August 2001

RadioShack has some cool gadgets for $35 Posted Wednesday, August 29, 2001, 10:02PM by Zogg
"Here's the scenario:
-Here at my college, we have in dorm cable. This is good.
-Here at my college, they run the cable to my room after it is split between 20 buildings and 8 rooms per building, without using enough boosters. This is bad.
-My Cartoon Network quality was so horrible that capturing it was worthless. This is bad.
-I went to RadioShack, told the guy my problem, and he told me to buy a $35 booster. (My previous one was the $13 version which does virtually nothing.) This is neutral.
-I plugged it in, and magically my feed is MUCH better. This is good.
-I can now capture things again at an acceptable quality. This is good.
-I saw a new MSG promo, and captured it. This is good.
-I uploaded the new promo and then created an MSG section in the Enhanced Downloads area. This is good.
-You can now download it and watch it, meanwhile ignoring the little blip that I'm still trying to track down. This is also good.
-I will continue making this list longer.
-I like long lists.
-The guys on the message board found me a cool mech.
-Pepito and Tyler have one, too.
-Now I'm just uselessly taking up space.

That's all for now, happy downloading.

I needed to add this long ago Posted Tuesday, August 28, 2001, 7:00PM by Zogg
"I just made a quick update to the FAQ regarding new TDA staff and submitting links. (Pretty much no to both.) That's about all I have for now, sooner or later I'll get a ""submit a commercial"" script up along with custom avatars for the message board. Keep an eye out for those in the coming days.

New month, new bill" Posted Monday, August 27, 2001, 1:08AM by Zogg
"Ok, I've just finished end of month accounting, so I've reset the little donate-o-meter to reflect our new debt and a fresh set of donations. Also, I've decided to make the donation records public, (short of the names of the donators and financial tracking numbers) so you can grab an Excel spreadsheet of this month's financial stuff here. For those of you without Excel installed, download the free Excel viewer for PC right here. (I haven't tested the viewer with the file, but it should work.)
This month will be just like last month: The first $105.53 will go towards this month's server bill, and the leftover will go towards paying me back for the server setup-fee. (The debt-o-meter includes both this month's bill and the remaining debt on the setup fee.)
That's all I've got for now, later.

Happy was a lot better than Bliss. Posted Monday, August 27, 2001, 12:44AM by TylerL
"I've added the Toonami: Midnight Run - Special Edition promo to the Enhanced Toonami Section.
While looking at the promo, I noticed that they'll also air the GREAT short film ""MORE""! This is definitely going to be a special to plan your week around. I encourage all Nielson families to watch TMR on Friday. If you aren't a Nielson family, watch it anyway and tell non-TDA-fan Nielson families to watch. I want at LEAST a 200 share for this special.

Guess what kids... Its Commie Time! Posted Thursday, August 23, 2001, 10:38PM by Pepito
"I have returned! After nearly 3 months of downtime, my column is back to bring a bit of light to your otherwise pitiful excuse for an existence. (While you’re reading this, my lawn gnomes are stealing your car keys.) If you have a question you’d like answered for next month's column, then print it legibly on a 3x5 card, scan it in, and email it to me. (The whole ""Just type it up"" idea isn’t working so I'm hoping you poor little creatures can communicate better in handwritten form.) If you don’t have a scanner, or can't figure out how to operate a 3x5 card, then I suppose a normal email will suffice.
Now then, move your hand onto the mouse and point the cursor at the ""Rants"" link on your left at find my column. Remember: Pepito is your new king.

I thought Jamaica was an island... Posted Wednesday, August 22, 2001, 1:27PM by TylerL
"I got the first snail mail-powered donation yesterday.
It was quite a refreshing change from opening the PO Box and seeing nothing.
This is a friendly reminder that even if you're not over 18, you can use some of that disposable income of yours (no matter how little it may be) to keep your inquenchable thirst for video clips quenched.
Checks and money orders (we'll take cash too if it's your only option. Beggars can't be choosers.) can be sent by mail to
-- Tyler Loch
-- PO Box 1833
-- Arlington Heights, IL 60006-1833
Support the sites you love that can't support themselves due to incredible server costs.
I'm a happy subscriber of IGNinsider, gave 50 times my fair share to Planet Namek, bought a Penny Arcade book, and donated $100 to this wonderful site you're viewing now.
To donate, visit our Donation Page. If you have any questions, feel free to E-mail us.
Remember, Pepito can't take over the world without your help.

