September 2010

The Intruder 10th Anniversary Posted Saturday, September 25, 2010, 10:44PM by Beefy
"Ten years ago Toonami debuted its first Total Immersion Event: The Intruder. An interactive event where you watch episodes on the TV and play the game online. You also got to vote on the outcome.

Even though I didn't get to play the online game, and the engine I voted for didn't win, and I didn't win a trip to Japan, The Intruder remains my favorite of all the Total Immersion Events.
TOM 1 was the first Toonami host I saw when I first got Cartoon Network in March of 2000, so he became my favorite of all Toonami's hosts.

I'm pleased to bring you every Intruder episode and promo recaptured from my VHS recordings. Sadly, I didn't know much about recording stuff back then, so while the quality isn't the greatest, it's a step up from what was here previously. (If anybody has better source footage I'll be happy to accept it and give you credit if we use it here.)

So head over to the Intruder Episodes page to download.
Don't forget the regular Intruder Feature page with all the witty commentary.