Here's our forum to blow off steam or to inform the masses about Toonami related type things. Or just a place for stuff that makes no sense to have anywhere else. The adding of rants might be slow or nonexistant at times. Keep in mind we're busy (and/or lazy) people.

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AnimeCentral 2003: Lots of Words, a Few Pictures, and Way Too Much DDR - May 2003 by Tyler L.
Tyler invaded AnimeCentral during spring of 2003. This is the collections of his misadventures and ramblings.
See how he changed the face of anime fandom...not in the least bit.

AnimeCentral 2001: Endless Babble - May 2001 by Tyler, Karla and Riske
The complete story of our adventures at an anime convention. Completely spellcheck-free!

The Beginning and The End - April 2001 by Zogg
Some insights into Zogg's brain with his thoughts on TDA, FuitadNet, the past and the future.

"My First Gundam Model" - October 2000 by Tyler L.
There are many "firsts" in life. Your first steps, first day of school, first kiss, and, of course, your first Gundam Model.

Vacation and Toonami - August 2000 by Tyler L.
There's no escape. Toonami's everywhere.

Translation and Dub vs. Sub - July-December 2000 by Tyler L.
No, it's not done yet, but I decided to let people look at it anyway. Who knows? Maybe I'll get around to finishing it someday.

Kanji Characters - May 2000 by Tyler L.
Is YOUR shirt mocking you?

Toonami, Tyler. Tyler, Toonami. - December 1999 by Tyler L.
A rambling story about how Tyler became the Toonami fan he is today.

OMSA Onslaught - July 1999 by Tyler L.
The most powerful evil force in the universe isn't Frieza...


MEGADEF480™ - May 2004 by Tyler L.
Would you like to know how we at TDA can make out video files look so awesome? We'll let you in on our secret...

Mailbag V: With a Vengance. - August 2003 by Tyler L. and Zogg
This time, we bring you the educational fun of "Report A Commercial!"

Mailbag IV: The Return of The Escape - June 2002 by Tyler L. and Zogg
Weirdos of the world...Unite! Read more of the unintelligible drivel we get on a daily basis!

Mailbag III: The Escape - April 2002 by The Gullible Among Us
...because deception can be fun!

Mailbag II: This Time It's Personal - April 2001 by All You Crazy People
All the entries in the Blood Promo Contest compressed into one page!

Mailbag - December 2000 by Tyler L. and Zogg
We've had our share of freaky people during our reign here...

New Friezas! - August 2000 by Tyler L.
I'm SO sorry...

Toonami Haikus - April 2000 by Tyler L.
Boredom can be dangerous.

Poké - April 2000 by Tyler L.
Ignorance can be amusing.