Go ahead. You can update now. Posted Tuesday, August 21, 2001, 10:31PM by TylerL
"Thanks to Cliff Wheeler, we know know that the QuickTime/DirectX problem has been fixed.
Go here after you update to IE 5.5 SP2 to get QT working again.
I find it hard to trust compainies with CEOs that do stuff like this.
Update from Zogg 5 minutes later: DirectX should be ActiveX. Actually, this is just as much Apple's fault as it is Microsoft's, in that Apple was interfacing to IE using outdated, legacy plugin support that was due for removal any time now. If your software remains legacy compatible forever then you end up stunting its growth. This is the same reason WindowsXP is loosing native DOS, and MacOSX lost native OS9 support. Why waste CPU cycles on something old when there's a newer, better version available?
As for the clips, you'd be amazed how many companies do stupid things like that... (Although seminars like that are quite fun to go to.)

The Saga Begins Posted Monday, August 20, 2001, 5:50PM by TylerL
I've added the Dragon Ball opening to the Dragon ball Enhanced Download section!
Go get it!

This one's going out to all the ladies...(overused headline) Posted Sunday, August 19, 2001, 2:12AM by TylerL
"I've added the Sailor Moon section to the database, and it's accessable from the Enhanced Downloads Page.
...and I have a few suprises there.
Most of the Japanese openings have now been captured with the power of Pepito from fansub (actually raw Japanese) tapes I bought just for you people (I'm so nice) and they look DAMN good. They're (arguably) the highest-quality Sailor Moon intros on the web!
I also added the opening to the SMS fandub that was done, and an EXTENDED HIGHER QUALITY version of the Saban Sailor Moon Pilot bootleg tape video with some guy babbling about why they did it.
All in all, good stuff.
Download, be merry ^_^

Quick important Windows note Posted Saturday, August 18, 2001, 6:19PM by TylerL
"Do NOT install the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer (5.5 SP2) update!
It blocks out the QuickTime plugin so none of our video files can be viewed from within the browser. (They're ""knifing the baby"" themselves now.
Apple's making a work-around to get QuickTime to work in IE 5.5 SP2. It should be released soon.
Grr...Let's see... No good MP3 encoding anymore, no Java, no GPL software, no industry standards at all, and now they're breaking QuickTime.
I guess Microsoft DOES innovate. I've never seen a company so creative in how it disables existing, established technology.

Even the smallest post is beneficial. Posted Thursday, August 16, 2001, 4:08PM by TylerL
"Sorry for the update drought. Zogg's been out of town(s) and I've been just plain lazy (and sometimes busy).
BUT, later today, I'll add something some of you might like and others scoff at.
Kryptonite - Special Edition
Widescreen (no CN or TDA logos in the way) and a few tweaked scenes.
...I'll even have a 640x380 QuickTime version up. Highest quality I'll ever think of posting (hmm... should I post my Mini-cDVD ISO image? ...nah.)
Sometime tonight. Yeah.
Over on your right is the Adullt Swim promo. This'll probably be the only Adult Swim thing on TDA unless something really neat and extremely Toonami-ish is on it.
Update: Midnight:30 - It's still Thursday in my time zone, and that's all that matters.
The Special Edition is up. Go to the Kryptonite Feature. It'll be online until we see it as a bandwidth threat. Have fun.

You're stinky! Posted Monday, August 13, 2001, 6:25PM by TylerL
I've added the first Dragon Ball promo to the new DB section. Have a look!

No whammies! Posted Saturday, August 11, 2001, 1:08AM by Zogg
"Well, tomorrow I leave on a trip of epic proportions. I will boldly go where no TDA webmaster has gone before. I will endeavor to defeat the unknown and conquer that which eludes me. Actually, I'm just heading off for yet another year at college. However, this means that I'll be out of the picture for a week (should be back next weekend) and Tyler will be the sole provider of Toonami goodness. Don't worry, though, I've got a little update planned that I'll have Tyler make while I'm gone.
The server is pretty much setup (woohoo) which means that we have a working version of the new mysql->php->myql->txt->php download software, (Wow, I wrote a web application that does something useful in 5 easy steps...) a copy of mod_gzip, (if you don't know, don't worry about it) a log rotation script that syncs properly with webalizer, (again, I'm talking gibberish) and a message board in working condition. On the plus side everything is done before school starts, so I won't have to worry about that stuff combined with my classes, but on the down side that means Tyler and I have to get down to it and start converting the file structure over to the new system. (Actually, since I'll be gone for a week, Tyler will have a whole week to do it for me. Bwahaha.)
That's all for now, see you in a week.
Update: I just realized that the mpeg of Tyler's music video wasn't online right now (we took it down for bandwidth concerns that no longer exist) so I put it back. If you want to see Kryptonite in all its glory, go over to the features section and grab yourself a copy of that mpeg!

