May 2002

Done Posted Friday, May 31, 2002, 8:09PM by Zogg
"Donate-O-Meter had been updated for the new month. Hopefully a financial report will follow next week.
The last week and a half had been spent in intense training and Bible study in preparation for arriving campers. Luckily, we got this evening off for things like laundry and I'll back up tonight to prepare for the first week of campers.

Miss one, find another." Posted Wednesday, May 29, 2002, 11:50PM by TylerL
I replaced the 15 second Cartoon Network Hamtaro commercial with the longer 30 second one.

An empire spread too thin is easy to break. Posted Tuesday, May 28, 2002, 5:15PM by TylerL
"Tyler, why don't you guys have all of the Powerpuff Girl movie promos? ...or Cowboy Bebop and Yu Yu Hakusho stuff?

Because we run a Toonami site. We always have, and we always will.
We will not become the Microsoft of Animation Media.
There are many many respectable sites out there that focus on different aspects of Cartoon Network's programming.

The Unofficial Powerpuff Girls Movie Site: On top of all the news of the upcoming movie, and they have a couple dozen promos and other video clips from the movie. (Made by yours truly)

The Jazz Messengers: A viewers' guide to Cowboy Bebop: The name says it all. Learn EVERYTHING you could want and then some about Cowboy Bebop and its run on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Adult Swim: The Fansite: News, info, schedules and promo video clips from Adult Swim Comedy and Action. stop bothering me about supporting Adult Swim or other Cartoon Network programs here. We're just fine and dandy with our full attention placed on Toonami.

2 billion in sales just isn't enough... Posted Tuesday, May 28, 2002, 12:09PM by TylerL
A lot of people don't realize that Hamtaro will also be airing early in the morning outside of Toonami.
The generic CN promo is now in the Hamtaro section.
Another kinda-content-filled update later in the day.

J'ai ÈchouÈ la classe franÁaise. Babelfish est mon seulement espoir. Posted Monday, May 27, 2002, 9:24PM by TylerL
"Merci, Wesley S. pour l'intro franÁais de ReBoot!
Il Ègalement nous a donnÈ au le deuxiËme intro la ReBoot et un film publicitaire de jouet d'Irwin pour la Reboot aussi.
Ces Canadiens fous...

Do you direct-link to files on someone else's server? If you do, you're an evil, sleazy moron." Posted Sunday, May 26, 2002, 6:54PM by TylerL
"Two new files:
The original TOM / ReBoot intro thanks to Wesley S., and one of the Powerpuff Girls Movie Promos
They are where they should be.
...I WAS going to have another file for the Fan Creations section today, but a recent bout of direct-linking from a formerly-respectable movie trailer site used up a large amount of our bandwidth for the month. So...I had to shut down the Fan Creations section (the biggest use of bandwidth on the site) for a few days.
Look for ""Heero Must Die"" on Saturday.

When I watch Lewis Black, putting a commercial break in every 5 minutes MAKES ME AS MAD AS HE IS!" Posted Saturday, May 25, 2002, 8:26PM by TylerL
"Thanks to TDA Correspondent MDawg, we have extremely high quality videos of the US and first Japanese Ronin Warriors intros!
They've replaced the older, bad copies in the Ronin Warriors section.
Look for a big feature from MDawg sometime in the next week or so.
FYI, another update will come tomorrow, if you're not used to daily updates just yet (please don't expect that from me. I'll go insane.)

If I weren't so excited, I'd be confused." Posted Friday, May 24, 2002, 7:20PM by TylerL
"Wow. Looks like there's a Peter Cullen-narrated Hamtaro promo after all.
It's now in the new Hamtaro section.
Kids Love It.

Update by Tyler 1.5 hours later: Oh yeah...I almost forgot.
Notice anything different about the TDA logo at the top of the page?
I spruced it up and fixed the ""Toonami"" part to match exactly like the real Toonami logo.
The vertical orientation of our logo remains unchanged (yeah. like you guys pay attention to our logo designs....)

Out with the new, in with the old." Posted Thursday, May 23, 2002, 6:52PM by TylerL
"Jeez...I go from one week of nothing to another week of daily updates...
A big thanks to Chris B. for giving us Two old Moltar Lineups and the first Toonami Sailor Moon promo!
They're in the Old Toonami and Sailor Moon sections.

Now that I'm reminded of it...
If anyone has old Toonami tapes lying around, say, from mid 1997 to early 2000, let us know if they contain any promos, intros or other Toonami items of interest that we don't currently have. It would be VERY appreciated.
It's like a donation, but it lasts more than a month :)

Why wait until September? Posted Wednesday, May 22, 2002, 7:24PM by TylerL
"Hmm...It looks like G-Gundam and the original G.I. Joe will be airing in July!
G-Gundam will replace Batman Beyond at 5pm and G.I Joe will air right after Toonami Midnight Run at 1am.
I've added the G.I. Joe intro to the Almost Toonami section.
Once again, thanks to Matt Wilson for being more observant than me.

Also, I posted the horribly priceless DBZ: The Legacy of Goku video game commercial.
Go nuts.

