April 2002

I like drowning the red ones. Posted Tuesday, April 30, 2002, 5:34PM by TylerL
"The first GameCube game review aired yesterday. Pikmin got a 9 out of 10.

Update from Zogg much later: I adjusted that image. The right aligned image pouring into the post below this one seemed... odd.
Update from Tyler all the way from the year 2000: ...yet strangely accurate? :p

Did you guys die again? Posted Monday, April 29, 2002, 8:31PM by TylerL
"Updates might be few and far between for the next week or two.
Zogg and I have finals week approaching rather quickly and we'll be insanely busy getting final projects together and studying for final tests. Right now, I'm taking time out of working on a 3D animation to write this thingy. I haven't been home since 9 this morning when I left for school then went to my old high school to work on a retirement video.
Zogg's most likely busy learning Quantam Perl or something complicated like that.
We know about the Pikmin review. We'll work on getting it later.
Update from Zogg One Hour Later: Actually, finals week is right now. Things are a bit hectic at the moment, so don't expect much from me. (No, not Quantam Perl. Just linear circuits, assembly language, mosfets, bipolar junction transistors, fourier transforms, laplace transforms, peripheral interfacing, etc.) In fact... I haven't watching Toonami in 2 weeks. Whoa....

Anyone have 512MB of PC100 SDRAM or a 80GB 7200RPM IDE or SCSI drive or an un-pierced eMate video ribbon cable to donate to my cause? Posted Tuesday, April 23, 2002, 9:05PM by TylerL
"I made a small update to the FAQ about Adult Swim files. Go read now.
...also, I updated the Toonami ""Dreams"" video with a much prettier copy.

Run. While you still can. Posted Thursday, April 18, 2002, 7:27PM by TylerL
"Nemalki of CNX: Toonami discovered that Toonami's third hour will return on June 3rd!
...this means that Zoids and...Hamtaro will be part of Toonami.
Now, many people have already started one-man riots, but I'm too horrified by the hamsters' cuteness to make a decision. One thing's for sure...
This will be the next PokÈmon.
The characters are just too appealing to be ignored by the kids of the world. I'm not going to make a complete decision on the show until I see it, but the Japanese intro has me paralyzed by their cuteness. It's in the Almost Toonami section for those brave souls who think they can handle it.
Update from Zogg 90 hours later: I feel so dirty having that on a server I administer... I can only imagine how the harddrive feels...
Update from Tyler 8 hours later: Yeah, but I had to have it on MY hard drive too! ...Not to mention the fact that Drano STILL won't dissolve the cuteness that clogged up my cable modem!

This is the Subject to the news post. The actual post immediately follows. Posted Wednesday, April 17, 2002, 2:54AM by TylerL
"Two additions:
#1: The new T'Cats promo. A quick, 15 second run-through.
#2: We now have the Tenchi Muyo! GXP opening! It's in the Almost Toonami section. Once this show gets a good run in Japan, chances are very high that it'll make its way overseas and possibly on Toonami or ASA.
Thanks to Mark Clifton of Washu.org and Simeon for the clip!

Mobile Suit Gundam to return to Cartoon Network! Posted Tuesday, April 16, 2002, 2:31AM by TylerL
"...and you all thought CN forgot about it...
Starting June 8th at Midnight eastern time, Mobile Suit Gundam will air on Adult Swim Action!
Many attempts to bring it back before had failed, but it seems to have finally found its home on Adult Swim replacing Tenchi Muyo! after a schedule shuffle.
Set your VCRs now!
Thank the guys at Cartoon Network for listening to the fans! Don't ever say they don't care!
...in other schedule news...
Max Steel and Classic Zoids (Chaotic Century) will air immediately after the current Toonami Super Saturday block also starting June 8th. It's not known if they will be part of Toonami or generic CN just yet, though.
PowerPuff Girls will air on Toonami in June to build up more hype for the PPG movie out on July 3rd.
Sailor Moon will air at 3:30pm eastern in June, followed by Hamtaro at 4 and Zoids (/ZERO) at 4:30.
More as it develops (I've always wanted to say that ^_^)
‹ber-thanks to Matt ""I know more than you"" Wilson for the info.

GRRR.... I NEED MORE RAM! Posted Monday, April 15, 2002, 5:37PM by TylerL
I added the new (sorta) Thundercats intro to the T'cats section.

