Toonami: Digital Arsenal's "Blood Contest"

Here's the original post that started it...

While listening to Toonami's Blood promo with the volume turned way up, I could hear faint voices in the background. They're extremely soft, and I'm too lazy and/or busy to listen to it over and over again and figure out what whey're saying.
So...I'm officially launching Toonami: Digital Arsenal's first contest!
Whoever can come up with the most accurate (or funny) interpretation and E-Mail it to me by Midnight on Friday morning will recieve a big prize at 7pm Friday after Toonami!
...What IS the prize, you ask? Well, I can't tell you NOW, can I? It wouldn't be a surprise then!
I've made an uber-high quality 48KHz 320Kbps Stereo MP3 for use in the contest.
...Quality just don't get much better than that.

Since then, I've recieved quite a few responses
...none of them are similar. That's pretty funny.
Here are the responses I recieved...
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I figured out what the voices in the blood promo are saying. TOM has gone

Guy 1: Hey, whasup?
Guy 2: Chillin. Whasup?
--Mirai Otaku

Well, I would say that it's a guy on a busy street chanting "cured chicken inside inside" A band maybe?
--david uttley

i listened to it with no bass and the treble all the way up. to me it sounds
like "Turn off the channel. The Insiders." i ain't sure about the insiders
part. it may be intrude

To me its sounds like "In an old woman's heel the children are safe."  This
can be interpreted, I believe I heard that on Batman before from the Riddler.
 It could be a sound byte from the show accidentally put in there, or the
music could be from the show.

You know, after listening to this thing, running it through countless
filters, editing, tweaking, and doing every last damn thing I can to it,
I've come to one conclusion, and one conclusion only. The voice is indeed
none other than a 1970's era John Travolta saying "Little children sing
tonight". Now why on earth the beloved sweathog would be speaking of
youngsters belting out tunes is far beyond me (much less it showing up in a
promo filled with red blood cells), but then again, we're talking about the
network that sees it fit to run Tree of Might every three days. Granted,
it's not the funniest explanation, but defiantly the closest that I can
--Ryo Sanada

"A Blitzola Blitzola Blitzola Laphame"

I think that the message:
"Tell the children it's starting, somebody."
--Paul Cousins

After much deliberation, contemplation and tons of help, I've finally decided
that they're saying "Zenkokuhousou na benjiru senkai desu."  Can't understand
it?  That's because it's japanese.  What is it Japanese for?  This is
something you should definitely find familiar...
"The revolution will be televised."
This is what they're saying.  I'd stake my life on it.

"Show me it. It won't fall off. Fluff."

Alright, I swear I can hear what sounds like a guy (6-7 seconds into the
promo) definately saying: "Should we meet at Sara's house?"
The other poeple talking sound like girls...
--Chris Jones

I swear I think I know what it is!
It is some comotion but the main thing you hear is GOD from EVANGELION
saying, "
Born, Evil, Child, Sinner". You can hear that intorduction from
EVATRODUCTION from the EVANGELION VOX soundtrack. If you could download
it from NAPSTER you could notice the similarity. I was astonished and
overwhelmed when I found out what this is! This is just a huge perview
of what is to come, on Toonami. ^_^

I think it is says that "This is a show you don't want to miss..." Or either it's enraged Sailor Moon fans trying to break into Cartoon Network's studio and put Sailor Moon R: The Movie on the air themselves...I think not. Mainly, it's a subliminal message that should be harmless.
--Josie Hollis

from what i can hear it sounds like "bell chime...(a loud noise sounds over
the rest)" then another voice that almost sounds like Roger Smith: "i know."  
However after straining my ears I think the first voice repeats itself: "bell
-- Bobcat1004

    To be honest, I don't know what the hell its saying but it sounds like it only has two different voices. One voice seems to say, "...setup the children and snicker." or "....shut up the children and snicker." The other voice sounds like its saying, "I know." What any of this means is beyond me. It sounds like the vocal rehearsal for Space Ghost or something, actually the first voice sounds like the prompter from JVBO. Damnit, Toonami and their subliminal messages. Its communist threats from Pepito isn't it? No, seriously I don't think anybody really knows what it says, and we'll never find out.

I think it said, "It's coming towards you." or, "Here's a clue for you."
--Jason Caraway

Tthe mumbling sounded like "some Terrible Children dont listen to
"those Terrible Children have some matter of fact" or "Those Terrible
Children seem to know better than that" im sure it's the third one....
but the muttering guy gets garbled halfway by someone speaking
gibberish...but you can hear "Terrible Children" quite clearly...

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