May 2001

...Where'd THIS one come from?!? Posted Thursday, May 31, 2001, 3:03AM by TylerL
"I somehow fould an old tape lying around from my house circa 1998 with some miscellaneous Cartoon Network stuff on it.
I've added a new (well, actually old) promo to the Robotech section.
Sometime tomorrow I'll probably put together a small Superfriends section with the new stuff I got.
...or just play with my DVD player schedued to arrive tomorrow...
Update from Tyler one minute later: Hey! It IS tomorrow already! Woo hoo!

YES! WE HAVE IT! STOP TELLING US ABOUT IT! Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2001, 9:32PM by TylerL
"Wow. That script thingy Zogg made works really well.
Thanks to Trevor McManus and dozens of other people soon after, we now have the Cardcaptors promo that aired on Toonami!
It, along with the Cardcaptor/CCS openings and a special suprise are in the newly-made Cardcaptors section.
Download. Be merry/frightened/angry/indifferent.
Update from Tyler: I've been getting some E-Mails from people angry or confused about Cardcaptors becoming an official Toonami show. Well, keep in mind it wasn't entirely Toonami's idea to have Cardcaptors on Cartoon Network. The order came from above them. ...there's more to the story than what is in the public's eye too.
Visit CNX for more info as well as this link to part of Jamie Kellner's ""Master Plan"" for the Turner networks.

Webapp #1 Posted Sunday, May 27, 2001, 5:07AM by Zogg
"If you look above you here on the main page, you'll see a link called ""Report a Commercial"". This is Webapplication #1. Here's the way it works:
-You see a cool, new thingy on Toonami. (Promo, intro, etc)
-You say ""Whoa! The TDA guys NEED to get that!""
-You click that link and report it to us.
-We look at the submissions and try to find the wicked cool promo on our tapes. (We only tape Toonami, not CN as a whole.)
-We capture and compress the promo, putting it right here for everyone to download.
-We include your email address (first person to submit something we missed gets the kudos) with the update so you can brag to all your friends. (And then get beat up for being a geek like us.)

Well, as you can tell that link up there is kind of ugly, we really should give it a better home. Hmm, I wonder what we could do...

Update from Zogg: Heh, boy do I feel sheepish. I need to clarify a bit: I only keep tapes from Toonami that are 1 week old. (ie, I have a Monday - Friday tape, every Monday I overwrite last Monday.) That means that things from 1999 (like, say... the Lunar Eclipse) or even a few weeks ago (like, say GW Final Countdown) aren't on the tapes. (Although I do wish we hadn't missed the Final Countdown promos.)

PHP and MySQL rule! Posted Saturday, May 26, 2001, 11:06PM by Zogg
"If you look down at our navigation bar, you'll notice we have a counter again! In the quest to find a counter script that won't die miserably, I wrote one myself and am now testing it here. If it works, it stays. If it doesn't work, back to the drawing board. Let's cross our fingers!
Oh yeah, I'll be adding a few other little webapp tidbits to TDA in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for the new stuff.
Update from Tyler: Hey, we hit 200K and nobody told us! Shame on all of you.

Z-Day! Posted Saturday, May 26, 2001, 9:37PM by Zogg
"Well, I was slightly disapointed that both of the selected Z-Day eps were from the new episodes of DBZ, but I have to admit that those are some good episodes! Speaking of Z-Day, I just added the special intro for Z-Day to the DragonBallZ section; you can get it from there. On another note, all of you out there may wish to head over to CNX: Toonami and keep yourselves updated on the status of The Revolution, something big appears to be brewing...

Aww...I can't beat you this time. Posted Thursday, May 24, 2001, 9:56PM by TylerL
"I've added the Trigun opening to the Almost Toonami section. Seems another company has semi-confirmed this for Toonami (makes me kinda suspocious though). Here's a link to TokyoPop about it.
Thanks to Ronin Mecha for the reminder and heads-up.

Shortest Update Ever Posted Tuesday, May 22, 2001, 9:49PM by Zogg
DBZ. 2 new promos. Z-Day/DoubleUp.

If THIS doesn't make you wanna go to an Anime convention, I don't know WHAT will!" Posted Sunday, May 20, 2001, 9:34PM by TylerL
"We've finally completed the epic AnimeCentral 2001 rant. It's in the Rants section where all good rants go. It was written by three insane people at 5am (well, actually, only about half of it was, but it sure reads like it!). Go check it out.

1150 kbps. No more, no less." Posted Sunday, May 20, 2001, 7:51PM by TylerL
"Remember how I wanted to get my hands on a copy of the original Japanese opening of Southern Cross?
Thanks to Nicholas Pappas of Right Step International, we now have a copy of the Southern Cross opening! It's in the Robotech opening. The FAQ has been updated to show this. ^_^
[shameless advertisement] VideoCDs are the greatest way to distribute video of any kind cheaply, quickly, compatiblely (it's not a word. Just play along.) and with high quality. Right Step Fansubs is one of the first fansub distros to use this format. It can be played in almost any computer and DVD player on the market, and can be manufactured cheaply. Right Step Fansubs sells fansub VCDs for $2 each! For any of you who have bought fansubs before, you know this is an incredible price! And thanks to the non-existant generation loss of the digital format, every VCD you get is in pristine condition! No more wavy picture or bleeding colors or unreadable subtitles! Go to Right Step Fansubs today and order stuff! Stuff is good!

