September 2002

...and we thought August was a blast... Posted Tuesday, September 3, 2002, 12:57AM by TylerL
"I've uploaded the new DBZ Season 6 promo. It's a must download. ...really makes you look forward to two weeks from now.
The Trapped in Hyperspace promos started too, and the first one is now online as well.
I'll throw together its feature sometime later this week.

2, 1, 0, -1, -2, -3 / ""But it's Labor Day!...but then again, it IS time-and-a-half....""" Posted Monday, September 2, 2002, 11:58AM by TylerL
"Ugh. Working 58 hours a week doesn't seem to be as good an idea as I once thought.
We pretty much missed our 1 Millionth visit.
Andrew Killer B had the honor of being #1,000,000 and his ""screenshot"" is on the right.
Abridged celebration:WOO! 1 MILLION VISITS!
Yadda yadda, here's to another 1 million, yadda yadda whatever.

Ok...Here are all the new files since Thursday of last week...
New Super Saturdays Promo
He-Man Standard Intro
He-Man Toonami Intro
TF: Armada Toonami Intro

Download away. Just don't kill us for a few days like last month.

Weeeeeee're Baaaaaaaack Posted Sunday, September 1, 2002, 9:20AM by Zogg
"For those of you wondering where the site was the past 2 days, we got within 0.3 gigs of our bandwidth limit, so I killed power to the server in order to be absolutely sure we didn't go over. (Killed a 170 day uptime, too. Gah!) Anyway, we're back up now thanks to the month end, and file transfers are reenabled. Tyler will most likely update later with files, intros, etc. (From what I hear there was a very cool He-Man intro, which I will be watching today via my tape.)
Update by Tyler 8 hours later: I'm currently 150 miles from home, so give me until later tonight until I upload all the new promos.
Update from Zogg 40 minutes later: pff, excuses, excuses... you think that just because you're away from home you can take a break? (Note to readers: Sense irony)