September 2001

I'm gonna cry myself up a snack. Posted Sunday, September 30, 2001, 11:08PM by TylerL
"While mourning the loss of new episodes of The Brak Show, I captured the new 08th MS Team promo.
I like PHP. Too bad I haven't coded since the days of BASIC and HyperScript.

Hmm...weird Posted Sunday, September 30, 2001, 12:14PM by TylerL
"The donation script somehow broke our main page for a few hours.
No matter. I made a temporary fix.
Update from Zogg a few hours later: MySQL managed to fry itself out. (ie, it was still running, but thought it would be fun to no longer listen to connections.) I'll see about making the main page not die miserably when the database goes down.
Update from Zogg 10 minutes later: Eh, I've got it down to 2 errors when the database goes down, but it continues to show the page. Maybe I should just make this one a file writing thing like our download page manager and be done with it. Hmmm.....

Excel is the lazy man's approach to accounting Posted Saturday, September 29, 2001, 5:46PM by Zogg
"With month end nearly upon us, (that means the server bill came in again) I took a few minutes to sit down and tally up our donations vs debt ratio again this month. As usual, you can find our monthly financial report in this directory. I've reset our donate-o-meter counter and such to reflect the new month.
Sometime soon I'll make an addition or 2 to the Fan Creations section of the site, followed by some additional work on moving some old file pages to the new system.

Repair and Relocation Posted Friday, September 28, 2001, 3:26PM by TylerL
"Since I'm so extremely bored today (no work, no school), I'm adding more files to the new database.
The Mobile Suit Gundam section is complete.
Later today, I'll add 08th MS Team and the Fan Creations section.
...and I'll have a new video too. (No, not one of my two secret projects though.)
Update by Tyler - The 08th MS Team section is complete as well as a few graphic goodies in the main sections.

The future is now Posted Tuesday, September 25, 2001, 11:09PM by TylerL
"The first Batman Beyond promo aired today (or was it yesterday?)
We've made a Batman Beyond section with it, and hopefully, the original opening very soon.
Update by Tyler an hour later - Thanks to my incredible unorthodox troubleshooting skills (i.e. magic), I took a high-datarate corrupt .asf of a Batman Beyond episode and turned it into a very good looking QuickTime opening. It's in the Batman Beyond Downloads section where it belongs.

I have sucumb Posted Saturday, September 22, 2001, 7:19PM by Zogg
"If you take a look at the Enhanced Downloads pages, you'll notice that all the quicktime files now popup in their own window with the title, a link to download the file, etc. Just a little feature Tyler and I added while bored. Check it out, comment, enjoy.
Update by Tyler - It's Javascript. I feel so dirty...
Update by Tyler the next day - Hey, isn't it spelled ""succumb""?
Update by Zogg later that night Err... uhh... well... yes.
Update by Pepito Stupid humans...

I wish I had this much time on my hands... Posted Saturday, September 22, 2001, 6:42PM by TylerL
"Take a look at this.
""DBZ in a Nutshell"". It's hilarious,,, and so true.

Wait/Ask no longer. Posted Friday, September 21, 2001, 9:29PM by TylerL
"Lockdown: The Definitive Multimedia Collection is now online!
All five episodes, the little first-day DOK updates, the promos, and other little goodies are now in the Lockdown Feature. won't have the episodes online, so they're here a few days early.
Happy downloading! :)

I don't understand how some of you can write but not read. Posted Friday, September 21, 2001, 5:32PM by TylerL
"The final Lockdown feature episode update is online now.
Complete opinion coming later.
...and if I don't get any e-mails like ""plz tel me wen ur goin to have lokdown eps plz"" between now and later tonight, I'll be nice and have something online you'll probably like before the day is done.

No fair! Posted Thursday, September 20, 2001, 5:28PM by TylerL
"The fourth installment (well, actually the fifth) of the Lockdown feature is online now.

I still win Posted Thursday, September 20, 2001, 12:54PM by Zogg

Beating Zogg's shortest news post Posted Wednesday, September 19, 2001, 5:27PM by TylerL
Lockdown feature update.

Maybe those five people will care after all... Posted Tuesday, September 18, 2001, 6:28PM by TylerL
Lockdown Day 2 feature stuff up. Yay.

