Vacation and Toonami

If I leave for a week, Toonami never leaves my mind. Maybe I'm obsessed, or maybe I just work on a website that is dedicated to Toonami. I just don't know. Well, In my infinite boredom, I've discovered a few things this last week that seemed worthy of this site...

1. A HUGE complaint from everybody I talk to is Cartoon Network's over-playing of Scooby Doo. The election had to be rigged and I don't think that CN's ratings go up at all during Scooby episodes.
Just as the saying goes, "Great minds think alike", I saw that Mad Magazine wrote about this in their "Top 50 Worst Things About TV"...

2. I left the fun and exciting world of my very own G4 lab to meet everybody else at the conference picnic at Knoebels - A family amusement park located in The Middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania. For those of you who haven't been there, it's like a cross between a Six Flags theme park and the skanky amusement parks that roam from town to town with carneys looking for new victims to steal money from. Except that the roller coasters at Knoebels have smaller lines and the carneys are stationary.
Well, ANYWAY, one of the main characteristics of a low-quality amusement park is, of course, bootleg toys. South Park dolls were all the rage the last two years, but now the bootleg sweatshops have moved on to other franchises - Pokémon and Powerpuff Girls. These dolls, probably stuffed with insulation or asbestos, don't quite look like their official counterparts, but little kids aren't going to know the difference. Just as long as the toys are brightly colored and they can play tea party or war with the dolls, they don't care. And the bootleggers know that. There's money to be made, and bootleggers aren't that easy to shut down. IMHO, I would never pay for a bootleg when I can easilly get the official product.
Download the Final Episode of Gundam Wing and The climax of the SMS series in the Features section!

Kozmo will get medieval on your ass if you don't obey the posted rules of oral instructions of amusement rides and abide by the Pennsylvania Amusement Rider Safety & Liability Act.

Coming soon... Proof of Pokéman, sleepy Dragon Balls and something else I forgot about!