July 2002

FINALLY. Now I can get back to watching other channels. Posted Tuesday, July 30, 2002, 4:55PM by TylerL
I've added the short and long G Gundam promos to the G Gundam Download section.
Go get them!

This concludes our broadcasting...um...forever. Posted Tuesday, July 30, 2002, 3:06PM by TylerL
"Many of you probably know about the controversy over Internet Radio, and how all broadcasters will soon be forced to pay royalties for every song broadcasted.
Zogg and I can't pay to keep our little radio station online, and we don't want to take even more donations to keep a small part of our site online.
ToonamiRadio will cease broadcasting on July 31st at 9pm Eastern Daylight Time.
Make sure you get One Good Listen before it goes away forever.

can u email me teh songs?
No. Nearly all the songs on ToonamiRadio no longer exist on mine or CookieS' (the other founder) hard drives. What's online is all there is.
What you COULD do is find an MP3 stream ripper and make a huge MP3 of the entire broadcast for ""safekeeping"". I'll leave that one up to you to figure out.
...or you could try to hunt down the songs in our Playlist.

I'll be there to pull the plug. I hope to have some people listening right at the end.

If Denmark can get a Gundam, then I get one too." Posted Monday, July 29, 2002, 5:13PM by TylerL
"The Zoids Chaotic Century Toonami Intro and the first G Gundam promo are online in their respective sections.
The G Gundam promo is quite different from other Toonami promos, but also very fun to watch. It's a must-download.

New...or old? You decide! Posted Monday, July 29, 2002, 10:39AM by TylerL
"The August 9th In-Flight movie has been left to the viewers to decide!

Batman: SubZero
Batman and Superman: The Worlds Finest
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

I assure you that if any entries were accidentally emphasized in bold, it was not intentional :p
Go to Toonami.com to vote!

The promo is online in the Toonami section. Go get it. It has new Hyperspace footage.
More stuff later in the day 'round Toonami-time.

The original Transformers put me in the hospital. Posted Friday, July 26, 2002, 10:24PM by TylerL
"This new download system has saved us from death...and has worked so well, we were able to keep the Fan Creations section online for an entire month.
...and we new feel safe enough to add more stuff.
I added Cobra Commander's ""Bang On, Megatron!"", a G1 Transformers tribute to the Fan Creations section.
Go get it.

No, not that one. The other one." Posted Thursday, July 25, 2002, 11:51PM by TylerL
"...remember that old 2 minute Gundam Wing promo that aired in late February and March of 2000?
The one that started the resurgence of Toonami and ushered in what was arguably the greatest year for Toonami to-date?
Yeah. We do too.

Thanks to Bandai's lazyness (or inability to do a promo that could outdo this one), the Toonami Gundam Wing promo was placed on a number of their DVDs.
So...I worked my magic and added a perfect quality file of the 2 Minute Gundam Wing Promo to the Gundam Wing section.
This is a must-download. Go nuts.
More stuff I have laying around tomorrow or something.

Bring it on. Posted Monday, July 22, 2002, 4:37PM by TylerL
"Lots of new promos n' stuff today. I'm ready for them.
Zoids: Chaotic Century Promo - Looks like Toonami's going with th original ""Chaotic Century"" name instead of ""Classic Zoids"". Good. (Look in the Classic Zoids section until I rename the button)
Batman Beyond BatSuit Overview - A pretty neat promo-type thing in the Batman Beyond section.
Toonami Test Track Promos - The Toonami online game gets some publicity.

Hastily-put-together Post of Justice Posted Friday, July 19, 2002, 12:00AM by TylerL
"One thousand and seventy five days ago, I created the first site for Toonami intro video files ever. I called it Toonami Multimedia. It later became known as Toonami Miscellaneous.

Eight hundred and eighty four days ago, Zogg opened up Toonami's Basement with a Toonami theme for Windows and lots of the now-famous Toonami promos from Spring 2000.

Seven hundred and one days ago, Zogg and I agreed to merge our sites into one massive one-stop shop for Toonami video goodness.
We confused everybody with our cryptic ""Arse"" and ""Nal"" messages on our respective sites.
Zogg found a great free web provider and moved everything to the new server. I thought up that crazy green static look really early in the morning one day.
We rushed to get the site ready while still updating our separate sites regularly.
Seven hundred and thirty two days ago, Zogg and I both closed down our Toonami Multimedia sites. Everybody panicked. They thought their thirst for Toonami multimedia would never be quenched again.
Seven hundred and thirty days ago, Toonami: Digital Arsenal opened its virtual doors to all the Toonami fanatics. There was much rejoicing.

