April 2005

Reboot Hits the Web, Enzo refused comment." Posted Wednesday, April 13, 2005, 4:07PM by Andromaton
"Mainframe Entertainment announced today that the veteran Toonami favorite Reboot will be available for download. Episodes of Reboot seasons 3 and 4 are online right now for download from CinemaNow, unfortunately for those of us who are so very poor, it is not a free service (through it does have a 7 day trial period). It's not clear if the first two seasons will be added at a later date. Prices are as follows: Stream Price: $4.99; Download Rental Price: $4.99; Download Rental Price: $2.99; Download To Own Price: $9.99


FRIDAYS, TOONAMI and MIGUZI Franchises Continue Double-Digit Growth at CN" Posted Tuesday, April 12, 2005, 6:27PM by Nobuyuki
"DC Comics-based Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans Top TOONAMI and MIGUZI Original Programming

With continued growth in overall kids’ total day and prime time delivery and ratings, Cartoon Network’s three key programming franchises—FRIDAYS, TOONAMI and MIGUZI—each earned powerful double-digit delivery and ratings growth among their key demos, according to Nielsen Media Research. All three programming blocks also feature original programming, including Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited, which have proven to be reliable anchors for specifically targeted demos.

(Click ""Read More"" for Toonami and Miguzi ratings highlights for last week)

TOONAMI (Saturday, 7-11 p.m.)

* Tweens 9-14 delivery (492,000) surged ahead by 21% and ratings (2.0) by 18%.

Justice League Unlimited (Saturday, 7 p.m.)

* Tweens 9-14 delivery (442,000) grew by 28% and ratings (1.8) by 29%.

MIGUZI (Monday-Sunday, 5-7 p.m.)

* Kids 6-11 delivery (564,000) expanded by 32% and ratings (2.3) by 28%.
* Kids 2-11 delivery (925,000) jumped by 43% and ratings (2.3) by 44%.

Teen Titans (Monday-Sunday, 6:30 p.m.)

* Kids 6-11 delivery (678,000) increased by 32% and ratings (2.8) by 33%.
* Kids 2-11 delivery (1,118,000) improved by 45% and ratings (2.8) by 40%.

Cartoon Network, currently seen in 87.8 million U.S. homes and 160 countries around the world, is Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.’s 24-hour, ad-supported cable service offering the best in animated entertainment.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, is a major producer of news and entertainment product around the world and the leading provider of programming for the basic cable industry.

RATING PERIOD: 4/04/05-4/10/05

Make it stop :( Posted Sunday, April 10, 2005, 2:09PM by TylerL
"New Naruto intro and ending in Japan a few days ago.
...but you really don't want them.
Naruto Intro 6
Naruto Ending 9

The intro is boring and poorly done. A very Viewtiful Joe-esque intro.
...and my sources for the ending both had problems, so this one doesn't have the right framerate.
See? You really don't want to download them from me. It's not worth the bandwidth...
Thanks to gfpaperboy22 for deliberately sabotaging April by pointing out new, pertinent stuff.

Windmill, Windmill for the land. Learn forever hand in hand." Posted Saturday, April 9, 2005, 10:14PM by TylerL
One Piece premieres in two weeks.
One Piece First Promo
One Piece Short Promo

Watch it.

The Batman TOONAMI Premiere Continues Ratings Power of DC Heroes Posted Thursday, April 7, 2005, 6:50PM by Nobuyuki
"Target Kids Delivery at Cartoon Network Garners 14th Straight Week of Double-Digit Growth
Release Date: 4/5/2005

Red-Hot FRIDAYS and TOONAMI Earn Triple-Digit Delivery, Ratings Gains

Launching into its fourth month of double-digit ratings and delivery growth among its key kids demos, Cartoon Network this week boasted kids’ total day and prime time performances continuing their upward trajectories across the board, according to Nielsen Media Research. Among its standouts, the network’s signature franchise programming—FRIDAYS (Friday, 7 p.m.-12 a.m.), TOONAMI (Saturday, 7-11 p.m.) and MIGUZI (Monday-Sunday, 5-7 p.m.)—all scored triple and double-digit gains among their respective target demos. And the Saturday night premiere of The Batman (8:30 p.m.) proved the dark knight’s continuing strength among tween viewers, charting strong triple-digit growth among the 9-14-year-old audience.

(Click ""Read More"" for the highlights of both Toonami and The Batman ’s performance vs. the same time period last year)

TOONAMI (Saturday, 7-11 p.m.)
* Tweens 9-14 delivery (488,000) improved by 94% and ratings (2.0) by 100%.
* Kids 6-11 delivery (589,000) leaped by 67% and ratings (2.4) by 60%.

The Batman (Saturday, 8:30 p.m.)
* Tweens 9-14 delivery (422,000) and ratings both surged by 143%.
* Kids 6-11 delivery (591,000) catapulted by 84% and ratings (2.4) by 85%.

Cartoon Network, currently seen in 87.8 million U.S. homes and 160 countries around the world, is Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.’s 24-hour, ad-supported cable service offering the best in animated entertainment.

Posted Monday, April 4, 2005, 11:52PM by TylerL" Posted Monday, April 4, 2005, 11:52PM by TylerL
"Here's that Episodic Zatch Bell Promo you're all freaking out about.

Walgreens in Chicago sells candy toothbrushes. Posted Saturday, April 2, 2005, 10:22PM by TylerL
"The Batman premiered today.
The Batman Mini Toonami Intro
...also, Tony Stewart tells you to drive fast.
...and Batman wouldn't be Batman if he did nothing.

