July 2009

Dear Toei: your Region 2 DVDs suck. Posted Sunday, July 19, 2009, 6:30PM by Beefy
"I was saving these until episode 100 of Zatch Bell aired on Toonami or Jetstream. But since that ain't going to happen, here's the last of the Zatch Bell stuff:
Zatch Bell Third Intro
Zatch Bell Sixth Ending
Zatch Bell Episode 18 Promo

Other site updates:
Tyler was able to reupload the Powerpuff Girls Movie clips, so those should be working now (except for the trailer).
Digging through the pile I found a better version of the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Intro that Tyler made from a LaserDisc source, or something.

Update by Beefy 12 days later:
The Powerpuff Girls Movie Trailer is now online.