August 2002

Doh Posted Thursday, August 29, 2002, 5:58PM by Zogg
"Well, after an hour of coding into our Admin Scripts, I've added a new feature. (That's good.) The feature allows Tyler and I to disable sections or all downloads with one mouse click. (That's sort of good.) I added this feature because we're about 1 day away from an extra $50 charge for this month due to going over our bandwidth. (That's bad.)
What does this mean you ask? Well, the downloads section is closed for 2 days to prevent ludicrous charges. It will open up again at the month rollover. Sorry about this, but we have to be sure we don't lose the server. Thanks for understanding.
Update by Tyler 2 hours later: Hmm...I think it's time I test the bandwidth limits of the .Mac service...

4, 3 / ...I guess daily numerical updates were too much to hope for." Posted Sunday, August 25, 2002, 1:22AM by TylerL
"Sorry 'bout the sparse updates lately.
Zogg's been settling into college again, and I've been working nearly every waking hour the past few weeks getting my school (I'm running a Media Production lab!) up and running for classes on Tuesday, as well as trying to survive this and its before/aftermath.

To the right is a clue for the next section I'll be adding when I find the time.
Another helpful clue: No, it's not that.

6, 5. / Bigger, Brighter, Better." Posted Thursday, August 22, 2002, 11:56PM by TylerL
"I finally snagged the long Transformers Armada promo.
Go get it in the TF: Armada download section.
Download it, post about it on message boards...or just wait until tomorrow and watch the actual movie.

First person to make an ""Impudence"" image with Pepito will be spared from his wrath.
If you don't understand, then you deserve his wrath.

Update from Tyler 5 minutes later: WOOO! Thanks to everybody who donated! We'll live to see another month!

7 Posted Monday, August 19, 2002, 11:14PM by TylerL
"...See the Debt-O-Meter at the top of the site?

Something's wrong with it.

Usually, with just a week left in the TDA-Financial month, that's darn close to zero. needs to GET to zero within the week (and every month, of course) for TDA to survive through the new He-Man, Transformers, G-Gundam, Zoids, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z series/episodes in the next few months.
Sure, we're non-profit, but we need money to pay for the server, the obscenely large amount of bandwidth, and the domain name fees...and that's where you come in.

How can you help?
Give us money.
We accept PayPal, (as well as check, money order or cash on request)...or you can Buy a Pepito T-Shirt. Every one you buy pays for 1/50th of our monthly bill. Collect them all. 20 times.

In all seriousness, without the generous donations of fans like you every month, we would be in the same situation as nearly every other fan-run not-for-profit multimedia/large anime site on the Internet: gone.
Help us out so that we can make you happy for centuries to come.
Update from Zogg About Then: I need to apologize because this situation is very largely my fault due to my inability to update the financial info until halfway through the month. Sorry about that.
Update from Zogg 48 hours later: That'll do, stop sending money. I'll get things updated momentarily.

10, 9, 8. / I need a TiVo." Posted Monday, August 19, 2002, 7:11PM by TylerL
I added the long Zoids: CC Promo and the Skeletor character promo to their respective download sections.
I'll try to find that long Transformers Armada tonight or maybe tomorrow or sometime this week.

10-7, 10-7, 10-7, 11-8, 11-3:50" Posted Friday, August 16, 2002, 5:44PM by TylerL
New stuff in no particular order or something:
Long He-Man Movie Promo
Short He-Man Series Promo
Transformers Armada Movie Promo

Go get them.

I'm baaaaaaaaaack Posted Friday, August 16, 2002, 2:45PM by Zogg
"Sort of. Camp is done, the leadership retreat just ended, and I just finished up last month's finance books. Hooray! Now then, down to business. Here is the financial report for July. You'll notice that under the August info there's an extra $35 dollar charge for domain name renewal. Simple explanation: We had to renew our domain ( If you would like to donate and want to be absolutely sure that your money doesn't go to pay for the renewal and only pays the server bill (that's your right) feel free to make a note with the paypal thing and I'll be sure that happens. Thanks once again to all of our donors, and I appologize profusely for how extremely late this is. (That's right folks, those numbers up there are for THIS month, not next month. Oops...)
Back in college, hooya! least they didn't bring back Rainbow Brite too. Posted Friday, August 9, 2002, 6:41PM by TylerL
The He-Man Movie promo is in the He-Man section.
Typical Toonami excellence.
Go get it.

55 hours a week is good for the pocketbook , but bad for the sanity...especially when playing Eternal Darkness for the other 113 hours." Posted Friday, August 9, 2002, 10:15AM by TylerL
"I know there's new stuff today.
Don't tell me.
I'm gonna be at work until 6:30pm, so I'll tape everything and catch the tail-end of the fun live.

Ready...GO! Posted Monday, August 5, 2002, 5:31PM by TylerL
G-Gundam intro and Hyperspace Movie Pick Pick in their respective sections.
I can't think of a good way to end this news post. Just stop reading.