April 2004

DBZ Continues (for Atari) Posted Friday, April 30, 2004, 12:35PM by TylerL
"Gaming giant Atari has announced three new games using the Dragonball license currently in production: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 for the Playstation2, Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors for the Game Boy Advance, and Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, also for the GBA. The first two are assumed to be fighting games, while ""Buu's Fury"" is listed as a role-playing game. All three are expected to be released sometime this year.

The full article can be read here.

Source: Gamespot.com

Ceci n'est pas une update (again) Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 12:36PM by TylerL
"No new files, but I'm very happy right now and want to show off my newest triumph:

meddur=`./qt_info ""$1"" | grep ""media duration"" | awk '{ print $5 "" "" }' | head -n 1`
medsam=`./qt_info ""$1"" | grep ""media sample count"" | awk '{ print $6 "" "" }' | head -n 1`
framerate=`echo $medsam / $meddur | bc -l`

./mp4creator -rate=$framerate -c=$1 $2 -optimize
./ffmpeg -i ""$1"" -acodec copy ""$2"".mp3
audfile=`echo $2.mp3`
open -a ""/Applications/QuickTime Player.app"" $2
open -a ""/Applications/QuickTime Player.app"" $audfile

/usr/bin/osascript -l AppleScript -e ""tell application \""QuickTime Player\"""" -e \
""select all movie \""$2\"""" -e ""copy movie \""$2\"""" -e ""add movie \""$audfile\"""" -e \
""set current time of movie \""$audfile\"" to 0"" -e ""save movie \""$audfile\"""" -e ""end tell""

A cookie for whoever figures out what it does.
Update by Tyler not yesterday: It's a direct stream ripper/muxer to take DivX videos and play them in QuickTime without 3ivx or any ffmpeg-based codecs. Here's the binary collection for anyone who wants to try it out:
Divx2mp4 - Mac OS X 10.2 or higher (I think) and QuickTime Pro.
Usage: navigate to directory containing divx2mp4, then:
% ./divx2mp4 [divxfile] [outputfile]
Make sure [outputfile] is in the same folder as divx2mp4 (don't do full directory path).
QuickTime will probably whine about video corruption, but it'll be fine after the first few frames.
No warranty, no guarantees, your house WILL burn down if you use this code.

Toonami Saturday hits big with Tweens, Teens" Posted Tuesday, April 20, 2004, 3:00PM by TylerL
"Deep from the Belly of the Beast:

The Saturday night premiere of Cartoon Network’s signature action-adventure franchise Toonami (7-11 p.m.) drove delivery and ratings of targeted tween boys 9-14 (360,000/2.8) and teen boys 12-17 (172,000/1.4).  The four-hour block of high-octane animé and Western animation series ranked #1 in its time period among these select demos.

This bodes well for Toonami, and it can only get better as new series such as Megas XLR and Rave Master premiere alongside new episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho and many others.

Thanks to Livingfruitvirus for the tip.

...anyone got the original Reign and Kikaider intros? Posted Tuesday, April 20, 2004, 8:52AM by TylerL
"I added all four Gundam SEED intros on Sunday, but forgot to tell anyone.
Everybody should go get them.
Except Knux.
Update by Tyler 15 minutes later: Articles like this make me happy. H.264 represent, yo.

Holla! Posted Saturday, April 17, 2004, 7:20PM by TylerL
Look for updates through out the night.
Toonami '04 Intro
Duel Masters Toonami '04 Intro
Bionicle Mask of Light Intro
Gundam SEED Short Promo
Jackie Chan Adventures Promo
Megas XLR First Promo
Jackie Chan Adventures Toonami Intro
Megas XLR Second Promo
Yu Yu Hakusho '04 Promo
Yu Yu Hakusho Toonami '04 Intro
DBZ: Lord Slug Movie Promo
Jackie Chan Adventures section created/populated
Megas XLR section created/populated
DBGT '04 Promo
DBGT Toonami '04 Intro
Gundam SEED Toonami Intro
Gundam SEED section created/populated
Toonami '04 Packaging Hodgepodge
TOM3+ Toonami material split to new Toonami section

It is now bedtime.
Enjoy the Toonami goodness.

Toonami Relaunches Today Posted Saturday, April 17, 2004, 1:13AM by meteo
"We've been reporting about the upcoming changes for awhile, but now the day has arrived. 7.0 PM tonight Toonami relaunches with a new look, new shows and a new focus. Considering those three factors, there may not have been a better time in recent Toonami history to introduce new viewers to the block. Now is the time to inform everyone you know, especially those in the teen demographic. The best way to convince Cartoon Network that Toonami's new focus can work is encourage those in the target demographic to watch.