Official Press Release: 'IGPX' TV series details announced (now with linkage!) Posted Friday, April 1, 2005, 11:24PM by Nobuyuki
"Cartoon Network and Production I.G. Join Forces for First Toonami Original Series

Today at the 2005 Tokyo Anime Fair in Japan, Cartoon Network unveiled the highly anticipated new series, IGPX. Cartoon Network has been pioneer in bringing popular Japanese animation to the U.S., expanding the fan base further than ever expected. Now, Cartoon Network leads the pack once again by partnering with acclaimed animation studio, Production I.G. and Bandai Entertainment to produce IGPX, an original series for Toonami, the Cartoon Network action programming block that first brought animé to wide audiences in the U.S.

IGPX will combine the talents of both Cartoon Network and Production I.G., establishing a new production paradigm. Blending the quality and style of animé with Western storytelling, IGPX will be the first instance of a U.S. cable network working directly with a Japanese animation studio to create an original series. The new original series that uses both traditional and CGI animation will debut in Fall 2005 during Toonami, currently #1 in the U.S. with boys 9-14 and 12-17 for 2005 to date.

“Toonami brought Japanese animation to a new generation of fans in the U.S., showcasing popular animé series like Dragonball Z, The Big O and Yu Yu Hakusho,†said Jim Samples, executive vice president and general manager for Cartoon Network. “Now, Toonami is the first to team up with one of the most respected and well-known animation studios in Japan, Production I.G., with a new approach on production, setting the stage for future co-productions.â€

“I am very honored for Production I.G. to collaborate with Cartoon Network, and for our show to be broadcast on the world’s largest animation network, viewed in 160 countries. This co-production relationship with Cartoon Network is what truly motivated our staff to create such an amazing piece of work,†said Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, president of Production I.G.

Production I.G., internationally recognized for creating high-quality animation, including well known properties like Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL and the animé sequences in Kill Bill Vol.1, brings their stylish vision to IGPX. Cartoon Network first partnered with Production I.G. in 2002 to produce five 5-minute episodes of IGPX for an on-air Toonami event in 2003.

(Click ""Read More"" for a story overview and more producer comments, along with a link to an interview at Aintitcool.com)

In IGPX, the year is 2048 and the “IGPX†has become the world’s most-popular sport. It’s so big that an entire city was built for the racing industry where competitions take place on a huge, 60-mile track called “The Big Eye.†In the “Immortal Grand Prix,†two teams of three Mechs, high-tech fighting machines driven by humans, race at speeds greater than 350 mph. Team Satomi, a crew of amateur pilots, has just won a minor-league championship, vaulting them into the sport’s highest level, the IG-1. Now, the untested rookies of Team Satomi must overcome impossible odds and beat the world’s most skilled and ruthless pilots in the planet’s biggest event, the “Immortal Grand Prix.â€

Mitsuru Hongo, director of IGPX said, “I have never been involved in anything in the past where I wished for everyone to watch it so badly. We are all trying very hard to make this the most entertaining animation ever. We will let the audience make the judgment on how different this is from anything else. The story gets more interesting as the season progresses, so I hope everyone stays tuned in to watch more IGPX!â€

Bandai Entertainment has also teamed-up with Cartoon Network and Production I.G. to produce IGPX. “This exciting collaboration between Cartoon Network and Production I.G. features an awesome array of Hollywood voice talent and stylized music from Ninja Tune. I’m truly excited that Bandai Entertainment can play a role in what is sure to be an ‘Anime Dream Team,’†said Ken Iyadomi, Executive Vice President of Bandai Entertainment. Bandai Entertainment, a long-time partner with Cartoon Network and its effort to bring Japanese animation to U.S. audiences, will serve as the licensing partner for IGPX.

Production I.G, Inc. is one of the largest and most successful Japanese animation studios. Established in 1987 by Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, the company has produced a variety of cutting edge animation titles including Ghost in the Shell, JIN-ROH, Blood: The Last Vampire, Kill Bill Vol. 1 (animation scenes), Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd GIG. An overseas subsidiary and a full time staff of over 200 animators and producers meet the international creative community’s demands. Production I.G provides superior quality animation to the global audience.

Bandai Entertainment Inc. is the premier distributor of Japanese animation on DVD home video and leading Japanese animated licensed programming for television broadcast distribution in North America. Bandai Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Bandai America Inc. In addition to toys and children's entertainment, Bandai Co.'s global interests include video game software, multimedia, music and full-length feature films, vending machines, trading cards, candies, and licensed apparel. Additional company and product information is available at www.bandai-ent.com.

Cartoon Network (CartoonNetwork.com), currently seen in 87.6 million U.S. homes and 160 countries around the world, is Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.’s ad-supported cable service offering the best in original, acquired and classic animated entertainment for kids and families. Overnight from 11 p.m.-6 a.m. (ET, PT), Cartoon Network shares its channel space with Adult Swim, a late-night destination showcasing original and acquired animation for young adults 18-34.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, is a major producer of news and entertainment product around the world and the leading provider of programming for the basic cable industry.

Added 04/08/2005:
Ain't It Cool News now has an interview with the producers of IGPX with some surprising cast news...

Another month, another terabyte." Posted Friday, April 1, 2005, 12:58AM by TylerL
"I promised you a bombshell, so here it is:
Lockdown Phase II
Go get it while you can.
Update by KTE c/o Tyler on not April 1st: That Lockdown 2 thing had to be the most dumbest thing I have EVER seen! I hope to GOD that was your April Fools joke because if Toonami put that on I would of quit watching it. Next year, do something ALOT better this this