Say hello to my latest and greatest creation:
Chibi Deathscythe!

During one of my monthly visits to Suncoast to gaze upon all the nifty Anime videos I wish I could buy, I spotted a display of Gundam models. I hadn't built a Gundam model at the time, and was curious as to how much they cost and how detailed they are. Most of the models were from Gundam series I haven't seen, but a Gundam Heavyarms caught my eye. It was a super-deformed version from the Generation Zero model series. For those of you who don't know, "Super-deformed" means an iconic character style with a large head and tiny arms and legs. I'm not a big fan of Heavyarms, and I pushed it aside. That's when I found the Deathscythe. There can be no better model to build then a cute lil' super-deformed version of the God of Death. I paid my nine bucks and happily went home to build my first Gundam model.

I opened the box and, as expected, all the instructions were in Japanese. They were still easy to follow, mainly because Roman letters and numbers were used to label each individual part, and the katakana was only used to show the names of the major parts. Everything snapped and stuck together with ease. The directions are almost fool proof - very good for something meant for another language and culture.

After about an hour of ripping plastic pieces from it's mold thing, applying stickers, pushing interlocking pieces together and eating pizza, the Gundam was finally finished. I compared the one I made to the pictures on the box and in the instruction manual, and I found that the one on the box was MUCH more detailed then I could have even began to ponder about thinking about contemplating to plan on painting my own. The reason the box version was so much more detailed was on the inside of the box... Bandai also made something called the GundamMarker that can add more detail and colors according to ANOTHER instruction sheet. There was no way I'd part with 200 of my hard-earned yen to buy a marker to make my Gundam look cooler. Needless to say, I left my Chibi Deathscythe just the way it is, and I like it just the same.

This is how it COULD look if I had the time and energy [and GundamMarker (A steal at 200¥ !)].