September 2012

Prioritization, smioritization." Posted Sunday, September 30, 2012, 8:47AM by TylerL
"Lots to catch up on, so here's a wall of bold text for you to digest:
Samurai 7 section created, populated.
Samurai 7 Original Intro
Samurai 7 Original Ending
Samurai 7 Toonami Intro
Eureka 7 section cloned from ASF
Eureka 7 Toonami Intro
Lucky 7's Long Promo
Bleach Primer
True Story Music Video
Haters Advice
Better Cartoon Show Promo 2
Deadlight Game Review
Ghost in the Shell Toonami Intro 2
6 Hours Long Promo
6 Hours Short Promo

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