I had the evil look YEARS before Jack did. Posted Friday, August 10, 2001, 10:26PM by TylerL
"Did you all enjoy Samurai Jack?
If you haven't seen it, it's on again tomorrow at 7pm eastern. If you didn't enjoy it, then you're weird.
Anyway, they aired a short DBZ Season 5 promo during the encore presentation. It's up in the Enhanced (soon to be the only) Downloads DBZ section.

Time to test that poll... Posted Thursday, August 9, 2001, 11:05PM by Zogg
"Tyler and I just finished up the donation section of TDA; check it out by clicking on the link in the navigation bar over there. This means that everyone can now donate to help pay the server bill! Here's how month #1 of donations will be spent:
1) Pay the $99 server bill.
2) If there is more than the $99, then the left over will go towards paying me back for the $250 setup fee.
So, the new future of TDA begins now! We're on our own server, our files are up and being transfered, and now the visitors can donate. This ride gets wilder everyday...

Ok. You win. Posted Wednesday, August 8, 2001, 3:37PM by TylerL
"Since the demand is so high, and Zogg will be very busy the next two weeks and I'm very slow and lazy, we've opened the directory where I've uploaded the old clips for all to download.
We're still moving everything to the new format, but it could take over a month at the current rate. So, to make the transition a little easier, both the old and new sections are available to browse.
Download away!

This deal gets better everyday! Posted Tuesday, August 7, 2001, 1:06PM by TylerL
"Zogg and I just found out that RackShack (our server and bandwidth provider) has sweetened the deal yet again...
That's almost TWICE what we were offered when we first bought the service!
What does it mean to you, the crazy video-obsessed bandwidth leecher? Well....
Our Fan Creations section will make a triumphant return!
Special features will be even more special!
We won't be afraid of going over our limit (as much).
So, download away and be on the lookout for new and returning favorite video files as we bring our new, improved system up and running!

Man your Veritechs Posted Monday, August 6, 2001, 8:16PM by Zogg
"My favorite show, Robotech is now pretty much online here. There's 1 file missing simply because I don't have RealPlayer installed yet so I can get its stats, but I'll either do it later or have Tyler add that one. That is all.
Update: 8:45 - The FAQ has also been updated.
Update by Tyler: Midnight - The RealMedia Moltar Robotech intro is now downloadable.

A week later than expected, but nevertheless..." Posted Monday, August 6, 2001, 5:43PM by TylerL
"A new opening for Toonami premeired today.
Since the Toonami section isn't ready, I'm making a temporary section for it.
It's not much, but it works.
Click here.
Update: 7:15 - I also added a Daft Punk promo to the temporary Toonami section available above.

As long as it works, why not let you play with it?" Posted Sunday, August 5, 2001, 3:56PM by Zogg
"As I continue to tweak the new software, Tyler and I figured we should start putting up downloads. (The files are here, so might as well let people download them.) Right now we're working on the DBZ page, so feel free to go here and download. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress, so missing images, broken links, or a non-working page may appear from time to time as we continue adding files. That's all for now, keep watch as more and more sections go up.

Booya! Posted Saturday, August 4, 2001, 12:42AM by Zogg
"TDA is quickly approaching a cooler, newer form! I've finished beta1 of the new mysql based file management software, (making my life and Tyler's life easier...) and Tyler is inputting the DBZ section as I type this. We've also finished configuring the new Message Board (entering beta level now) so feel free to head over there and check that out as well.
Once we start inputting files into the database and getting them on the web, we'll post a donation info page of sorts so you can help us fund the $250 setup fee and $99 a month this server costs. (Why wait? Because I'd feel guilty if people sent me money before we actually proved this was going all the way.)
You'll also notice that the past week's news is gone. We've re-implemented NewsPro based on backups sent to us by Fuitad, so all the non-newspro news we've done is being added to an archive file so it can be saved for posterity.
On another note: The 2 Gundam series are looking VERY nice. Speaking of... I have tapes of today's episodes to watch...

News from the last week or 2