Full power restored! Posted Saturday, May 19, 2001, 4:48PM by TylerL
"Our FTP is back up, and we can now update!
I've added an old Sailor Moon: The Lost Episodes promo from Kelsey's tape. It's in the Sailor Moon downloads section.
Updates from me might be a little sparse the next 6 days. My graduation rests on this term paper I'm writing. If I do bad on the paper, I get to be a senior again. Needless to say, I should probably go work on that paper now...

No, we didn't run off with the money." Posted Thursday, May 17, 2001, 2:18PM by TylerL
"Thanks to a ne'er-do-well guy, we were hacked, and all data was thought destroyed.
Luckily, Zogg and Fuitad worked a few dozen man-hours [Fuitad put in a lot more than a few dozen... --Zogg] to get the server back up and were able to save most of the data and secure the server a little better.
We're still getting back on our feet (I don't even think we can upload files yet. Newspro rocks! [One thing at a time --Zogg]), and hope to return to a normal schedule soon.
BTW, buy the Toonami CD. I'll try to put together a full review shortly. (I have a term paper to write that's due in a few days, and I'm not too thrilled about it.) [Heh, sucker, I was done with school 2 weeks ago --Zogg]
Later, and thanks for sticking with us.
Update from Zogg: Just added my tidbits.
Update from Pepito: Honestly people, how do you expect me to enact my plans of global domination if my column and email are down for FOUR days! You will all be properly informed once my plans are complete and my email is in working order again. Until then do not attempt to contact me; you will be shot.

Got soap? Need sleep. Posted Saturday, May 12, 2001, 8:37AM by TylerL
"I just got back from Day 1.5 of AnimeCentral, and I'm friggin' tired.
I've added the English CCS opening, A.K.A. CardCaptors, to the Almost Toonami section.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have two hours to sleep before I go back.
I'll get you people a rant aboot it later this week/day. Buh-bye.

Finally, something useful" Posted Friday, May 11, 2001, 6:57PM by Zogg
"After MANY a submission of a teeny-tiny picture of the Deep Space Bass soundtrack (its just a picture, and everyone got it from the same place...) Mdawg submitted some useful information:
"" Check it out. Even includes a nice, albeit small, pic of the cover. Also check out for a news release with some cool info in it. By the way, my copy that I ordered from CDNow shipped on Wednesday, so hopefully i'll get it sometime early next week. Is this the same for you if you purchased? Well hope this info helps you out.""
Hopefully all of you who preordered will be getting yours soon enough. I still need to order mine. (I knew I forgot something during the hecticness of finals week...)

This is better than the SATs Posted Friday, May 11, 2001, 2:38PM by Pepito
"I've got a little challenge for everyone today. I'm going to tell you that I just finished writing my column, and you're going to have to find it. I know, its hard using that complicated navigation structure found below, but I'm sure at least one of you can do it, and seeing as you're herd animals I will assume that he will teach the others. Everyone have a basic understanding of what's going on? No? Good.
I just finished writing this month's column... Go get it!

Will the real Chris Ely please stand up? Posted Thursday, May 10, 2001, 11:42PM by TylerL
"I've added another Toonami '98 intro to the Toonami Downloads section.
A lot of the clips on the tapes I recieved aren't the best image quality (generation loss'll do that to ya), but they're STILL watchable, and a hell of a lot better than nothing at all, don't you agree?
A word of advice to all you prospective Eva fans out there - don't watch episode 19 while eating.
That is all. [click]

Don't let the past die. Posted Wednesday, May 9, 2001, 9:30PM by TylerL
"Every once in a while, somebody surfaces with some video tapes from the older years of Toonami.
Today's one of those days.
Thanks to Kelsey Poole, I now have two tapes of Toonami circa '98 to sift through!
As of today, I've uploaded one of the 1998 openings to Toonami as well as the original Sailor Moon opening! More to come later in the week!
Also, after years of me searching, ripping, encoding screaming, dubbing, and hitting, Zogg's given me a break and uploaded a GOOD LOOKING copy of the Evangelion opening to the Almost Toonami section. It's a must-download. Go check it out.

Took me long enough Posted Tuesday, May 8, 2001, 11:05PM by Zogg
"Well, after a few weeks of messing around, I finally uploaded a copy of CyberEyeArts' ""Hayami's Isle."" You'll need to be sure you have DivX installed in order to view it, but its definately worth the download.
Nothing left to see here, move along people.

...There was no Monday. Move along... Posted Tuesday, May 8, 2001, 6:34PM by TylerL
"I've added a DBZ20XL promo to the Old DBZ feature.
Go check it out. DBZ20XL was good. Happy fun time, it was. Yes.
You will be witnesses to its happy funness.
Ugh. I've lost the ability to do entertaining update thingys. How embarassing.