It has begun. Posted Monday, September 17, 2001, 5:40PM by TylerL
"The first daily edition of the Lockdown feature is now up!
Go take a look!
Update by Tyler at 11pm - I will NOT give out the Lockdown codes. None of you should either. Watch Toonami (or tape it) to get them.
Update by Tyler a few hours later - for posting the Lockdown episodes, we're not sure yet. When The Intruder aired, CN had the episodes on their site. When they went down, our copies went up. Time will tell.
...but I have a feeling that about 5 of you won't care if they're on the website or not...
Update by Tyler the next day - I added some small things to Monday's edition. The first writing was a little rushed cause I had to run to class. I'll get everything up at my own pace today 'round 7:30.

Normalcy in unusual times can be comforting. Posted Saturday, September 15, 2001, 2:28PM by TylerL
"I fixed the link to the third Lockdown promo.
...Speaking of which, if we don't update in the next few days, let this be the reminder that Lockdown starts on Toonami this Monday from 5-7pm eastern.
It's the new ""biggest thing Toonami's ever done"", so you better sit yourself down in front of your TV for two hours every day all next week and play the games on too. Go Blue!
We'll have updates every day with new screenshots n' stuff for Lockdown in the Features section an hour or two after the mini-series episode...and after it's all over, maybe I'll let you in on a little something I'm doing with the episodes...

Read Tyler's Post Below, this one is less important" Posted Wednesday, September 12, 2001, 1:13AM by Zogg
"I've added an Old School DBZ clip: the 2nd Moltar Intro. BrundelFly of Toonami TSG sent me a tape of clips a LONG time ago, so I figured I should get around to filling in some history gaps using the tape. The quality isn't the best (there's some... interesting... noise lines where the copy got messed up) but its more than enough for archival purposes. Enjoy.

For those of you wondering about my take on yesterday's event: Words cannot yet describe the sum of thoughts and emotions that encompass my reaction.


Will this day live in infamy? Posted Tuesday, September 11, 2001, 3:16PM by TylerL
"I made a response about everything that happened today on the message board earlier, and I thought it would also be a good idea to post it here as well.
This is my hastily-written opinion on the popular reactions to the tragedies in New York, Pennsylvania and D.C.:

War should be used as a defense...not revenge.
We could not defend against THIS specific attack as nobody expected it.
Picking someone/something to blame is a reflex action.
How many of you immediately after hearing about the tragedy envisioned a bunch of arabic people behind all of this?
...and I'm sure you thought the same thing at the Oklahoma City bombing.
...and I'm sure that McVeigh got the idea from violent TV and video games.

How can you declare war against a group of ~100 people?
As a very draftable 19 year old, I see no benefit in declaring war.
The attack is over. Our defenses are now up. Better late than never.
Those who planned this are already dead or will be caught within the month.
Sit down, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and count to 10.

Over a billion people have been affected by this.
Negative energy needs to be turned into something constructive: rebuilding what has been lost.
Concentrating on revenge will kill those not responsible.
We'll come home after our ""victory"" and still see the pile of rubble how we left it.

Almost 1/3 the series at a time? You people should stop complaining. Posted Monday, September 10, 2001, 10:30AM by TylerL
"According to the Cartoon Network TV Highlights page, it seems that we WILL be seeing the remaining 96 episodes of DBZ in one big chunk starting today! Some time in February or so, it'll all revert back to reruns again (stop complaining). I'm guessing they'll do one more run of these new episodes, then they'll go back to Radditz saga and show all the episodes in order (over a year's worth of episodes at this point), then 'round September 2003, they'll start DBGT.
I'm babbling now.
Look for the new DBZ opening (if there is one) right below this 'round 6:30pm eastern today.
Update by Tyler 'round 4:30 - According to a new DBZ promo (no, I didn't get it. I was distracted at the time.), there will only be 43 episodes this season. 'tis a little more balanced this way, and there's more to look forward to.
Update by Tyler 'round 4:55 - I added the third new DBZ promo to the Enhanced DBZ section.
Update by Tyler at 5:15 - Second new DBZ promo added. (Stupid time machine...)
Update by Tyler at 5:40 - Fourth Lockdown promo added. (There's a third I haven't gotten a hold of yet.)
Update by Tyler at 10:45 - The new TMR promo's up.
Update by Tyler one minute later - I've updated the FAQ. New questions near the bottom. Remember to read the FAQ before sending us e-mails.
Update by Tyler at 2 in the f&%#ing morning - I got the missing Lockdown promo. You guys REALLY owe me.

That Crazy Message Board Posted Sunday, September 9, 2001, 1:32AM by TylerL
"The Billionth Digit Bug hit our message board as well as every other Ikonboard in the universe today (well, actually yesterday).
I braved hundreds of lines of code to deliver the one-line patch to bring the world back in order.
Yes, me. Not Zogg. Me.
Post again and be happy.