Never underestimate the power of a cute rodent. Posted Tuesday, May 21, 2002, 7:14PM by TylerL
The Toonami Hamtaro commercial is now in the new Hamtaro Downloads section.
Be afraid.

Now you understand. Posted Monday, May 20, 2002, 2:04PM by TylerL
"Toonami's going back to three hours in two weeks, and the promos have started. The first one is in the Toonami downloads section (ignore that misplaced Old School stuff. There's always something left behind...)

We make the possible impossible. ...Then make it possible again sometime later. Posted Sunday, May 19, 2002, 12:30AM by TylerL
"I have some startlingly uncommon news to make.
Today, Zogg and I present the Grand Opening of the Toonami: Digital Arsenal Downloads section.
Everything's been moved over to the new database and the downloads index page has been given a much needed organization and overall-looks overhaul. Semi-Alphabetical order rocks.
The Newest Downloads tab now holds 15 files instead of the original 5. There were days when we had more than 5 new files and some got pushed off, but not anymore.
Everything's in great shape and ready for the June promo/opening onslaught., it wasn't just Zogg (and me) who worked tirelessly on this database. We had a bunch of helpers and data-monkeys type in the old file info as well as add new stuff to make your TDA downloading experience as fun and easy as point and click. (Try it! It's fun!)
A big, major ¸ber insanely great THANK YOU goes out to (in no particular order)...
Dustin Castillo
Dan Bednarski
Imtiaz Jabar
Joshua William Jones
Rex Ronald Fabros
Shant Movsessian
Josh Hanchar

Oh, also, before Zogg left, he did a count of all the files on TDA. came out to more than 500
Yes. 500 files ready to download and watch.
Hours and Hours of video files from Toonami and its shows.
We chronicle the history of Toonami through its excellent commercials and openings as well as expose newcomers to the original versions of each show.
We've been at it for over two years total.
Here's to another 500 files.

Ugh. Zogg always does these kind of updates much better than me...

MST This... Posted Saturday, May 18, 2002, 1:31AM by Zogg
"Starting today I am taking a brief, 2.5 month leave of absence. (Seriously.) I'm spending my summer as a counselor in the great outdoors of a local summer camp and will only have brief stints of computer time on the weekends. What does this mean?
1. I won't be taping or watching Toonami.
2. I won't be answering most emails.
3. Tyler is in complete control. (Everybody pray for his elite unix skills.)
4. I get to have fun in the sun, sleep outdoors, and play around with cool toys.
5. If any of you will be attending Eagle Lake this summer (yeah... I know the demographic of this site matches that of the campers) drop me an email and we might be able to meet up and say hello.
6. The donate-o-meter will only be update weekly-ish. So... if you're holding on a donation to see how much has already been donated, Sunday will probably be your best bet to see accuracy.

So, basically, starting tomorrow morning I am officially on sabbatical. I have full confidence in Tyler's abilities. Besides, he makes all the cool, content filled updates anyway.


Update by Tyler and some other guy 5 minutes later:
j00 |>0|_||37 ^^ `/ ^^4|> 1337 5k!11z?
Whoops. Heh. Sorry...

Less of that? More of this. Posted Thursday, May 16, 2002, 10:38PM by TylerL
"Well, this semester of college is over for me and Zogg and we've enjoyed a few days of laziness (even more than before!).
Zogg'll be leaving in a week or two, leaving me to feed you high-bandwidth multimedia suckers by myself for a few months. I'll see if I can get him to help put the last bit of work on the Toonami download section so we can finally officially open the damn Downloads section we technically started work on a year ago.
...anyway, what would a long-awaited news post be without new content?
A new Download section as been added for Toonami Reactor. This is something we should've added a long time ago. All the openings to the shows shown on Reactor as well as the Reactor promos all in once place.
I also added the newer ""Better Cartoon Show"" promo to the Toonami downloads section.
Yeah. We know the downloads page is a disorganized place right now, but it'll soon look very nice and very organized. download/newindex.php will become download/index.php when everything's in place and ready to go.

...If you haven't seen it, it's new to you!" Posted Wednesday, May 8, 2002, 6:24PM by TylerL
"DBZ restarted today from the beginning, and got a new intro and a new promo!
Look in the DBZ Downloads section for both.
TMGU? Soon.

An update, eh? ""A SUPER SAIYAN UPDATE!"" ""...uh huh.""" Posted Tuesday, May 7, 2002, 6:17PM by TylerL
"Yet another game review has aired recently. This one for Mr. Mosquito.

Reminder: DBZ will restart from the beginning starting TOMORROW! Get ready to watch the old episodes that you haven't seen in years.
...Also, there will (hopefully) be a new feature up this weekend with pictures and a promo for the Toonami Mobile Game Unit. Stay tuned.

Subject Smubject Posted Friday, May 3, 2002, 1:21AM by Zogg
"Well, we have once again reached month end. As usual, April's financial report is available here. Big kudos to all of our donors who keep us alive! We love you guys!
Since I would feel guilty making this update without any real content, yet another Card Captor Sakura Japanese intro has been added to the Card Captors section. Download, enjoy.