August 2015

The Summer hits are over! Posted Sunday, August 30, 2015, 12:50AM by Junior
Adult Swim Toonami 2015 Intro 35
Michiko & Hatchin Marathon Promo

Good God Yall! Posted Friday, August 28, 2015, 4:23PM by Junior
Adult Swim Toonami 2015 Intro 34
War Music Video

Never double dip Posted Friday, August 21, 2015, 3:30PM by Junior
Adult Swim Toonami 2015 Intro 33
J-Stars Victory VS + Game Review

Call your mother. Posted Thursday, August 13, 2015, 7:53PM by Daikun
Toonami revealed on their Facebook page that they'll be airing a Michiko & Hatchin marathon on September 5. They'll be airing episodes 4-10.

We are the champions, my friend... Posted Tuesday, August 11, 2015, 4:02PM by Daikun
This weekend has seen Toonami's best ratings in the block's history! For the first time since coming back three years ago, we finally broke the 2 million viewer barrier (an honor usually reserved for Family Guy)! We also got ourselves a quint-million (the second week in a row) and nothing dipped below 850k!

12:00 - DBZ Kai - 2.015 million
12:30 - Akame ga Kill - 1.822 million
1:00 - Michiko & Hatchin - 1.464 million
1:30 - Sword Art Online II - 1.19 million
2:00 - Naruto: Shippuden - 1.049 million
2:30 - One Piece - 850,000
3:00 - Attack on Titan - 917,000

Tonight has been brought to you by the color red. Posted Tuesday, August 11, 2015, 12:11AM by Junior
Adult Swim Toonami 2015 Intro 32
Pre-Flight Promo V3
Akame Ga Kill Toonami Intro 1
August 2015 Lineup Promo

Toonami Infolink is now read-only Posted Monday, August 10, 2015, 8:32AM by TylerL
After 13 years, Infolink is hanging up its insecure and deprecated codebase and is slowly stammering into the sunset.
Some of you were worried it would be thrown into some digital trashcan and forgotten. Some of you were happy all your embarrassing posts would finally be stricken from the eternal record of the internet.

Some of you will be disappointed.

Toonami Infolink lives on as Toonami Infolink Archive - A read-only archive of the entirety of Toonami Infolink's public information.

Every news post, every forum post, and every review has been preserved and is still available for perusal. You'll be able to revisit all your cringeworthy posts and research Toonami news from the olden days, for as long as I don't mind paying the domain renewal.

Don't think of the closing of Toonami Infolink as the Burning of the Library of Alexandria. Think of it as Weekend at Bernie's.

A show about apparel leaves, let's advertise some out of spite! Posted Sunday, August 2, 2015, 12:08PM by Junior
Adult Swim Toonami 2015 Intro 31
DBZ Resurrection F Preview
2015 T-Shirts Promo
Akame Ga Kill Promo