Mailbag - December 2000
Here are a few choice letters from the E-Mail we've recieved from visitors.
Zogg's responses are in
Yellow. Tyler's responses are in Green.

dear tyler hey i am a fan of toonami and i must say it is a graet web ste to
vist and i want to konw were can i get the cartoon network presets toonami
comics plesae tell me i want to get them p[lesae and make a toonami video
gram and toonami on home video plesae plesae e-mail me back thanks and plesae
help me get cartoon network do my cartoon toonmai team plesae thanks dennis
ps toonami rocks yo


I'm in the process of putting together a toonami desktop theme for windows
(actually it's almost done, I'm one icon away) and I was wondering if I
could use some sound bytes from your toonami mp3s as part of it. I've got
part of the toonami intro as the startup sound, the last 3 seconds of the
Johnny Quest breakup clip as the exit sound, and the "it's time to talk an
unpleasant subject" as the program error sound. If you don't mind me using
these clips, I'd be sure to add your name to the credits in the readme as
the source of those sounds.

Phht...Who's this freak? Must be another one of the crazy people that visit my site everyday and ask me stupid questions.

lucky you


Do you know of anyone who really
understands thundercats? Im serious, some one who has seen
good cartoons like DBZ and Gundam W and still watches thundercats
and enjoys it and really understands it. Some one who will sing along to
the original starting(which is the best starting to any show, EVER) and
laugh at their horrible voice acting and always talkin bout how they want
to kill snarf? I swear its a disease. I often find my self just saying OHH
Mumm-ra you IDIOT! don't take off the magic helmet you stole from that
pharoah guy NOOO!! just wondering

Snarf is my hero.

These two are from Toonami Radio...
i would like to lesin to you guys so e mail to so i could

who can i lesn to it

If you had the slightest idea how much Toonami makes anime poser fans, you would stop. If people knew the first thing about anime, I would be happy. But people like you piss me off because you are giving places like CN what they want. They don't care about quality, they just want fucking fans(not to mention money) because they know not many places show anime and that is a craze,  because of them! And they're making big dolla. Now, that CN made enemys with me showing that piece of crap they call sailor moon. I bought fansubs 2 years and they make much more sense than any damn tv show...  ALL the people I know dislike CN sailormoon. There voices aren't even good sounding. If they took there time instead of making them in 3 months.. they probably could have made a pleasent cartoon. They rush there work so they can get money from people like you faster. I tell all my friends to turn there fucking tv off at 4 so we show any support. Or we all turn it to a boring channel like CNN so they know we would rather watch crap than what they have. VAHHHHH! boo to you and your site! You may have the right words to make people think your telling the truth but what your saying is far from it. Now... wouldn't it make much more sense to say "Talisman" instead of "Pure Heart Crystal", because talismans are items of luck or great power, not always crystals, gems, and amulets. I think I am flowing with too much negetive engery, so I better stop... thanks for listening to me blow steam in your ears.

Anime fans are not born, they are made. And the only way they can usually become an anime fan is through a dubbed series. From that, they learn of the original version and other shows.

I downloaded DBZ Hyper-Dimension, and it wont work. Why?

Because I uploaded that broken filejust to piss people off. I'm evil that way.

you smell

...You got a problem with that?

My name is Cris and I live in canyon city.I am 10 yers old I have blond
That is my.
P.S. Do you whant to be web

I'm sorry. You got the wrong E-Mail address. Let me re-direct you to the NAMBLA chatroom...

hehe, I never got this one. Tyler gets ALL the freaks, err... pals.

Q. Is the glass half full or half empty?
A. Neither. The glass is too tall.

Damn straight.

I was wondering what you made your site with

A piece of string, a parapeligic Power Ranger, two kinds of cheese, and lots and lots of duct tape.

how come I cant watch any of the eps on your site? because i don't want you to see my riculously large collection of "eps". and do you have any eps. No. and how much space dose it take. More than you can afford.

Ok, I really didn't want you to feel stupid when you continue this and later find out after all those mistakes, but El Pepito or whatever, is not what that whether thing was called. That was El Nino. Isn't El Pepito something in Pinnochio (however that is spelled).

Actually, you're thinking of "El Snow White." It's a nice story about a woman who lives with 7 midgets, one of which is a pumpkin. They had to go up a hill to get their water, because they were afraid of the Ogre that lived under the bridge and ate trogladites.
"El Pepito" is a small device Tyler stole from the Russian mob. He uses it to control the weather, do his homework, make French fries, and ship live elk via UPS. Oh yeah, it also converts video into DV streams for processing on his Mac.

I was surfing geocities and checked out your site. I have a good friend with a really similar site, and I passed your url along to her. Have you ever seen a weblog? I was noticing your writing style, and I think the weblog format might really work well for you. I just started one recently, and I am actually thinking of dumping my homepage in favor of just having the weblog, since I'm enjoying it so much more than maintaining my homesite. Anyway, I really just wanted to say thanks for an interesting site!

Whoa! A script that makes and updates a website for me?!?! Where do I sign! Here, take all my money as a down payment. Wow, if only I found out about more of these revolutionary ideas.

From: [censored]
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 18:32:25 EDT
Subject: Blue Submarine No.6 on Cartoon Network, Nov. 6 at 6:00 pm

Uh, thanks. I'll read it again, just to be sure I got all the information. Wait, maybe it's one of those 3d puzzles you can only see if you cross your eyes......... Nope.

hey what up with the new guy trunks write me back and give me some info
Oh, sure, now I'm everybody's DBZ trivia bot. Hey... I just realized that my color on here is kind of a disgusting looking yellow.
please give me some hints or at least a history about trunks why does he want to fight goku please i will always watch i just want to know about trunks and is it bad news for goku???????????????????
Hey, isn't there a special named that? Huh, who would have thought.
you must not know then i am a true dragonball z fan and will watch no matter what
Let's see how cocky you are dangling from a 50 story building by your toes. Bwahaha! Watch DBZ now! [cackle].
Maybe I should see a therapist about that.

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