MEGADEF480™ is the newest technology to come out of TDA·Labs and promises to revolutionize the online video distribution industry.

To put it simply, MEGADEF480™ leverages synergistic paradigms to provide unparalleled video quality at a fraction of the cost.

A little look into how MEGADEF480™ works:
Your computer screen is made up of millions of pixels, or "tiny dot things". Each pixel is made up of 3 subpixels...and each subpixel has 256 levels of brightness.

On a standard computer screen of 1,024 pixels by 768 pixels, there are 786,432 pixels, and 16,777,216 colors available to each pixel.

Multiplied together, this number is 13,194,139,533,312! That's a lot of commas!

MEGADEF480™ operates in a grid of pixels 480 across and 360 down for a total of 172,800 pixels.

As you can plainly see, MEGADEF480™ is a huge improvement over the standard resolution you see in most video clips, which only have 76,800 pixels. Almost quadruple the power!

MEGADEF480™ uses complex algorithms based on the Motion Picture Expert Group's H.264 Advanced Video Coding standard mixed with Advanced Audio Coding audial technology inside MooV/TVOD packages to provide a multimedia experience unparalleled by any of our competitors.

The difference is clear. See for yourself!

Standard Video Clip quality:

MEGADEF480™ quality:

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