Jeez...I make him a nice li'l hate-filled episode compression prototype, and he gives me jack squat!" Posted Sunday, May 6, 2001, 10:38PM by TylerL
I've added another clip to the Old DBZ feature. It's in the features section.
That's your Old DBZ Section update for todaaaaaaaay.
Yay yay yay yay yay.
That's your Old DBZ Section update for todaaay.

Slacker is a relative term. Posted Saturday, May 5, 2001, 7:19PM by TylerL
"Thanks to Skitz from the upcoming ToonamiNET, I got my hands on some old DBZ clips from the Moltar era!
Every day for the next week, I'll be adding more to a special Old DBZ feature I've put together.
Also, Zogg captured that new ""Building You a Better Cartoon Show"" commercial. That's in the Toonami Downloads section, of course.
Don't worry. He'll be cleaning the heck out of his VCR over the Summer.

The time has come Posted Friday, May 4, 2001, 11:34PM by Zogg
"Remember when we posted GW episode 49 and the final episode of SMS for ""a limited time only?"" Well, that time has come. Gundam Wing is a few (4) DVDs away from completion. Since we at TDA are strong supporters of the commercial anime industry, the episodes have been removed so we don't inadvertantly affect sales in some way. That's all I got for now, later.
(Oh yeah, go check out the signatures on that petition. Apparently we're not the only ones frustrated with incompetence. heh)

Here's a post I thought I'd never make Posted Friday, May 4, 2001, 1:54PM by Zogg
"I just added the Card Captor Sakura opening to the Almost Toonami section. (Yes, that felt as weird for me to type as it did for you to read.) You can download it from there. The intro actually isn't half-bad; of course, most Clamp stuff is fairly well drawn. Anyway, download and enjoy. (Shameless, ironic plug: Don't forget to sign our ""Stop Stupid Petitions"" petition download below.)

Stop Ignorance Posted Thursday, May 3, 2001, 10:46PM by Zogg
"Today Tyler and I both got requests to a sign a Toonami related petition (found here) by a person who shall remain nameless. This, honestly, has to be one of the stupidest online petitions I've seen in a LONG time. I was inspired by this ridiculous petition, so I decided to start my own. Enter: The Stop Stupid Petitions Petition. Here's the way it works: first, you go read the original petition at the link above. Then, once you stop laughing, you read my petition found here. If you agree with me that his petition was poorly worded, horridly thought out, and just plain ingnorant, then you sign our petition. Basically, Tyler and I were bored and decided it would incredibly ironic if an anti-petition petition got more signatures than the original petition. So, read, laugh, and sign away. Later.
Update: They're software was on crack for a few minutes, so I had to reset. If you were one of those first 10 people, you'll need to sign again.

Well Wooptydoo... Posted Thursday, May 3, 2001, 1:12AM by Pepito
"Who would have thought that those 2 pitiful excuses for organisms could pull off saving my column? Thanks to that $800 I can now continue my reign of question answering terror. Now then, my column for this month isn't written yet... Do you know why? BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE HAVEN'T SENT ME QUESTIONS! I've got some interesting comments about the site, a question about my love life, and 2 emails that make no sense what so ever... BUT NO TOON RELATED QUESTIONS. So, if you're an above average human capable of writing and thinking at the same time, then you should be emailing me right now. That is all, continue on with whatever it is you mortals do for fun.

We did it! Posted Wednesday, May 2, 2001, 12:56AM by Tyler L. and ">Zogg

...You see that Donate-o-Meter on the left?
FuitadNET has reached its goal (and completely destroyed it too!), and TDA, as well as dozens of other anime sites, are saved!
It was very refreshing and pleasing to find out that the majority of donations came from the TDA fanbase. We would like to thank EVERYONE who donated very much. Thanks to people like you, we'll still be spitting out video clips and other fun stuff on a near-daily basis for your downloading pleasure. All the donations over the $800 mark will be used to upgrade the server to make everything faster and more resposive for everybody.
For all of you who wanted to donate, but were scared away by PayPal and unwarranted fears of Internet commerce, keep in mind a dedicated server at a major Internet business like PayPal or Amazon or Outpost or others is infinitely more secure than a surly, poor cashier at Best Buy or CompUSA who has access to hundreds of credit cards a day.
For all of you who wanted to donate, but were too young to own a credit card or unable to convince any parental units of the benefits of a site like this, we would like to wish you luck in surviving until your 18th birthday.
For all of you who didn't want to donate, but were perfectly able to, we don't like you. If you don't care about the site, then leave now. You'll learn soon enough that the Internet won't be the free-for-all it once was.
Now that we're not afraid of losing what we've worked on for over a year and a half (respectively), we can confidently look towards the future for quite some time to come. It'll be very exciting these next few months with all the new shows premiering...And you never know...TDA might be getting a face-lift this summer as well!

That's right, Mr. Kellner...into the cage...Yeah...That's it... Posted Wednesday, May 2, 2001, 12:56AM by Zogg
This is a fairly simple update containing the Toonami Fan-Art commercial that has Tom talking about the cutbacks; you can find it in the Toonami section. This is truly a sad day for Toonami fans, it's the day when corporate politics has drastically affected us in a negative way. I've got more up my sleeve in the form of my little conspiracy theories, stay tuned.