Report away Posted Saturday, September 8, 2001, 12:09AM by Zogg
"I've re-added the report-a-commercial-o-matic script. You can now report promo sightings to us by clicking on ""Report a Commercial"" over on the left. If we get a promo thanks to your report, we'll add your name to the news with the update.
Coming soon: Personal Avatar management script for the message board. (That, and studying for a Digital Circuit Design exam.)

You should all be very happy my college schedule is screwed up for your benefit. Posted Thursday, September 6, 2001, 5:18PM by TylerL
I've put together the first part of the Lockdown feature today.
Take a look in the Features section for all the pre-show highlights.

Testing. Testing. 1, 2, 3" Posted Wednesday, September 5, 2001, 7:59PM by Zogg
"Since there was no homework in the 1st century, I figure I'll use my new found free time (right...) to do some additional server work. If you find yourself at any... weird... pages while trying to download files from our site, please email me with the name of the file, the page its listed on, your web browser, and operating system. I'm working on setting up a simple yet highly effective means for preventing bandwidth leeches. (People would link to our files on our server from their pages, hence making our donators foot the bill for their site as well as ours.) Anyway, if you experience issues related to that (trust me, you'll know for sure if its related to that) then contact me with the info above.

Never mind that there are no computers in the 1st century. Posted Wednesday, September 5, 2001, 5:31PM by TylerL
"While Pepito's battling the Roman soldiers over global supremacy, I captured the new Lockdown promo. It's in the Enhanced Toonami Section.

Blame Brak. It was his idea to go back in time. Posted Monday, September 3, 2001, 6:24PM by TylerL
"We're aware of the problems with the message board. We fixed the server time yesterday (we accidentally set it an entire day ahead), thus locking the board for a full day. It'll start working 'round 11pm tonight. Sorry 'bout that.
(s'too bad that just exactly five of you will receive the surprise...)
Update from Zogg at 9:00pm The downtime was caused when a security update I added decided it would be fun to change the clock. I have no idea why that sounded like a good idea, but things should fix themselves soon enough. (Except for our logs, which now have 1 REALLY big day and 1 non-existant day.)
Update from Zogg at 8:00pm Stupid time machine, this isn't what where I wanted to end up, at all!
Update from Tyler on Nov. 5 1955 I told you not to press that button!
Update from Zogg on December 8, 5 BC We should uninvent the button, that would solve all of our problems.
Update from Tyler 2 seconds later...but then how would we ge back? I don't wanna wait 2006 years.
Update from Zogg 5 minutes later Good point. Now... I wonder if I can get a hamburger here...
Update from Tyler 1 minute later Yeah, but we'd have to ""prepare"" the cow ourselves. Let's just stick to bread and fish for the time being.
Update from Zogg around the time BC became AD Yeah, but we only have 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Someone around here has to be able to get us more food...
Update from Tyler around 14:15 Let's sit down in this field with the other 4,998 people. Maybe someone can help us.
Update from Zogg 2 hours later Wow, that was good, and with these 12 basketfuls of broken pieces we can eat for weeks!
Update from Pepito 216,000 frames later While we're here guys, I'm gonna go take over the Roman Empire. I'll be back in a few days.

Get ready for the Lockdown! Posted Monday, September 3, 2001, 5:09PM by Zogg
"Toonami: Lockdown is coming our way Monday, September 17th. What does this mean? Well, first off it means you need to run (not walk) to and register to get on a team. Secondly, we'll start getting some very cool promos (the first one is in the enhanced Toonami section) to help feed our need. Lastly, it means Tyler's little Lockdown surprise is getting closer every day...

Okay, 3...2...1 Let's Jam!" Posted Sunday, September 2, 2001, 5:00PM by TylerL
"Starting at 10pm tonight, Cartoon Network's embarking on one of its most risk-taking ventures since SGC2C and Toonami.
Adult Swim starts with Home Movies and a bunch of shorts done by Williams Street, SGC2C, and to top it all off, at Midnight they're premiering two episodes of Cowboy Bebop!
(If you're 17 or older) watch Adult Swim (especially Cowboy Bebop) and show Cartoon Network that there's a market for mature anime on TV.

TV-Y7! No! TV-G! No! TV-Y7! Posted Saturday, September 1, 2001, 2:17AM by TylerL
"I hope you all watched the TMR Special edition.
Those who didn't made me angry and made Pepito cry.
Nevertheless, I've added the new Toonami short ""Advanced Robotics"" to the Enhanced Toonami Downloads section as well as an updated, much higher quality copy of ""Dreams"".
Be happy. Feel glad. Harness the power of Sol into an easy-to-carry container.