weekend, I'll need someone to be a TDA Correspondent of sorts.
I'm submitting my music video there, and I'd like a report on the reactions from the audience it gets.
So...if you're going to SakuraCon, and think you can write me a lil' one paragraph description on how well received it was, it would be greatly appreciated.
E-Mail me if you're interested. I might even let you download Mad Rhetoric...
Update from Tyler L.
The position is taken, but I wouldn't mind second opinions...

...The (short) wait is over! Posted Friday, April 20, 2001, 7:03PM by TylerL
"It's time to announce the winners TDA's Blood Promo Contest!
Since all the entires were great (either intriguing, stupid or hilarious), I've decided to post all the entries. ...And we actually have two winners!
Jordan C and Tony Highwind won the contest!
See all the entries on the ""Mailbag II"" entry in the Rants section.
...As for the winners, here's your prize - An EXTREMELY high quality version of Mad Rhetoric
Although the link to the video is clearly marked as such, and resides in the Toonami Downloads section also clearly marked for the entire public to download, only the winners of the contest can download it. Yup. The rest of you are on the ""Honor System"". I'll just turn my back now... ::whistles::
Since this file's so huge, we can only have it up for about a week. After that, it goes away never to return (probably).
...But you guys...The kind of quality displayed in that video is un-retrieveable from a broadcasted NTSC video source. How did you capture it?
We didn't.

Update from Zogg 13 hours later Almost forgot, this video has different system requirements than most. You NEED a 450MHZ PC or a 300MHZ Mac in order to even have a shot at seeing it properly. If you don't meet these requirements, don't bother trying; you'll just be disappointed.

C'mon. You know you wanna... Posted Wednesday, April 18, 2001, 10:44PM by TylerL
"(This appeared on the minirants page, but we decided it would do well here too)
While listening to Toonami's Blood promo with the volume turned way up, I could hear faint voices in the background. They're extremely soft, and I'm too lazy and/or busy to listen to it over and over again and figure out what whey're saying.
So...I'm officially launching Toonami: Digital Arsenal's first contest!
Whoever can come up with the most accurate (or funny) interpretation and E-Mail it to me by Midnight on Friday morning will recieve a big prize at 7pm Friday after Toonami!
...What IS the prize, you ask? Well, I can't tell you NOW, can I? It wouldn't be a surprise then!
I've made an uber-high quality 48KHz 320Kbps Stereo MP3 for use in the contest.
...Quality just don't get much better than that.

You're only using us for videos, aren't you?" Posted Monday, April 16, 2001, 12:34AM by Zogg
"Over in the Toonami section is the new Toonami promo that aired last week. I've entitled it ""Children."" (All titles are subject to change.) If all goes well this week, and trends continue like I hope they will, you'll all be in for a BIG surprise come Friday-ish. That's all for now, later.

...are YOU a powerhouse? Posted Saturday, April 14, 2001, 11:10PM by TylerL
"I found the Japanese opening(s) to PowerPuff Girls. They're in the PPG section.
Also, I added the longer World's Strongest promo (Y'know...the one with the Japanese stuff in it. Gaze in awe at my overly-ignorant Americanness). That's is the DBZ section.
Well, back to more slave-labor video work...

Now look what you made me do... Posted Saturday, April 14, 2001, 4:37PM by ">Zogg
"I've written a rant. (GASP!) That's right, I, Zogg, took time away from my math assignments to sit down and write a rant. Now, I know that the rants seem to be predominantly Tyler's domain, but once in a great while something occurs that gives me the desire to express myself. So go, right now, to the rants section and catch a bit of insight into my brain and my thoughts on TDA's past, present, and future.

I don't who you all are... but you're scary. Posted Friday, April 13, 2001, 8:22PM by Zogg
"Here's the deal, flat out:
We've removed the 50 meg mpegs from the fan creation section. Why? Well, our bandwidth usage over the last 2 days has doubled for reasons unknown to us. The trend in our web logs is not good, so we're going to be trimming things here and there until we can maintain a constant, reasonable level of usage. Please note that Fuitad is NOT forcing us to do anything, on the contrary, he's being incredibly gracious in...
1) Hosting us for free.
2) Not getting upset over the bandwidth spike we're having.
3) Not forcing us to remove files.
The decision to cut things back is our decision and ours alone. Any complaints should be addressed to me and me only. Do not flame Fuitad.
Now, on a slightly lighter note, here's me pointing out the stupidity of what happened over the last hour.
""Hey George, TDA just removed a file I like of their own free will.""
""You know what we should do Bob?""
""What George?""
""We should flame their webhost, call him bad names, and just generally try to annoy him.""
""Wow! That's a good idea! Because if we get the webhost really mad for no fault of his own and make TDA a burden for him, then good things will happen.""
""Yep, they sure will.""

