Mailbag #4
Here are a few choice letters from the E-Mail we've recieved from visitors.
Zogg's responses are in
Yellow. Tyler's responses are in Green.

my stupid com. keeps screwing up and i cant download anything. can
you be so mean to the people who write to you? half the people who come here
are little 7-10 year old boys who are looking for some thing fun. i myself am
a 42 year old
woman w/ 2 kids. i have been 2 a anime con, and its not a anime hell. trust
me. is this an official cn page? if its not, i forgive you for the bad
language and pervertedness
if it is, oh my gawd. cn shouldnt allow stuff like this. if they wont even
let gene starwind say dang, gawd, and crap, they shouldnt let yall do this. i
swear, if you put this on ur site and put a stupid, perverted remark under it,

[stupid, perverted remark]
Bring it on.

Got this one when the Old Downloads section clearly stated to look in the New Downloads section for all the new stuff.
sorry to say  it but i think ru site sucks ass  i mean no DBZ, ur gundam is
kind of bad u only have Gundam Wing where is 0080, 8th MS team, 0083 , and
mostly moblile suit gundam the first and orignal come on dude, outlawstar,
cowboy bebop. u need to show some of these kids some better shows
 come on   i have no idea why u buttheads won't put any of good shows on. i
know u have adult swim i don't  know if they have a web site. so if they do
give it to me at [removed] i am a big fan and if u need any
help to put our info on any of these shows i listed just e-mail  me   k

Usually, if you're going to bash a site for lack of content, it's best to look
through all their sections to see if they actually HAVE the content you think's
You obviously forgot to look in the New Downloads section where EVERYTHING is.
The Old Downloads page you looked at had a message at the top telling you to
look in the New Downloads page, too.
Your Ass-Sucking Butthead forever,
Tyler L.

hi ihave one question. will u play more gundam wing with heero yuy episodes. mainly from the begining episodes up.its a really great show so please play more instead of thunder cats or batman.

No. I will play the lost "Relena's Animal Adventure" episodes backwards inbetween Thundercats and Batman marathons instead.

I've got some bad news about future Toonami programming.

Starting later this year (the date's been unannounced), several Toonami programs - including the heavily-popular DBZ - will be interrupted halfway through each episode (for a while every day at least) because of a new type of programming called "commercial breaks." Wah, wah. ;_;


Message Board fun!
why am i going to be banned? what have i done? please dont bann me! ive been
banned from everywhere else? Why do i deserved to be banned?'re been banned everywhere else, and you still have no clue why?

We have important information on the L. family... Trace the L. Family Tree for FREE! is expanding! We now have new databases with L. family records.

Who'da thunk...I think it's time for an L. Family reunion.

I have something i think that you want... cowboy bebop episodes 1-23 they are playable on windows media player
and one other thing gg update ur site im not even that lazy

Yet you're too lazy to even BUY the tapes.
...I'm sure the guys at Pioneer would like to have those episodes...

who are you?!?


please play dragonballz opening
iam a dbz freak

Urge to kill...rising...

what is the debt-o-meter? Do I really owe you money? If I do, shouldn't it be stated taht these downloads aren't free or something?

There are SO many places I could go with this that I don't think a response is warranted. (For the record, however, the downloads aren't really free, they're paid for by viewers like you.)

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