Kanji Characters
By Durandal
[This is a mini-rant I wrote for an underground newspaper at Hersey High School. (My school. I put parentheses in brackets. Cool! ^_^ )]

As I walk the Hallowed Halls of Hersey, I see lots of students wearing
shirts with Japanese and Chinese Kanji characters. Now, I don't pretend
to know much about Japanese OR Chinese (I know a grand total of five
characters, and I think THAT is an accomplishment.), but I don't understand
why wearing shirts with messages you can't comprehend is becoming
popular. I remember seeing a picture of a group of people in Japan
wearing jackets that said "Bitter and Stupid" in English. They didn't
know what it said, and how do people in America who wear Kanji shirts
know what their shirts say? Now, I know some people know Japanese and/or
Chinese at Hersey, but the majority of the people who wear these shirts
don't. I wouldn't want to have the feeling that the shirt I'm wearing
might have "baka" (idiot) plastered all over it, and I don't see why
people would walk around, oblivious to what is written on their shirt.