The effort to get the get the word out and hype our favorite block is occuring across the fandom. TylerL will be working hard to upload all of tonight's new material at Toonami: Digital Arsenal. The TICA Toonami Forum has changed its look for the first time to mark the occasion. Toon Zone has a story on the premiere of Gundam SEED. The X Bridge and Toonami: Absolution Next will likely have updates as well.

Toonami is about to herald the beginning of a new age. TICA is pulling out all the stops. Now it is just up to you to watch and help spread the word. Witness the rebirth of a legend, tonight. For the schedule and tonight's highlights click ""Read More""

The Revolution Will Be Televised.

Along with Toonami's own relaunch this evening we will see the debut of the latest Gundam series out of Japan, Gundam SEED. Tonight also features the Toonami debut of Jackie Chan Adventures, the return of Duel Masters to the block and the television premiere of Bionicle: Mask of Light. Finally, while Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragonball GT may be repeats, they are both leading into new episodes in early May.

Saturday, April 17th - All Times Eastern

7.0 PM - Duel Masters - ""Wok on the Wild Side""
7.5 PM - Toonami In-Flight Movie - ""Bionicle: Mask of Light""
9.0 PM - Jackie Chan Adventures - ""The Dark Hand""
9.5 PM - Yu Yu Hakusho - ""Overcoming Grief""
10.0 PM - Dragonball GT - ""The Fall of the Saiyans""
10.5 PM - Gundam SEED - ""False Peace""

Brokken Posted Saturday, April 17, 2004, 12:36AM by TylerL
"Just a friendly reminder:
By now, you should have told everybody in the tri-county area about Toonami Saturday (7-11pm est) and have made sure they agreed to watch it.
And every subsequent airing every Saturday from now on.
That is all.
Look for updates like thunder tonight as I convert all the cool new stuff from the airwaves to the...uh...wirepulses.
Update by Tyler an hour later: Pokémon 3: The Movie intro now online. Enjoy.

May 1st Schedule Revealed Posted Wednesday, April 14, 2004, 11:34PM by meteo
"We knew April, we knew most of May, but now the gap has been filled with the May 1st schedule becoming available. The big event for that day is the hour-long launch of Cartoon Network's newest series Megas XLR. Due to this, Yu Yu Hakusho will have the week off. However, we will also see the debut of Dragonball GT Season 2 and another new Gundam SEED episode. Finally, the night's movie will be Samurai Jack: The Trilogy. To see the full schedule click ""Read More""

May 1st

7.0 PM - Duel Masters - ""???""
7.5 PM - Toonami In-Flight Movie - ""Samurai Jack: The Trilogy""
9.0 PM - Megas XLR - ""Test Drive""
9.5 PM - Megas XLR - ""Battle Royal: Most Dangerous Game""
10.0 PM - Dragonball GT - ""Collapse From Within""
10.5 PM - Gundam SEED - ""Collapsing Land""

Server Work Posted Wednesday, April 14, 2004, 11:21PM by Zogg
"I've been doing some server maintence for the past hour or so, and may continue until 8pm EST. If you are having trouble with your downloads being cut off during that time, sorry about that...
Update by Tyler 10 minutes later:...but you didn't pay for the premium service, so too bad. :p

Strange Teaser Image. [gasp] What does it MEAN?!? Posted Wednesday, April 14, 2004, 7:09PM by TylerL

Why am I still awake? Posted Wednesday, April 14, 2004, 3:34AM by TylerL
"Gundam SEED promos are airing during Adult Swim Weekdays.
The First Promo is in the Newest Downloads bar.
There's a long promo in the wild, too. I'll see what i can do about that tomorrow. (and make the SEED section sometime also.)
Update by Tyler after sleep: Hey, did I ever mention that I updated the Rants section?
It looks much nicer now. Newer articles are up at the top now too.
New Rant will be coming within a week or so.
About Otakos :D

Are you hacking into the CIA again? / ""Yeah. There are a few more people I still have to off.""" Posted Sunday, April 11, 2004, 3:56AM by TylerL
4.2 new files for your downloading enjoyment:
Transformers Energon Toonami Intro
Pokémon 3: The Movie Promo
Toonami '04 30 Second Promo
Bionicle: Mask of Light Promo
SVES Hodgepodge updated again

Toonami Saturday Schedule Revealed Posted Thursday, April 8, 2004, 2:22AM by meteo
"Cartoon Network's Toonami block is reconfirmed as airing from 7.0 to 11.0 PM.  The schedule was revealed today and featured shows the first Saturday are Duel Masters, the Toonami premiere of Jackie Chan Adventures, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragonball GT and the world dub premiere of Gundam SEED.  The movie Bionicle: Mask of Light will also air and Cartoon Network original series Megas XLR is expected to debut May 1st.The schedule for April 17th is as follows:

7.0 - Duel Masters - ""???""
7.5 - Toonami In-Flight Movie - ""Bionicle: Mask of Light""
9.0 - Jackie Chan Adventures - ""The Dark Hand""
9.5 - Yu Yu Hakusho - ""Overcoming Grief""
10.0 - Dragonball GT - ""The Fall of the Saiyans""
10.5 - Gundam SEED - ""False Peace""

[Source: Zap2it]

3 minutes to respond, 20 to walk." Posted Tuesday, April 6, 2004, 3:27PM by TylerL
"I updated the SVES Hodgepodge with a bumper I missed. (Check in the Toonami Section, soon to be the...uh...whatever the TOM3 and above section will be called).
Thanks to Daikun for the sleuthing.

For dessert, may I recommend the ass whooping?" Posted Monday, April 5, 2004, 12:22PM by Andromaton
"It really is quite tasty. JJc14 has finished compiling the lists, crunching the numbers and and the crowd has cleared a path. Parts 3 and 4 are now online. Enjoy that which is TI - The Infolink Recommends.

[M-R] and [S-Z]

Click Read more for a special note from JJc14.

Credits/Thanks from JJc14

I'm not really good at this, because I'm always afraid I'll end up overlooking something major, but there's no way I can take all this praise that's been aimed in my direction over the past week or so without mentioning those who helped out.

First off, I'd like to specially thank each person that submitted comments. This was a community project, and as such, could never have gotten off the ground if not for those who contributed. It was great to have such a mix of writing styles from the different sources, which I believe definitely helped to give the overall feature a distinct ""rub"" from the Infolink message board, preventing one person's views from being dominant and making the whole thing come off as unique. In no particular order:

- Tempest
- Green-Bird
- Spookmonkey/Androspook/Andromaton
- TheWorldWeKnow
- AdmiralGreer
- Zechs
- Force-Attuned_Krogoth
- John_Bono_Smithy_Satchmo
- Nobuyuki

I'd also like to thank those who helped with the organization and presentation of the finished product for their contributions and assistance outside of what I asked for:

- dougisfunny
- Androspook/Andromaton
- Nobuyuki
- TylerL
- FinalDivineDragoon
- Force-Attuned_Krogoth

Of course, I gotta thank TylerL and Zogg for housing this thing and allowing for the level of freedom I get around here, especially when it seems I'm bugging Tyler about something on a monthly basis as of late...

Finally, a very special thanks to all who have shown interest at any part of this project. If anyone actually gets any use out of this thing, then I'm more than happy to have organized it.

now enough of this sentimental stuff...i need a vacation...

''Astro Boy'' Season 2 on Toonami in June Posted Monday, April 5, 2004, 9:45AM by meteo
"Sega was previously planning to release Astro Boy games for the Gameboy Advance and Playstation 2 in the upcoming months, but those have now been delayed. Instead, they will now be shipped in August or September to build off of the premiere of the next season of Astro Boy on Toonami in June. The first 12 Astro Boy episodes aired on Toonami in June.

For commentary click ""Read More""

[Source: Yahoo! Games Domain]

While initially Kids WB tried to create a lot of hype for Astro Boy, the network seemed to quickly lose interest. Only 3 episodes premiered on Saturday mornings and there are no known plans at the moment for the show to return to that line-up. Instead, Kids WB will run Astro Boy episodes that have premiered on Toonami for a couple weeks in the afternoons.

While this may be wishful thinking, if the primary outlet for Astro Boy becomes Toonami instead of Kids WB, perhaps Sony will edit future episodes more in line with Toonami standards. The episodes on Kids WB currently have changed music, a changed aspect ratio and content edits. Compared to other Toonami fare, the show is not all that violent and thus Astro Boy could potentially run uncut on Toonami.

Trunks' Brief Reappearance Is This Week Posted Monday, April 5, 2004, 1:20AM by meteo
"Toonami's ""Dragonball Chronicles"" schedule continues this week. While Dragonball and Dragonball GT continue from last Thursday, Dragonball Z skips ahead to the Trunks Saga this week. In addition, the last three DBZ episodes this week will feature Trunks vs. Cell.

[Source: Toonami]

I NEED 160 SPIDERS. Posted Sunday, April 4, 2004, 1:19PM by TylerL
"Pokémon 2000 Intro and Energon Marathon Promo added.
Also, thanks to FantoFan.com, we now have the Japanese intros for Micron Legends and Superlink and the Ending to Superlink too.
Go check them out in the TF: Armada section and the brand-new Energon section.