The moral of the story: Don't complain to Fuitad. What Tyler meant in his post down below is that if you enjoy TDA, and want to donate money to the gracious guy who hosts us and puts up with who knows how much stuff from us, then do so. However, monetary donations are not some way to ""get Fuitad to give TDA more bandwidth/space"" because he already gives us everything we want/need for free. Do it because you want to support FuitadNet and everything he gives to us and you for free. We at Toonami: Digital Arsenal owe him more than you can possibly imagine and do not want to cause him headaches by using extreme amounts of bandwidth.

Can 0s and 1s really be THAT entertaining? Posted Friday, April 13, 2001, 6:47PM by TylerL
In the last 24 hours, our bandwidth use DOUBLED.
We can't deal with that, nor can FuitadNET. So, we've trimmed down the biggest bandwidth offender - the Fan Creations section. Gone are the 50MB MPEGs. The QuickTime copies remain though. This should drop our bandwidth usage quite a bit (maybe as much as 50%).

And yes, we know about the new Toonami mini-featurette promo whatchamacallit.
Zogg'll upload it once he finds a remotely suitable source of nutrition.

Update from Zogg: Stop emailing Fuitad. You fail to see the point. He did not force us to take anything down, but out usage has been way up so we made our own decision to pull things down. Again, do NOT email Fuitad. That is all.

18 tracks of sheer brilliance Posted Wednesday, April 11, 2001, 12:48PM by TylerL
"Here's the list of tracks on Toonami: Deep Space Bass...

Track 1: Ignition
Track 2: Gundams Are On Earth
Track 3: Anvil Snare - (remix)
Track 4: Dragon
Track 5: Information Leak
Track 6: Arabic
Track 7: D&B - (remix)
Track 8: Depthcharge
Track 9: Tension
Track 10: Prayer
Track 11: Crashgroove
Track 12: Puff&Bass
Track 13: Darknight
Track 14: Starwind
Track 15: Capslock
Track 16: Broken Promise
Track 17: Walking Stick
Track 18: Spacetime

Thanks to MDawg for the info!

Level 17 Gundam, my entire life." Posted Wednesday, April 11, 2001, 1:17AM by TylerL
"I added a new Gundam model commercial to the Gundam Wing section.
Man, I'm hungry. Pre-order the Toonami CD. Drink your milk. Give us money.

Coming sooner than you think. MUCH sooner...I better pre-order a copy right now. Posted Monday, April 9, 2001, 4:32PM by TylerL
"The official Toonami soundtrack will be coming out this May!

I have some information on the Toonami soundtrack. The Toonami soundtrack
will be titled: ""Deep Space Bass: Toonami / TV O.S.T."" It is targeted
to come out in stores, May 15, 2001. The price range varies but it is
targeted to be $13.98. I found some of this

BIG thanks to Jordan C. for the news!

It's that time again! Posted Sunday, April 8, 2001, 10:36PM by Pepito
"Once again it's time for this month's edition of ""Ask Pepito."" I got some WEIRD emails this month, but after some sorting I managed to answer a few and get it up on the web. Remember everybody, send me your Toonami and Action Toon related questions. Now then, use your pitiful excuse for a brain to send the electro-chemical stimuli to your hand that will result in clicking on ""Rants"" and then ""Ask Pepito.""

Who would have thought the nuclear reactor of an interstellar starship would be so much fun? ^_^ Posted Thursday, April 5, 2001, 11:37AM by TylerL
"Wondering where the Toonami Reactor promos are?
They'll be starting this coming monday.
You can't wait that long?
Ok. We can probably accomidate your impatience.
Have fun ^_^

Update from Tyler thousands of seconds later: I've updated the promo with a mugh higher quality copy. Oh, and here's a mini-FAQ...
...If that Reactor promo won't air until Monday, how did you get a copy of it?
...Wouldn't YOU like to know...

Also, I killed the counter for the time being. I don't like it saying ""three hundred"" instead of ""five hundred billion"". That is all. [click].

It is time! Posted Monday, April 2, 2001, 12:01AM by TylerL
"...Did you all enjoy my little April Fool's Day prank? (See it here, archived for your enjoyment).
Oh yeah...There's still the matter of that music video I first hinted at back in October (or was it September?). It took me about 8 months of off-and-on work from conception to completion, but it's finished and ready for your ultra-bandwidth consuming happiness.
It's in the Features section. Or, for those of you who don't like navigating through directories, here's a direct link.
Finally...it's done! I will have a life again!
...No. No I won't. Sigh...

Update from Zogg about 15 minutes later: With all the work Tyler put into this video and all the hype he tried to build up, I don't think he gave it the proper debut. Anyway, here it is:
Tyler's video is up! That's right, the fruit of his labor has been compressed to all sorts of video formats, and now you, too can have your very own copy! All you need to do is go over to the Kryptonite section of the features page and download a copy for yourself. It looks awesome and quite professional if I may say so myself. Later.

Update from Tyler about 16 hours later: I didn't feel like overshadowing my music video, so I've made another Sub-update. (These are fun ^_^ )
The Big O opening and another promo are in the Big O section.
I'm late to work. Buh-bye.