Trumped! Posted Tuesday, April 9, 2002, 8:34PM by Zogg
"I just replaced the Japanese Outlaw Star intro with a no-credit version sent to us courtesy of Sphroth. I've had this thing for months and just kept forgetting to recompress and upload it. All well, works now. Hooray!

You? Here? How? Posted Tuesday, April 9, 2002, 6:05PM by TylerL
"Thundercats will return to Toonami next week at 5!
See the new promo in the Thundercats Download section!
(It looks like Tenchi in Tokyo will be cut short again, unfortunately.)
I also replaced the new Toonami opening with an ¸ber-high quality version. Download, be merry.

Woo-hoo! Posted Monday, April 8, 2002, 5:49PM by TylerL
"There's a new Toonami opening...and it looks GREAT!
Go download it in the New Toonami Downloads Section!
Update by Tyler about an hour later: ...and there's an Xbox review too! DOA3, Oddworld and Gotham Racing were reviewed (I guess they couldn't get a Halo review past the censors or something...).

...but Tyler, will they do a GameCube review too?
Most likely. Probably tomorrow or next week or next month or something. They already have a web review up...and it got 10 out of 10 :)

You want content, eh?" Posted Saturday, April 6, 2002, 3:00AM by TylerL
"Ugh. It's 3am.
Instead of polishing up the New Downloads section (with some high-grade sandpaper) or searching my iMovie Tray for that old MSG/Reactor Model Contest Promo or writing rants that should've been written a year ago, or anything else that would make you relentless leeches less disgruntled (...and I say it with love! ^_^ )
I got sick of testing Mozilla 0.9.9 in Mac OS X (new window generation is too slow, non-Quartz rendering, Tabs aren't sophisticated enough, etc), so here's a stupid news update about the Anime character we all know and love so much...

Rini from Sailor Moon.

Call her Chibi-Usa, call her ""Small Lady"", call her the physical embodiment of all that is evil in the world, you gotta admit she's too cute for her own good. A good kick into the Stratosphere'll fix that.
...or even a run-in with a commuter train.
That's where The Chibi Project shines like a bright, blinding, supernova of figurine destruction.
See a little Chibi-Usa PVC figurine endure torture that no blob of plastic should ever have inflicted on itself.
...and laugh. Laugh until you gasp for breath after a 90 second interval of non-stop exhaling-type laughter.
See that picture on the right? That's what happens in mid-June after your hard drive crashes making you lose 3 years of misc. stuff right at the same time your website disappears off the face of the globe for a month. My first colorization ever. (Well, technically, the second.) Joy.

Sugar what now? Posted Friday, April 5, 2002, 4:32PM by Zogg
"I just finished up end of month accounting, this month's report can be found here. Big thanks to this month's donator, he's been a tremendous help keeping us afloat! You'll notice that the donate-o-meter already shows some monetary influx for the month. That's thanks to a few donations that came in after last month's bill but before I got off my lazy butt and tallied things up.
That's all I have for now. Tyler and I should find some new content. Or something.

Now we have to top this... Posted Monday, April 1, 2002, 10:48PM by Zogg
"Just to quell all the questions regarding today's incident: (At least the ones I've seen in emails, message boards, etc)
1) Yes, it was an April Fool's joke.
2) No, we're not really hosted by a company called ""NetHopper."" We made them up and decided to lead into the joke by talking about NetHopper last week in regard to our bandwidth. We're actually hosted by a company called RackShack, a very awesome web host.
3) Tyler and I came up with the prank together. We're very cruel and heartless pranksters.
4) The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a real law here in the United States regarding copyright infringement. It is, however, quite draconian and not well thought out. Check out http://www.anti-dmca.com/ for [biased] information regarding this law. (Section 512 is the section pertaining to web hosting companies being required to remove material upon request.)
5) For those of you who sent emails to support@nethopper.dhs.org, don't worry... we have copies... (Mailbag anyone?)
6) Pepito didn't know, either. (We thought it would be funnier to leave one staff member out of the loop.)
7) If you're angry that the site was down for a whole day and you couldn't download your favorite files: Laugh a little. It's funny!

That should just about cover things. Hope everyone enjoyed the little joke as much as we did.
Update from Zogg: Tyler added today's April Fools intro to the download section, and I've added the ending. Download, enjoy, etc.
Update from Tyler: Mailbag III is online! See some of the E-mails from the gullible and overly-fanatical. I added my stuff, and Zogg should have some more tender juicy bits online tomorrow or soon after. Have fun :)