Toonami Haikus
I got bored one day, and I decided to write some Toonami haikus. Here's what I came up with...

Toonami is on.
4 to 6 PM Eastern.
Anime is cool.

I am Sailor Moon!
I'm champion of justice!
I will punish you!

Thundercats are loose
Saying lots of catchphrases
Like "Thundercats! Ho!"

DBZ is on
By Toei Animation
TOM says "Who you wit?"

Absolution flies
Destination is unknown
Perhaps new channel?

And Nemalki of CNX: Toonami Revolution came up with a few too...

CNX, a dream,
A 24-hour net,
Action at its best.

Talisman, a block
Known as Toonami right here,
Seen down by the gulf

Anyone else want to try? E-Mail me with your haikus!
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