Two years later, TDA is still alive and kicking, archiving the intros, promos, and all the other things that make Toonami Toonami.

Here's your nostalgic/historical present...or something:
See our old sites!
Complete Toonami Miscellaneous as of May 2000 (None of the files work. Duh. Look in the TDA Download section)
Toonami's Basement Download Page (None of the files work. Duh. Look in the TDA Download section)
A site like TDA should be impossible given the current web economy. Sites using less bandwidth than us (Planet Namek, for example) crashed and burned months or even years ago...yet we're still here. Funny 'bout that.
Thanks to our generous fans, we've survived against the odds and have a bright future ahead of us.
Happy Birthday to us!
Update from Zogg far too late at night: Woohoo! I had actually forgotten about this birthday. (Err... uhhh....oops.) Thanks everyone! Now then... back to camp.

No Classic Zoids promos means planned Monday update goes bye-bye Posted Tuesday, July 16, 2002, 1:45AM by TylerL
"Cartoon Network Japan has set up a page with Three Toonami Japan promos! They're using TOM 1 for the time being (like all new non-US Toonami blocks). If someone could teach Peter Cullen how to speak Japanese, they'd be all set.
Thanks to Christian Gastel for the heads-up!

Also, Apple released QuickTime 6 yesterday. It promises MPEG-4 encoding/playback (the REAL MPEG-4. the good one.) and some nifty streaming features and a bunch of tweaks and optimizations.
We're considering using MPEG-4 for some stuff in the future, but time will tell if other companies get on the MPEG-4 bandwagon and help bring peace to the internet video world.

Reference video files are the greatest thing in the world. You .avi people don't know what you're missing. Posted Thursday, July 11, 2002, 8:22PM by TylerL
"6 new files today (or is it 7?).
4 new PPG Movie promos. Look in the PPG Movie feature.

Also, thanks to a reminder by MDawg, I made new versions of the Tenchi Muyo! OVA intros!
Both are in ultra-high quality, but the OVA 2 intro's a little interesting.
I've put the Japanese and English audio as well as the universal video file in a .zip archive. Since the two language versions call on the same video, the archive for both versions is just an extra 1.3MB instead of an extra 5MB (thanks to QuickTime).

Download, be merry.

801 Posted Tuesday, July 9, 2002, 5:02PM by TylerL
"I've added 5 new PPG Movie promos to the now immortal PPG Movie Promo feature.

...also, don't download 6GB of stuff from TDA. We don't even HAVE 6GB of content.
That's just stupid.

Sundaes? Ehh, at least it's MEANT to be cold." Posted Saturday, July 6, 2002, 3:08AM by Zogg
"I've done a little bit of server-side modification to hopefully improve MySQL performance and also swapped out the counter code with something a bit more sane. (Our counter down there is so far low it's not even funny any more.) So, hopefully things will run a bit smoother. On another note, here's a sneak peak at a cool little feature I'm working on thanks to the new download managing script.

I'm beginning to enjoy letting Tyler do all the hard work and content around here. Bwahaha
Update from Tyler 12 hours later: The day you're done with that camp thing, you get to clean the floor.
Pepito made quite a mess yesterday...

Happy Dependence day, nameless worker drones!" Posted Friday, July 5, 2002, 2:49AM by Pepito
"Today, I am making the official announcement of my website.
There, you can have questions about my reign answered, see pictures of me, as well as view and download propaganda to distribute to everyone on the planet...assuming you can manage to operate your mouse correctly.
You can even buy T-Shirts to benefit this stupid little Toonami fansite.

You've had your little taste of independence already. Now you will celebrate Dependence Day.
Join my revolution and prepare for a lifetime of misery.

[insert headline here] Posted Wednesday, July 3, 2002, 1:33AM by TylerL
"I added two or three new files to the PPG Movie Promo feature.
Today is the last day of the feature! Download while you can!
Go see the Powerpuff Girls Movie! Now!

...also, the Gnome factories have been running at full steam lately.
A major turning point in world history is coming in the next few days.
You'll never look at a DV converter the same way again.

25 hours later... Posted Tuesday, July 2, 2002, 1:33AM by TylerL
"C'mon...only 15GB yesterday with that PPG Movie Feature?
I'm disappointed.
Well, in the interest of using up this new-found bandwidth, I've added a few new files (all PPG. How 'bout that?)
Three new Cartoon Network PPG promos in the PPG Movie Feature
One HILARIOUS must-download live-action PPG promo in the regular PPG section.

Bring on the downloadin'.